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  • 7 Aug '19

Same here, pls help.
I've already tried verifying game files and reinstalling and still no servers show up.

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  • 18 Sep '17

Game crashes while loading into camp, despite having just played a match on camp and having had to load into that match.
Here's the crash report:

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  • 13 Sep '17

Bug: While playing, the game freezes for long periods (20 seconds) until finally crashing during a freeze.

I was recording using OBS at the time the freezes happened.
Here's a screenshot of the error:

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  • 17 Jul '16

@Smokingbobs said:
Pff this is old news. Already seen it like twenty times.

Seriously though, this was an amazing surprise and I am confident this game is stuck on the right track.

EDIT: Also thanks a bunch Teripper for taking the time to collect questions, taking the interview and generally doing a lot of work. I hope to see more from you in the future.

I loved doing the interview and I'm really glad you guys enjoyed watching it!

I'm down for anything that I can do to support this game's development and spread the word