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With the making of some monumental, controversial changes to the game, a lot of minor yet nevertheless important changes are bound to go unnoticed, and I want you to know they are appreciated:

  • The sound that plays upon killing someone is fantastic and adds weight to thrown weapons especially. Great job.
  • An assist counting as a kill if you dealt at least 75 damage is vastly underappreciated and will result in a lack of intention to killsteal, which in turn will improve teamwork. Brilliant.
  • I really like the feedback for damage dealt and points earned. It looks very professional and makes the game appear that much closer to completion. In the future you should include an option to display the damage of each strike as a separate number rather than aggregating it all into one value that gets updated with each attack. It would also be nice to include additional information such as which region your attack hit (legs/torso/head) which can be enabled or disabled in the options menu.
  • No riposte feints improves the game tremendously.
  • The maps so far have felt dull because they are linear, but the expansion of Grad assures me you will improve existing maps to where there are many paths to take to the enemy base, and many areas in which to isolate fights. The ladders have also helped bring out Grad's verticality, a crucial feature for any map to be enjoyable. I really like the new version of the map, from the flat open plains to the tight walls and stairs (and the well).
  • Various other changes like health regeneration beginning earlier and small throwables not flinching while heavy ones still do are great. These tiny changes accumulate, and their effects might not be immediately felt, but that makes them no less wonderful.
  • I am amazed you managed to fix smoke bombs and fire bombs in a single try. Now they are no longer a nuisance and look great as well.

And now onto the unsavory:

  • The removal of both active parry and health on kill has made 1vX impossible. While I admit hit trading has not been half as atrocious as I expected, it does nothing to make fights in which you are outnumbered winnable.
  • I am very happy to see the kick stun brought back, however it needs some work. It feels awkward for both sides as @Huggles pointed out. At least include an animation for the stunned state or an indicator.
  • Clash on disarm. Like the kick, I am happy to see this feature but it needs to be tweaked. Currently it means there is no way for a disarmed player to outplay their opponent. I recognise being disarmed should be punished, but you cannot deny how immensely enjoyable it is to watch someone lose their weapon and still win through sheer skill, and how satisfying it is when said person is yourself. Once the fist animations have been made more readable, the disarmed opponent will be hopeless enough. Maybe make it so the armed player cannot combo after the clash? Make it clash but deal less damage? Anything to give the defenseless player a chance while retaining initiative to the armed player.
  • I am seeing some weird issues with stabs where they often hit way past the range at which they should have. I do not think this is due to stabs being altered, but rather all the partial sprint changes and movement debuff upon being parried. Something, probably related to those things, is causing the lunge to be far more exaggerated.
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  • 19 Apr

Congratulations, Jax. May the job treat you well.

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  • 17 Apr

In the meantime you can use Ctrl + F and search for "added" to quickly find new additions.

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  • 12 Apr

An undesired change. Names written in full capital letters come across as obnoxious, which leaves a bad first impression. Moreover, a game needing its name to be written in capital letters is like an admission it contains nothing noteworthy and needs the larger name to stand out and draw attention.

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  • 11 Apr

UI / Menu

  • The 'reset to default' button is greyed out as if clicking it would not do anything. It remains this way regardless if you are using the default settings.
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An important and well-appreciated change, and the increase in forum communication has been wonderful. Keep it up, Triternion. Be the best.

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@Huggles said:

...So weapon balance and "instant" attacks will be resolved by basic knowledge of footwork, positioning, and attack angling.

Come on, Huggles. Look at battleaxe stabs being absurdly quick for no reason. Look at how weapons that are supposed to be slow such as the bardiche can be accelerated to where they swing faster than an arming sword (not an accelerated one). I cannot find that video showcasing ripostes which last like three frames, but I have encountered quite a lot of those in this patch.

People think it raises the skill ceiling but it does the complete opposite. It feels like someone is pressing the fast forward button at random intervals whenever you are up against a weapon that is expected to be slow. This one issue with the game bleeds into everything else: you cannot wait until the last moment to parry an attack because attacks can suddenly go faster than you can react to, so you have to panic parry a lot of the time. This also makes dealing with feints tremendously worse, and so on. Current attack speeds are also something new players could not even comprehend. Learning the game while up against someone who knows how to swing three times faster than you does not make for a fun experience.

I think the single best thing the developers can do for the game is limit attack acceleration. A close second is making the release phase last much longer.

@Huggles said:
Also, you say that you shoudln't have to have 100+ hours to git gud but really the game has no depth if this isn't the case. Of course, you can't pin all the problems on "git gud" and here is what I agree with.

No no, it should definitely take hundreds of hours to get anywhere close to the top, but people either take this too far and think basic concepts like parrying should also take hundreds of hours to learn, or they use it to excuse broken mechanics, such as when people defended bad animations because it takes more skill to read them.

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I do not think the game is in a good spot currently.

  • Attacks are way too fast. The release portion of attacks has always been too short, but as of this patch it is even shorter. This makes even attacks with little acceleration to them feel too quick to react to, let alone chamber. The instant attack problem plaguing the game has only been exacerbated. You can now lock players in a perpetual flinched state.

  • Parrying feels unreliable. Other than it requiring more precision, I cannot put my finger on what about it has changed, but here is some feedback: It no longer feels instant - It feels like if an attack hits me during the first few frames of my parry I will take damage. A lot of the time it also seems like the parry animation plays right after I take a hit. The absurd speed of certain attacks also means it is not always possible to parry in time unless your reaction time is highly above average. For a basic mechanic this is overkill. It was fine in the previous patch.

  • Weapon balance is all over the place. Heavy, costly weapons like the battleaxe and eveningstar have instant stabs, small arms like the rapier and mace can either kill you in two hits or two seconds. Note that the issue here is not how weak or powerful a certain weapon is, but how weapons are balanced relative to one another. For instance, the difference between slow and fast weapons is meagre, largely due to how much attacks can be accelerated, so there is less incentive to take a weapon because it is faster. Similarly, taking a weapon such as the eveningstar due to its damage is also pointless when the mace and warhammer are just as powerful at half the cost.
    I know there are nuances such as turn cap and morph cost that differentiate weapons further, but the balance seems no less questionable. I have a suggestion: Give each weapon a brief description. This will also help new players understand the idea behind certain weapons without requiring them to look at the highly technical list of values below the weapon (which would probably intimidate them if it was all they had to base their choice of weapon on).

  • EDIT: Stab drags are horrendous. They genuinely look like an exploit and range from unrealistic to absolutely undecipherable. I assume the only reason they exist is so chambering stabs does not become trivial, but virtually any other solution would be better than tolerating stab drags in their current state.

  • Feint woes. I will save it for the next patch in which feints will be altered, but there is still something on my mind: A while ago someone pointed out attacks require very little commitment as you can cancel out of them for the majority of their duration, which makes it very difficult to punish players who miss an attack or exercise poor judgement in when to perform an attack. Moreover it means players can attack at the same time as their opponent, and if they are about to be hit first, they can simply feint-to-parry. This does promote gambling and a playstyle in which the opponent's actions matter less, though I do not see how it can be fixed without the player's control over their character being severely limited. I am interested to hear if others have thought of any solutions so far.

  • Shields are still a chore to fight. This issue might be the hardest to correct. There are quite a few discussions on this already.

  • projectile spam is horrendous. Definitely limit the number of smoke bombs / fire bombs the player spawns with. In the future it would be nice to also make them cost a lot more unless the player has a "support / strategist" perk which makes such equipment much cheaper but in exchange you will lack perk points for other goodies. People seem to be of the opinion the projectile spam will die down once they are no longer new, but I highly doubt that. There will always be players who find it hilarious to run around and bombard the map with smoke and fire. Furthermore, there will always be new players for whom the idea is still fresh and novel.

Before you tell me none of these are issues once you have put six billion hours into the game, take a moment to consider how new players would feel about some of these mechanics in their current state and whether they would be motivated to put even ten hours into the game.

And keep in mind also that it is possible to correct a broken mechanic without it becoming so simple that even new players would master it in five minutes. A lot of you struggle with that concept.

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  • 31 Mar

@s522662 said:
is there another variety of footworks (some from chivalry) thats still possible or even better? i just want variety and not a one meta thing.

Footwork opens up a lot of possibilities as of this latest patch. I am able to dodge overheads and even stabs by sidestepping them, which I do not recall being too viable in Chivalry. I can also judge the distance between my opponent and myself better, which means I can just take a step back to avoid an attack, but this does not seem to work for me as consistently as it did in Chivalry.

The reduced lunge distance seems to make long weapons more difficult to fight against if you are using something much shorter. I think more knockback on kick would make this even better. I am also noticing more moments when I was able to punish my opponent for not paying attention to their footwork, such as when both of us attack at the same time and my attack lands first because I was better positioned, taking less time for my attack to travel from its starting point to my opponent. This would be far more noticeable and skillful if instant attacks were finally done away with.

Mind you this is purely footwork, not requiring matrixing, jumping, or crouching. When those are factored in as well, there is a lot you can do to avoid an attack.

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  • 29 Mar

@yourcrippledson said:
A feint is something you have to train your reactions to deal with. Train over hours and hours. Maybe hundreds even.. So saying feints need to change because you can't read them hour zero is dumb and silly.

Not surprised that the opinion you formed prematurely hasn't changed, it is almost like your opinion isn't based on game balance but brain balance.

I do not know who was cruel enough to give you the impression you are in any position to call others idiots, but after half a year of feints being a pertinent topic you have been the only drooling nitwit incapable of grasping even the premises of the opposing arguments. In fact you are so blinded by your own bias that you are able to ignore entire pages of discussion outlining players' issues with feints by dismissing them outright, which you did a second time just now.

I have this to say to everyone else: you have already begun to see uninitiated players joining the game, playing for a while, and having their fun completely crushed by someone who knows how to press 'Q', leaving and never returning again. You know full well that once the game launches, the vast majority of new players will be driven away by mechanics such as feinting in its current state. Unless you want the playerbase to consist of only veterans, you cannot turn a blind eye to mechanics such as this just because they become manageable after two hundred hours. The average person is not going to waste two hundred hours of their time to not die whenever their opponent decides to press the 'I win' button.

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  • 28 Mar

And after more than six months my opinion has not changed. Good dismissal of everything I said, by the way.

Knight 275 1034

Early impressions:

  • The new lighting and foliage make maps look far more alive and interesting. I especially like the vegetation clinging to the walls of Grad and the grass growing through the cobblestone cracks on Contraband.
  • Weapon information being displayed in the menu really brings out the depth and strategy of the game to the foreground. I am sure that at times the game gives off the impression of being mindless, so such details being displayed really helps make the game feel strategic. The manner in which the information is displayed is especially professional-looking, with the tooltips explaining each stat being an appreciated bonus. @das made a good suggestion above and I think more places in the menu or on loading screens with such elaborate information would leave a very positive impact on players' perception of the game. A diagram of the control scheme, stat breakdowns, and other such information goes a long way.
  • The new song is great, though I would love to have a way to listen to it for more than three seconds. I can already tell the soundtrack will be exquisite.
  • The estoc, maul, and billhook are great. I love you for making the maul a two-handed throwable.
Knight 275 1034
  • 22 Mar

User Interface

  • While on the second and third pages of the emote menu, it still says "page 1".
    Even if it were to update properly, nothing really tells you there is more than one page when you are on page 1. My suggestion would be to make it say "page 1 2 3" and have the current page number be white while the others are greyed out.
Knight 275 1034

People are genuinely curious about the development process and that is perfectly healthy. Your explanation is appreciated. Note however that being hostile to the community is against your best interest as well as that of the whole development team. It seemed to me people were genuinely curious why there are three customisable colours; no one was asking purely to attack you or accuse you of lying.

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Look at where my character spawned. He is too shy to stand in the spotlight.

Knight 275 1034

Did you try to overclock it? This can happen if your GPU's core clock and / or memory clock is running at a higher rate than it can handle. Does this occur with other games or just Mordhau? You may want to download a free piece of software called MSI Afterburner and lower the speed of your core and memory clocks to prevent them from crashing your display driver.

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@Kiste262 said:
Are you that bored?

This is what happens when more than fifty days pass with no update.

Knight 275 1034


I experienced the bug as well.

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  • 23 Feb

Here is my eccentric proposal to unify the ideas of both sides and create something even better.

Standard grip
Half-sword. That is right, the only weapon whose default grip is a specialised one. The impact this will have on range makes the grip suited for duelling. Additionally it will have a higher multiplier when stabbing plate. More mechanics such as this are needed to differentiate weapons in a fun way, other examples would be the billhook and warhammer, which have a headshot multiplier. In this case it will be a plate multiplier. The sword's purpose is to thrust at plate armour while half-sworded, so that is what it will do.

Alternate grip
Mordhau. Exciting, is it not? The only weapon with two specialised grips and no way to hold it 'normally'. Because the weapon is no longer being half-sworded, it has essentially gained a fair amount of range. This range bonus is what makes the grip better suited for teamfights and supporting. For this grip the weapon will lose its bonus plate multiplier. That is to say, it will still do good damage against plate since it is a blunt strike, but it will not be more effective than stabbing with the blade, because then it would defeat the purpose of the weapon. It would be awkward to have a weapon created for piercing plate, that everyone uses in a mordhau grip because it gets the job done better.

Overall it will be good at taking out plate-wearing opponents but struggle against lightly-armoured opponents in both grips, it will be viable in both duels and teamfights, and it will stand out from the other weapons by having its own unique personality. I think this is a good place for it considering the 7 point cost.

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  • 23 Feb

Add an option or console command to show FPS in the top left corner of the screen. This should be no effort to add and would be tremendously helpful. The Steam overlay has an option for this but it is terrible.