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  • 19 Nov '18

also if you increase the releases across the board depending on the number and keep the windups the same
let's say release goes to 500ms and windup is at like 400ms
900ms almost a second to- determine whether your opponent parries early and be able to drag using lunge or not

the instas are just windup ending at a certain point of the swing arc and starting the hitbox, so if the windup is inside you and starts instantly the swing is essentially 400 something ms, combine that with lunge's mini speed boost it'll rocket the swing inside of your face, or they can use the lunge to slide to your side and do a retarded super long release drag (and even without lunge they can move the weapon up and go for a drag or even a waterfall)

seems like a pretty shit idea to me

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  • 19 Nov '18

if you really want that level of directional play you'd need to reduce the amount of distance covered by lunge because it's like a minidodge that fakes movement out for you

lunge is gay btw brb teleporting and sidehitting you with an insta or lunge dragging you instead
brb getting free switches using lunge because even if i did get punished i have hyper armor on riposte

lunge is broken i'd love to test how ripostes feel without them, instahit and drag wise and so i can find something else to bitch about if lunge didnt do anything

if lunge happens on release and it gives a movement speed boost, then that combined with headshot camera would explain a lot of the instas because the lunge moves your weapon faster into your face

also the lunge is fucking awful teamfight wise because you get to switch without punishment 80% of the time, lemme just lunge riposte + combo, no need to worry about getting hit in the back for at least 2 swings ayy lmao

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  • 17 Nov '18

biggest cancers i've seen are related to
lunge making judging distance in a small scale inconsistent thanks to lunge
lunge going forward and dragging past people and allowing attacks to instahit to make an insane mixup
late ripostes blending parry animations + windup to create twisty wristy anims that are hard to see, and you can put them inside people's faces (the parry return to neutral + windup mixing up creates some wacky anims, i feel you need to follow some fighting game examples for animating)
attacks appearing to hit early thanks to the camera positioning, the headshots hit earlier than you see the strike hitting you because the camera seems to be below head level

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  • 12 Jun '18

disarm needs to be more punishing that's my only current gripe