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  • 19 Dec '17


I've been off the forums and the game itself since mid-september. I'd like to know the state of the game, big fixes or changes in the meta, etc please.

I'm looking foward to come back eventually. :)


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  • 25 Sep '17

@Whisper said:

Oh dear God

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  • 24 Sep '17


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  • 24 Sep '17

@TastierCornet3 said:
japanese armor and weapons like :

When you think you've read retarded suggestions before:
Think twice.

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  • 23 Sep '17

Riddled with Filth!! >:(

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  • 23 Sep '17

@vanguard said:

@Sir Zombie said:
more like muh immersion imho

It was clickbait tbh

Then any admin please close this thread. -__-

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  • 23 Sep '17

@Flippy said:

@TheShade said:
This is not a problem if you use binds.

What? It doesn't matter if you use a bind, you still can't chamber them unless you're literally crouching and looking all the way left and to the ground, which is completely ridiculous.

That. And right after, the strategy is follow up with an unavoidable kick, cuz your camera is facing left or right, and even if backpedaling the opponent still easily manage to reduce this gap, since attack recoveries in this game are lighting-fast broken.

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  • 23 Sep '17

OP its 100% correct with that issue.
I Just left some matches where the guy I was fighting ONLY used this footdrag "tatic", combined with feints here and there. So, I did some testing, got some footage also.
1- Regarding to the "grunt" sound as the only way to read a feint properly, I'd say it's unreliable - the grunt is too short, high pitched sometimes, and when all the other players are doing the same sound, It's easy to not realize was your oponent who swinged (if you can't raise your volume for exemple), and plus, sometimes the grunt comes slightly after the animation. (maybe lag but I was at 60ms, not sure.)
2- People with a high Axis sensitivity (or maybe mouse DPI, dunno) can yes spin 360º and drag the attack, hitting you with the end of animation. The oposite occur, people can then face away (turning), then swing coming back, accelerating and do like a "back hit" with the initial part of release.
3- About kicks: in my testing, I was unable to kick someone after releasing Sprint (shift), on facehugs (player colision makes the kick "slip" through the enemy) or in wind-up phase after getting damaged. Plus, with the 240 system, after a kicking someone my follow up attack wouldn't input. (waste of a kick)
4- Again, animations are clunky and a lot misleading. The inability to identify which swing, plus the releases being too of a sudden, the late grunting - makes chambering impossible, and an non-viable choice.

Those small observations I did tonight, coupled with the Alpha unbalance (I know, I know - not priority) will only grow the frustration in the new player's hearts. At the same time, nerfing many aspects of the game mechanics seems not the best solution either. I hope the "footdraggers" and "spinners" will get the balance they deserve.

  • A good idea would be a better measurement of the dmg of said attack by checking which part of the weapon hitted the target: someone dragging would need to "hold" the blade in the air longer, thus weakening the strike and making it super easy to chamber. Or an acceleration, if not tagged by the blade itself, but with the beginning near the handle for exemple, wouldnt do so much dmg either - each weapon would have their "optmal" spot of where/how to strike the enemy.


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  • 19 Sep '17

@LegendaryZero said:
Oh, and here's one more useful command I haven't seen listed here -

  • m.inverseattackdirection 1

Good for one that want to invert their required attack direction (default is moving toward windup direction for an attack, and command make it so you can just move mouse in direction of your attack).

So your mean in the 240° system? I don't understand the difference between the two "ways" you referred.
Please, elaborate a better explanation.

Thanks in advance.

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  • 18 Sep '17

@Monsteri said:

I have absolutely no issues on the 240 system, if you want help I can maybe provide it.

Then provide it. I wanna see it then.

Wont change the fact the 240 system sucks, and there is nothing we can do about it now.

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  • 18 Sep '17

Problems are:

  • Lag still counts a lot in real fights.
  • 240 Unreliable as fuck. (prob used binds.)
  • You can't tell clearly the dif between animations.
  • That was an staged spar.
  • Only the Right Overhead was used.
  • The attacker was not dragging.

Generally the " 2h draggers" will crouch/look-up in a Chiv-esk style, then when adding the clunky animations in release phase + 2 shot slow weapons + retarded 240 angle system = makes reading and sucessfully chambering any overhead not only almost impossible, but totally dependent on luck.

But nice vid tho. At least you got a nice partner to train with. :)

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  • 18 Sep '17

Until they implement a better 240 system, my hype for this game is going down.
I didnt play Slasher, which as I can see, seems like a pre-pre Alpha of Mordhau, with a similar angle system like in here.

The thing is, doesn't matter if you have X experience on Chiv or Slasher - the 240 angle command imput in this game is UNRELIABLE by itself in this current state. Then, plus all the retarded shenanigans player are abusing and weapons unbalacing, make every login into Mordhau a complete stress.
There is no way of "git gud" in this moment, since practing is futile when the system reads your imputs the wrong way.

Now, one exemple that most eveyone here already experienced:
To win:

  • just go full heavy
  • eveningstar/zwei/polecancer,
  • look down (to force the system lock),
  • facehug and
  • spam lower swings.
    If it fails, put some LMBs here and there.

There is no "Duel" at the moment. People are playing for trolls, not testing.
It's frustrating as hell.

PS: You guys who claim to be "god" like - if you want to be usefull for this community, do a in-depth tutorial vid on how to imput commands rightly with this shit 240 angle system. (Since the game didnt provided it itself).

Sorry for the rant, Thank you very much.

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  • 15 Sep '17

@CaptainGaymer said:
One time, i was feinted by a longsword, so i went to stab and punish the feint with a stab, and his stab still hit me first before i could do anything.

so, yeah.

Have you seen a Sledgehammer overhead be faster than a Quarterstaff thrust in the Mair's variation? (hands in the middle)
Yeah, only in this game that happens.

And are cunts already saying "git gud" to a game released like 3 days ago. Yeaaaaah Chiv cancer community is already here folks.

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  • 15 Sep '17

Im already pissed with this "heavy" shit "meta".

Fuck those 2Handers cunts, trolling in the chat to "git gud" in a game 3 days old. )
Plus, naked/light/medium armor does basically shit to your footwork. You are just (almost nothing) faster than an heavy armored dude, plus the 2Handers make your distance don't matter cuz of the range, and the cancer drags.

Plus: reverse overheads, crouch/looking up LMBs, and Heavy armor running+looking down like Cancer Chiv still exist.
The game now is just hold your Sprint key, face hug with a 2Hander and LMB cuz the "angle" system is unreliable and clunky as fuck.

Enjoy trying to "git gud".

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  • 13 Sep '17

Hello fellow Silly Kniggts,

Alpha is out here, and we are all enjoying, learning, practicing, figuring out this new fight system (for mainly ex-Chiv players at least). And no one can deny that those fast paced combats and skirmishes can become a bit frustrating after long hours, mostly if you are still trying to find the best loadout/"class" for yourself.

And why, you may ask?
Feints and "morphing" your attacks are HUGE deal in this game, and during this alpha state, really difficult to pull off most of the times (I'm not gonna even start with those "chambering" shenanigans k?)
So... If you haven't noticed yet, the feint command is bound to the 'Q' button, and you have all the freedom to change it. Now, someone would think: "Well I'll then bind it to my 'RMB' like in Chiv'", to pull off those cool feint/parry/riposte cancer we all love and hate, but that doesn't work.

No matter what, if you don't want to sacrifice your "Parry" button, you simply can't have the feint bound to "RMB"! If you let both commands on that same key, when you attack then RMB the block command takes priority, messing you up and your timing, exposing your fatty cheeks to your opponent's raping. Yeaaah... That's a bummer.

Does anyone found a better way to have Feints in another useful/reachable key (besides the "Q-ancer" button)?

Please let's discuss.

Your truly, Metalanger.