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  • 12 Aug '18

@Jax said:
It should be out this month - it's a big content and gameplay drop incoming and we are busy ironing out some of the finer details before we're ready to ship #17.

Thanks for the reply, Jax. Glad to hear it!

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  • 10 Aug '18

I don't mind hard work taking longer than expected, but the phrase "Silence is deafening" feels appropriate here.

I think I speak for most of the community when I say that the devs need to be more transparent on work updates. 100 days with no concrete progress or even a rough ETA on the next patch is a bit much, don't you think?

I'm sure they are working hard each day, but if you don't keep people updated, they are going to jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Which isn't fair to the devs, who are probably working their hearts out.

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  • 27 Jun '18

Out of everyone claiming that 3rd person has no impact on the game, not a single person has addressed my point that the vast majority of competitive style games out there force a singular perspective, so that everyone is on the same playing field.

For fun, lets examine a bunch of popular games, not just competitive ones, that use a singular perspective:

CSGO = 1st only

LoL = Top down only

Rainbow Six: Seige = 1st only

Overwatch = 1st only

Fortnite = 3rd only

DOTA 2 = Top down only

Halo/Destiny = 1st only (a select few weapons force you to use 3rd person only, as a balancing mechanic)

CoD = 1st only

Battlefield = 1st only on foot, 1st or 3rd in vehicles

Dark Souls = 3rd only

Gears of War = 3rd only

Escape From Tarkov = 1st only

Kingdom Come: Deliverance = 1st only

The Last Of Us = 3rd only

Assassin's Creed = 3rd only (forced 1st only when aiming certain weapons)

Please, please stop pretending that forcing a particular perspective is not a design choice. Minimal impact or not, it absolutely has an impact on the game. I really wish people would stop ignoring this point when considering the inclusion or exclusion of 3p.

Would Dark Souls be the same if it allowed players to play in 1st person? Would CSGO be the same if people were allowed to go 3rd person? No, they would not. So stop acting like the opposite is true.

Now, of these games that are competitive multiplayer games, how many of them have thriving newbie communities? Oh would you look at that, they all do. So only forcing a single perspective also won't cause a loss of newbie playerbase, either.

But, you know what DOES drive away players? When they think that people are using 3p to do cheap shots, EVEN IF the person actually is using 1p! Psychology is a real factor here, and it should be telling that so much of the community is hellbent at making sure 3p isn't in the game.

Jax, you yourself said in another thread:

@Jax said:

That being said, mechanics have to be consistent. That's why feints and riposte are getting looked at AFAIK and drags have been made >to be pretty acceptable. You don't want mordhau to be hard in an unreadable or cheesy way where you're fighting the game, instead it >should be difficult based on your opponent with a clear ruleset to the combat.

That being said, mechanics have to be consistent. You don't want mordhau to be hard in an unreadable or cheesy way where you're fighting the game, instead it should be difficult based on your opponent with a clear ruleset to the combat.

If for some players, parries would be randomly 0.05 seconds longer, everyone would be in a rage at the inconsistency, even though its miniscule and most people wouldn't be able to tell that it happened. They would be furious that such a thing could exist, and they would blame all of their deaths on it legit or not, and people might even rage quit. In CSGO, you can't be left stewing in anger thinking that the damn sniper 3p peeked around the corner to see you because there is no 3rd person in that game, so he literally could not have.

So you say that 1p has an advantage over 3p? Still a problem. Let's say a new player uses 3p, and gets his ass kicked over and over again because he can't aim properly. He gets mad and quits the game before anyone can set him straight. So this argument also works against you, not for you. It's still a big problem if people are allowed to use either 1p or 3p, and 1p is massively better than 3p.

One final point, why is there this assumption that only allowing 1p, even in big matches, won't be "fun?" Fun is a subjective term. It would be fun to drive a tiger tank across the battlefield of knights. Whats fun for me might not be fun for everyone, or even the majority. It would be fun to be able to walk up walls. That doesn't make it the right choice for the context of Mordhau.

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  • 12 Jun '18

Remove 3rd person. Saying that we need it to attract newbs is a false idea. There are lots of games that are 1p only, that have great followings. Why do you think CSGO is 1st person only. To make sure everyone is on the same playing field. It has no place in this competitive-focused game. Competitive focused =/= unfriendly to newbs.

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  • 20 Sep '17

@jeanine93 said:

@RussellX3 said:
Is anyone else getting long startups? Sometimes the game takes 30 seconds or more to load, other times instant. The game runs fine on my GTX 970 so I have the required specs, just don't know why it takes long to start. Chivalry loads instantly for me. I hope it isn't just me :(

Yes I have these long startups too. I have i5-3570K CPU, 16GB RAM, 64bit Windows 7 and AMD 7800 graphics card. The game itself runs fine once it´s loaded :)

I know why, out of all those specs you didn't list your storage. I bet you have a slow-ass hard drive.

I have very similar specs to you, with an i5 4670K CPU, 8 GB RAM, 64 bit Windows 7 Pro, and an MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr Superclock Edition. BUT! I have a Samsung 840 EVO SSD, instead of a traditional hard drive (ok to be fair I also have two additonal hard drives as auxillary storage, but Mordhau and Windows are on the SSD so this is not relevant).

Game has almost zero loading time for me, either to boot or load into a game. Can't even fully read a single menue tip lol. So, I would bet money that that is your problem.

You probably don't notice this with chivalry because it uses an older, less complex engine & it's a release title that's had years of optimizing.

If you've run the game before without shutting your PC off, then Mordhau is loaded onto your RAM and you would see near instant boots. RAM is similar in technology to SSD's, and is actually massively faster even. (Note: Windows 8 & 10 will keep some programs on your RAM even when you shut the PC off, consuming a teeny bit of power continuously in order to speed up commonly used programs. So if you see a fast load even after a reboot, this might be the reason).

TLDR; buy an SSD and add it to your computer. All desktops can support multiple hard drives and a select few laptops can too, but you can always replace the laptop's hard drive with an SSD, too.

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  • 12 Sep '17

Can confirm, booted up the alpha right at launch and the past few hours have been nothing but smooth sailing. The netcode is excellent, the controls are responsive and flow naturally, and its just so fun! Bravo developers, bravo.

And it only gets better from here!

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  • 11 Sep '17

@marox said:

Super happy to hear these words. I may have been a little salty before at the delay, but I am overjoyed that you have learned from the experience. Like I said before, it's obvious that you and the rest of the dev team care far more than the average dev team nowadays.

I am beyond excited to be part of the testing process of forging Mordhau into the best game it can possibly be!

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  • 1 Sep '17

I think the best way to sum it up is that small delays to fix critical issues are fine, but not telling people ahead of time gets their hopes up and makes them disappointed.

You can appreciate and understand the developers, while still remaining critical of their mistakes. Criticism does not mean hate. In fact, it's a way of showing care. Blind anger or insults are not criticism, I should point out. In other words, we shouldn't be overly critical of the devs, nor should we turn a blind eye to their mistakes and give them a blank check to just screw up over and over.

It's not like they were unaware that 3,000 people are going to log in to play Mordhau at once. I think the developers made the rookie mistake of spending too much time on content or polish, or perhaps some other unspoken issue, and only realized too late that steamworks and server integration were going to take way longer than thought.

This is totally understandable, and probably won't be the last time things are delayed during this development cycle. I just hope they are more transparent going forward.

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  • 30 Aug '17

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  • 30 Aug '17

@Ulkenstride said:
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If you're going to whore yourself out for likes, you should at least talk dirty to us while you do it!

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  • 29 Aug '17

@vanguard said:
Fear not devmens I imagine making games is a very hard deal, and so is dealing with Steam probably.

Good luck with the alpha launch process! I can't wait to see the results of your work!

Remember that we are on your side. Sometimes might look like not but I think everyone here is very supportive tbh. We all just really hyped imho

Yeah, its heartening that the majority opinion of people angry about this is actually just along the lines of "Argh! Delays suck and I'm salty, but 2 weeks is actually reasonable and I'm hoping for the best work from the devs"

For all the memes and shitposting, the Mordhau community is somewhat surprisingly coherent, all things considered.

I'm grumbling a little myself, but I feel the same way. Best wishes to the dev team for a kick-ass alpha release!

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  • 28 Aug '17

@Vin¢ said:
I will just quote the kickstarter terms of use here:

When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers.

Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication, and a dedication to bringing the project to life. At the same time, backers must understand that when they back a project, they’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There may be changes or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised.


Not why people have gripes. But yes, I do agree that maybe people are going a little overboard. Myself included.

Damn you Mordhau, I haven't actually cared about a video game like this since I was a teen. Stop it. Stop dangling right in front of my face. :*

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  • 28 Aug '17

@MrBlackDragon said:
Why all the hate? It's only a small delay for something you're getting early.

If you read this devs, I want you to know that I am grateful for the work you're doing. Take another two months to polish if needed. People need to understand that development goals are made to be flexible.
Once again thanks for the hard work and I look forward to the alpha release.

Do not misunderstand, I am grateful for their hard work, and insofar the new content looks awesome. I also want them to make sure it's exactly what we paid for.

But that's the kicker right there. We paid a premium to play this alpha, as was advertised. We helped fund this game for everyone. We don't own it of course, but I would not be pleased at all with a 2 month delay. And I'm not alone. We paid extra for the "privledge" to test their game. And we were promised a certain timeframe, and under that assumption, we forked over extra money.

That being said, a two week delay is not unreasonable at all. People are annoyed that they were told at the very last second. Developer silence is often a bad habit that can foreshadow other development problems. While I don't think in the slightest that the Mordhau team are going to turn out to be bad developers, it is still nonetheless worrying behavior.

Doom and gloom aside, I fully expect the Mordhau alpha to be miles and miles ahead of traditional alphas, and be more like a beta in terms of polish. This dev team has put out some really promising teaser content and I'm all giddy waiting!

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  • 28 Aug '17

@SerTwentyGoodmen said:
When Younguns think 2 weeks is a major delay.

It's not the length of the delay, people are peeved that they waited until hours before the rumored release date to go "lolnope". They should have killed that rumor right away.

It's all about the public's perception, see? Sometimes, you just gotta build soup kitchens

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  • 28 Aug '17

While I don't doubt at all that you guys are working really hard to make this release great, I am disappointed by the silence in August. I'm sure you really, really, really didn't want to delay it, but silence until literally the last moment when you need an extra half a month is highly disappointing. Not to mention bad for PR, this is exactly the kind of thing that Mordhau doubters were saying and ya went and proved them right.

While of course I am happy to be patient and wait for the better product, this was a bad PR move. We should have been told about this 3 weeks ago.

Still looking forward to the release in two weeks. I have faith that the Mordhau alpha will kick ass!

Knight 92 313
  • 22 Aug '17


Is this legitimate? That would put the Alpha release on August 29th

Knight 92 313
  • 22 Aug '17

@•҉Ɓaron voŋ Moorland said:
Just want the devs to know it's all good if you have to delay another month.


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  • 20 Aug '17

@DerFurst said:

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Yes, there are other people who partake in glorious animoots, we just don't have anime avatars ;)

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  • 31 Jul '17