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  • 28 Mar '18

fucking love maul

And he loves you


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Dont forget....

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Each 240 angle produces a different note.

That's not going to be annoying in any way.

Your right it will be glorious

What will his left be?

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Knight 24 107
  • 13 Sep '17

Excellent video! Helped me immensely to understand chambering!

At 2:04, you seem to "feint" a thrust and cancel it. Was this accomplished by using the game's explicit feint command (Q by default), or is there another way to cancel attacks without switching to a parry?

The last game I played in this vein was Mount and Blade in which all feinting/attack cancelling is done by blocking, so I'm just trying to figure out a way to cancel my own attacks without switching to a parry (which renders me briefly defenseless).

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  • 8 Sep '17


Ravioli ravioli, give me the alphaoli!

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  • 31 Aug '17

@420SmokePyro said:
Nah Im totally ok with the delay, I don't want to play in buggy servers with a buggy combat system

Well, it's an Alpha, so you'd best brace yourself.