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@Caliko said:
All you really need to do is aim for the Official Deathmatch servers. They can't possibly be overrun with duelists are they?
Last time I checked they weren’t

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@Christian2222 said:
Good lord, is the 240 system so hard to learn? XD

No point in learning it since it’s bad and having keybinds will always be faster to do whatever attack you need done. Especially for reliable chambering.

Stouty who is a very good player made a video on a suitable mouse, I got the one with 12 side buttons and it’s not very good I’ll need to change.

Here’s the video

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This has been a thing since Chivalry and true deathmatch is garbage compared to the other game modes.

It’s fine, if you really want deatchmatch, rent your own server with your own rules. Problem solved.

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@smellycathawk said:
Take everything annoying from chiv messer and import

Wish I could import Agatha’s MAA & Archer voices instead tbh haha

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LS and BS as you said are good, mace is strong too but I never liked blunt weapons.

Arming Sword costs 2 points and is like the Longsword of 1handers, decent speed and damage. Stab isn’t as nasty as rapier but it’s strong. Falchion could be good but the stab isn’t that great, nice slash damage though and easy to drag, just requires you to know what you’re doing.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
It has really good accels, 2 shots t3 to the head and 2 shots t2 to the body. I main it for duels and use it often in frontline.

Was afraid it’d be too bad in team games, I’ll give it a shot in duel servers, thanks !

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@Christian2222 said:
The problem is you take turns parry riposting. it's a turn based game =/

Yes? Is there a problem to there being a mechanic where initiative shifts?

Trap cards are OP man

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Been using Longsword for a while as main weapon, but it’s been a while I haven’t touched the weapon from the ChivKnightcopter pack.

What’s your thoughts on its current state peasants ? Besides the fact it has a crappy stab damage.

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I don't know about you but I get a fairly amount of kills with accel counter attacks.

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@FlameHeart said:
varangian guy

crossbow i never use

scottish guy i guess

German guy i guess


pikeman (gonna give him a morion later)



Cool and good

I like the first one, reminds me of the days when I played M&B

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@ThunderDuck said:

@Jasco said:
Sidearms are perfectly viable. You can use them to finish off low hp enemies, either by switching to them to land the last hit when you have a big and slow primary weapon or by throwing them at fleeing enemies. Got a lot of kills I would otherwise miss that way. And of course they're great for fighting in tight spaces or while climbing ladders and for dealing with lightly armored people that have very fast weapons.

Still not worth the points to actually have one in your loadout as you can just pick something off of the ground and save your points on armor and perks

Thing is, most of the dropped items are either bows or 2h weapons, besides a spear that I might use or halberd, I prefer stickin' to LS. But you're right about the perks. A secondary is useful I feel especially when climbing stairs. Without a 1H, you have nothing to defend yourself.

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@Rergato said:
There’s already icon indicators you can enable for friendlies, but it can get confusing in close quarters still.

What we need are player outline glows.

Seriously? I really need to check the game settings and redo my keybinds

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@Corsario said:
It's fine, but I'm afraid it's going to be 50% people's main in a couple of months from then and forever. I think the plumes should have been a very high level unlockable. Let's see if players lose taste for it soon after buying It.

From what I saw most people buy stuff and don’t save the gold for a 60k purchase. It’s fine, besides it’s the closest thing to a Lanius helmet... 😁

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I'm at the moment using arming sword as secondary as it helps with fast weapons/rapier-spear-shield users.
I saw the new skin of the cleaver and I was like, wow DAT LOOK GUD. But sadly it feels a bit weak compared to other options.

What is the secondary you would use with a main weapon that is already quite versatile in its use ?

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I noticed this bug around the build before the final one preparing the game for release.
Essentially, it removed an armor tint and made #18 and #19 the same. I thought this would have been put back to how it was but it's sadly still here.

Basically, one of the tint was a darker bronze/gold tint. Here are some screenshots as pictures are worth thousands words :


Afaik this was the color I used and that got changed once the build came up :


as you can see, it's not gold like tint #17, it's a darker version



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I'll just repost a topic I created which could have a solution to stop these things:

I think even when targeting people, during the heat of a fight you might not have time to check out if the guy coming at you is friendly or hostile.

One thing I mentionned before would be to add very subtle and little dots of your team colors above the heads of your allies. Similar to the ones you see before spawning while viewing the map from far above.

The fact we can toggle on/off team colors is very great but would need something to make it worthwhile as even I who is cautious to not kill my allies randomly I just cannot use this feature fearing I’ll hit too many people accidentally during fights.

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Now I'm complete ! Just need more ranks for some specific colours...


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@JanZamoysky said:

@SWSeriousMike said:

@Botas said:
It is almost like they want to keep 2 handed as the only viable loadout in the game, it is litterally untoucheable

Want to bet? I'm quite sure that even I could beat you with a 1h weapon even when you have a 2h weapon and are therefore literally untouchable. And I'm mediocre.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most competitive players use two handers, don't they? This clearly shows that 2 handers have an advantage.

Chiv vets, and there are users of 1h weapons

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@Botas said:

@Lord Petyr Baelish said:
Yeah it's almost like anyone with a braincell could understand that this was a change that was intended to affect shields only. It's almost like shields are a completely unfun mechanic for both the attacker and the defender and make 85% of Mordhau's flowing combat system redundant.

It is almost like they want to keep 2 handed as the only viable loadout in the game, it is litterally untoucheable, no nerfs to that playstyle whatsoever, everything revolves around it, the steam page never said this, if i knew this was gonna be the case i wouldn't have bought this game.

It’s completely false and you don’t even need a shield to get kills with a 1h weapon. If you need to have your shield it’s just because you’re not good enough. Shields have their uses but they don’t need to be cheesy af and give you complete immunity even when you are bad. This is a skilled-based game.

I use LS and arming sword as secondary because against 1h/shield users it’s extremely useful and even against 2h users because of the speed. You just need to know what you’re doing to make the most with what you have. The persons sayin 2h elitist are sincerely clueless.

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@Trey said:
A one-time fee to unlock all the base weapons and armor pieces would be dope, honestly. I like playing dress-up dolly but I hate the gold grind and picking one piece at a time.

It’s not that much of a grind if you know what true grind is.

The game got out on 29 of April and it’s 16 of May today. I didn’t play the game non stop and I still am at 57k gold (barely spent any as I’m aiming for the plume helmet) and rank 29.

Try looking at the stuff required to craft a fuckin legendary item in guild wars 2. I tried the one from the Realm VS Realm and it did took me 2.5 months for a single item. Playing in a shitty unbalanced and unskilled gamemode I hate very much. That is grinding.