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@asdzxc123 said:
What is this s p i d e r l a n g u a g e

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  • 8 Sep

or you can buy lots of customizations and skip the plume :)

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@ParalyzedTortoise said:
image dump inbound


How the hell did you get that iron cross knight's chian?

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  • 23 Aug

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Clobbered, Training accident, Vlad the impaler, Virtuoso, living sculpure, Rock n' roll, Eagle eye, Stairway to hell, You're welcome, Ended rightly

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  • 12 Aug

@Dreamer said:
I keep getting vote kicked out of official deathmatch servers for playing the deathmatch and not dueling. Can we get a prevention system for this? I know vote kick is kind of important but when people are playing deathmatch like its duels and complaining then kicking you its a bit annoying. Not everyone wants to play duels and there is very very few actual deathmatch servers to go around to and play. Im sure im not the only one who this has happened to.

People don't like RDM (aka Random Death Match). If you attack a person or group of people without initiating a duel (aka a flourish or like a bow) they'll likely get pissed and more than often report you for RDM. Just don't use ranged weapons and don't attack people without a reason. I understand that Deathmatch is unpopular and that pretty much all of the DM servers are dual servers, just don't be an asshole and find something you like :)

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  • 10 Aug

@TheDankestMeme said:
i like this game but i hate racial minorities

Ah yes a fellow man of culture

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They're a 10+ person team. development will be slow. Bugs and balancing will be fixed eventually. For fucks sake have some patience, Child.

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@ChuckJones said:
One word for this. ModSupportSoon
fuck yes

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I know that I made a post about this like a year ago, but I would still like to see a limited range of historical black powder firearms in our game. With the inclusion of firearms, there would of course have to be plenty of limiting factors for balancing these historical "armor killers".

there are 3 models of historical firearms that i would like to see.

1: Handgonne. The first record of firearms in Europe was recorded by the Germans in 1331 in the shape of a small tube on a stick which could fire a 56 caliber ball with a muzzle velocity of 180 meters/second generating 240 Jules of energy. The concept for this firearm came from china, where gun power was invented around 900AC. records indicate that this firearm first appeared in 990AC, about 330 years before the concept came to Europe!. they called it the "Firelance", A spear with a small bamboo tube near the end could fire a large caliber lead ball somewhat accurately. Back to the point, The Handgonne was known to misfire and be not very accurate as it was fired from the hip.
My suggestion for balancing this weapon in game would to have it misfire about 20% or the time. The gun must be fired stationary for maximum effect. At Range, the further away the target is, if you manage to hit him, damage should be lower against heavy armor as you are firing a heavy round ball at a distance. larger rounds slow down faster and usually ricochet off sloped armor. damage on medium armor should be higher, but not by much. light armor and unarmored opponents should receive high(er) damage, but not a one shot, depending on where you hit them. The closer you are, A higher amount of damage will me achieved. Remember, This should only be fired while standing still making it (almost) impossible to run up to somebody from behind and shoot them in the back I suggest restricting player movement while aiming this weapon. The reloading phase for all firearms should be around 5-7 seconds longer than reloading a crossbow. Accuracy should be traced with a a round crosshair and about the same sway as the crossbow.


Next, I would like to see a Matchlock musket in the Game. First invented in the 15th century, around 1445, The Matchlock is a direct decendent of the handgonne. It was the first firearm to feature a trigger mechanism that could be fired from the shoulder. This firearm could fire a 45 callibre lead ball with a muzzle velocity of 390 meters/second generating a muzzle energy of 640 Jules.

My suggestions for balancing this firearm is that It should also be fired from a a static position. It would have a longer range and deal slightly more damage than the handgonne when at range. Reload times should be around 8-9 seconds longer than reloading a crossbow. and deal more damage when at close range due to having such a high muzzle velocity. Shields would be useful to some extent at "blocking" bullets. I suggest having rounds go through shields at closer ranges. and taking reduced damage when successfully "blocking" a bullet.


Lastly, I would like to talk about Wheelocks, more specifically, a Pistol. This weapon of course is the direct decedent of the matchlock. Invented in the 17th century. Firing a .45 calibre lead ball at 310 meters/second with a muzzle velocity of 440 Jules. This firearm uses a spring-loaded friction system to ignite the firing cord. This firearm will have a shorter range than the handgun, but be more accurate as it is fired from the sights. This firearm can be fired while moving, much like the crossbow and bow except that you are forced to walk, not running like firing a bow. Damage dealt will be somewhere between the handgun and matchlock depending on range and armor rating. firearms will NEVER be a one shot to medium and heavily armored opponents when at long or medium range. The turncap for firearms while aiming should also be shower than usual as these things usually weighed more than a crossbow, exception being the pistol. Each gun would have to carry 4-5 round of course


bUT It'S A Gu N, FaGiT


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My kniggas so far :)


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IT BEGINS stares intently at •҉Ɓaron voŋ Moorland

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close topic pls

this has strayed waaay too far from the original topic

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how tf do you lop-side faces?

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thanks man! appreciate it

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I need a priest