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no. you can only move forward

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what civilization vanguard?

i like to play Russia and Spain personally but the middle eastern nations like persia and saudi arabia are OP af

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did sammys character go down in legend?

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We have a bear pretending to be a human that is an evil paladin.

i see arr0wmancer took my advice

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challenge is fun when its an actual challenge, like artorias

exanima perma death is dumb, accidently get knicked by a sword twice with my thick ass pants and lose all health, have to start all over because fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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we'll have to ban samantha if we do

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it got removed

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a person breaking out of poverty can be achieved if you work hard and long enough. It's simply that some people are more bitter at the unfairness of life and would simply wallow in their misery, than others that are more motivated to do something about it. Misery is comfortable, happiness takes work.

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huggles are you acting like a 4 year old on purpose or what

this philosophical bullshit isnt proving anything

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What is freedom?


not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.
not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.
not subject to or constrained by engagements or obligations.
not subject to or affected by (a specified thing, typically an undesirable one).
given or available without charge.
using or expending something without restraint; lavish.
(of a literary style) not observing the strict laws of form.
(of the wind) blowing from a favorable direction to the side or stern of a vessel.


without cost or payment.
with the sheets eased.


release from captivity, confinement, or slavery.
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this is not the man i wanted to drive the mordhau around

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Spooky scary socialists send shivers down your spine

Sanguine stars will end your wars and break your chains tonight.

Spooky scary socialists write with such allure

You'll shake and shudder with surprise when they give you so much more

"We're so sorry, socialists, you're so misunderstood

You only want to collectivize, but the bourgeois make the rules"

But spooky scary socialists send militants to your door

They'll march from Union halls and distribute to the poor.

Spirits, supernatural, are accepted without a fuss,

But once the market's analyzed then it's dangerous!

Spooky scary socialists aren't radical all the same

They'll bicker and argue then divide and drive themselves insane.

But with sticks to kalash they'll get your stash they sure won't allow your hoard

Spooky scary socialists are the workers of the world.

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zombie go away weebobo

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that man is a hero