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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
If hit stop on friendly returns, I really think flinch should be applied and/or full damage to team swings.

But how is that better ? Team fights will feel much worse with those LMB champs

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I can’t say dude I don’t use either weapons to kill foes, only as finishers and cleaver in tight corridors on my messer character.

While dagger isn’t as insane as cleaver it’s not crap either, it’s like estoc or rapier you just need to trick your opponent, get an opening and pressure them with the attack speed. Sure you will have a hard time with 1vX but it’s still a decent secondary/finisher.

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@EatAtRedLobster said:


Careful.. you don’t wanna get a copyright strike from a certain bird

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T3 mask pls 😢

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I think it’s indeed powerful for a 1 pt weapon, but really, don’t make it do less damage than a dagger stab, otherwise it would become another useless weapon.

What should be gone tbh is bloodlust.
Cleaver is fast but it’s not like it’s harder to fight than an annoying rapier or dagger user. Both are annoying af due to their speed.

Also it was said cleaver has less reach than fists but I got no idea where that came from.

Just yesterday I got smacked by a guy who was behind his teammate facing me. Free hit right there.

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@esturias said:
Was his own fault.
Most of his activity here was trolling and shitposting.

Sure but he had his moments giving tips too

Can’t deny he was entertaining

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2/2/1 arming sword, bloodlust and dodge.

Fast enough, I annoyed and killed many bastards with that setup. If you try to use dagger for pure rogue style you won’t go far as this weapon is a secondary for archers or finisher for melee users (getting easily that one last hit for the kill).

Also as the others said, knowing the map and paying attention to groups to not get surrounded and killed like a dirty fly.

Dodge is useful, you just gotta know and understand when to use it. It’s not a get out of jail card. Makes a huge difference when you (mostly) got it.
Heavy weapons such as zwei are slow and you should punish them with your small weapon. Rush parry and punish.

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@CarnifeX said:
its not that core-problems still exist, but an implented gun which only admins are able to use - sounds very important
(i bet its just a matter of time until cheaters are able to use them)

i still see that the exe swing animation doesnt fit well.. sword is still in the swing animation but u dont get a hitbox anymore..
still not fixed..
i still get stuck on many spots on all maps - still not fixed
inputs still often dont react, doesnt matter if its blocking or just climbing.. sometimes i still have to hit the key for 2 times to actually climb
many animations still arent readable properly & u can get still killed due a lot of 1-frame deaths/strikes
we still sometimes climb on stairs while we dodge..
and so on..

but well we can only assume why players left
but luckily we can get killed by a gun now, when the devs or mods get mad at us complainers.

Remember it’s a small team, fixing and creating content.

About the playerbase part, every game gets a spike of player activity at release then some leave. Especially this game which targets a niche market.

The dev might not be as fast as AAA studios but that’s due to the numbers of workers.

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@esturias said:

@PC_Principal said:
Oh look, it's the retard convention coming together. Instead of trying to help him find the cause of the Issue, you guys are just trolling. GG.

He doesn't deserve any help. He started a oneliner ragethread, didn't provide ANY information, most definitely didn't look for the obvious fixes you can find in the right subforum and he didn't even ask for help. He just raged at the devs.



If you genuinely seek assistance you’d give as much info as you can instead of making a thread to blow off some steam with basically:
“Fuck u devs fix yo game, my client crashes for no reason” (meanwhile thousands of folks play with 0 major issues).

Well there’s always a reason, maybe he doesn’t have his Windows Feature Pack updated which cause CTD as soon as you launch some games. But the dude barely give any info so yea, call us retard but you aren’t doing him any favor either by endorsing this shitty and useless behavior.

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@CazzyVR said:

@The Bird said:

@Sir Boring said:
Mordhau devs be like
"Remember when we would get vanguard charged by 3 people at once in Chiv and see them kill all their teammates?"
"Yeah or when they would vanguard charge through 2 teammates just to kill me?"
"Yeah let's add that"

Your sarcasm is of low quality and should be done away with immediately. This is a learned talent which you have not yet acquired. The Bird bids you work at this.




You are without a doubt my most favorite person on the Forum.

I worship The Bird!

Makes me hungry for chicken

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He was fun I kinda miss him

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Played the game on 3 different computer, never had an issue. It’s an issue on your side kid.

By the way, coming out of nowhere, insulting and giving very few info about your issue won’t get you any help. Far from it.

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@CazzyVR said:
I think the Issue here is also many don't know how fucking Plate Armor works. There is a reason the Murder Stroke exists. Medieval Long Swords were grabbed by the Blades and used as Improvised Blunt Weapons against Plate Armored opponents, why? BECAUSE PLATE ARMOR IS HARDENED STEEL! A Normal Blade wouldn't be able to cut through it, yet we have Longswords cutting through Plate Armor like it's Butter. Seriously, Plate Armor is some serious shit.

Also Plate Armor isn't Tanky and Cumbersome. Plate Armor is actually quite Light and Nimble, there are even Videos of people in Plate Armor Climbing Walls and doing So many Physical Things in it, from rolling on the Ground to getting on horses and such. Treat Plate Armor like it's actual fuckign Armor! Same with Gambeson and Chainmail! They are some String as Fuck Armors, they need more Respect then what they get.
They are fine and as said by those devs and other studios : gameplay > realism

Blunt weapons already do more damage to T3

Concerning the part with physical activities with plate armor, the thing is still an additional weight, making the wearer less fast or agile than if he had nothing or a leather armor.

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@Duckalot said:
We dont use them that often. Most people i've come across are cheerful about it. And we never use them to win/stomp/grief.
I use it as a meme tool, lurking around on the map and threatening ppl to get a reaction ^^
Its a great tool to quickly stop griefers and cheaters aswell before you ban them.

Oh I see, I suspected as much as I never saw it myself or read any complains.

Would be a great tools for a “referee” in duel servers though haha

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Should be kept on private servers though, it’s not giving a good impression. Especially for new players.

Haven’t been victim of it yet so I can’t say how frequently it happens in reality.

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Using your brothers as human shields... damn ! That’s so disgusting I’ll give it a shot 😁

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Active parry buff please.

Please no more force shield again, or rectal parry...

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Not a fan of this change, I saw a significant increase in TKs. Seems some of you had a different experience though.

@λze said:
The solutions really are simple.

  • turn off team damage.
  • lower team damage to 25% by default and 10% with perk
  • force high team damaging players to have friendly perk

Team damage is a core part of the gameplay, no reason to go, people just need to get their shit together.

Lowering the damage too much would make the friendly perk pointless tbh, and it’s not used very much except for specific and niche builds.

Forcing perks or a specific way to play on players is bad design. Even more so nowadays with games promoting freedom of choice.

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Pretty sure they aren’t going to let it last as it promotes team damage/tk, so I wouldn’t rely on it too much.

Still, an evil idea right there man.

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@RyMarq said:
Its fine in some ways, but if they are going to nerf raised shield to this degree, they should just remove it. Its obnoxiously garbage and removed all ability for shield to be a valid 1v1 choice. I am not saying it should be strong there, but the shield be an active disadvantage is not really tolerable for me.

Just allow shield to be held up for longer than usual or something, the feature is so bad in its current state its a trap.

The whole point of the changes is to force the users to actually play the game and not deny 90% of the melee system.
Because yes if it stayed like it was before you’d miraculously see a significant improvement on your k/d. Which isn’t deserved in the first place.

You already get less stamina drain with it, adding op parry mode was too much.