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Hi, since I don't know English and I didn't check if I can post comments in Spanish, I'll use the translator even if it's not a good idea.

In a normal game where it was red on the Grad map, at one point when he wanted to go to the blue ballista again to destroy it, but when he wanted to go the blue commander came down the stairs to attack those of us who were there, but, when he did this, he tried to go up again, and when he tried to hit him he fell and I was able to give him a few hits until he managed to climb.

The problem is that after that he went down again and did not defend himself or attack, he did nothing (and he stayed like that throughout the rest of the game).

I don't know if it is because we did not have the 4 points and that is why it stayed like that, or if it is a normal bug / glich, but it seemed strange to me since I do not remember that something similar happened to me on that map with the commander

(Sorry to use translator).

I was just recording, so here's the proof: