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The answer matters little because it may no longer be valid when the animation patch is released, but as it stands you can drag like you are on the Moon.

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  • Two-handed weapons clip through every available shoulder piece.
  • The Zweihander clips through the back itself.


  • If you go to pick a colour and hit escape, the palette will remain on-screen. Works only while in-game.
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  • 15 Nov

The alpha has now been going for two months. It has been twenty-one days since the last patch, and the patch that will improve the animations is nowhere to be seen. Let us consider some features that will be in the final game: female characters, perks and proficiencies, archery, mounted combat, matchmaking, siege engines, a 'main' game mode and several other modes, voice acting. Not one of these features has been implemented, but more importantly, we have yet to hear a word about them.

On the Kickstarter page it was estimated alpha would launch in August, and beta -- which would contain most if not all of these features -- in January. The alpha was delayed by a month, so let us assume the beta will be in February. That is still just around the corner; yet the game contains as many features as it did when the alpha first began.

And so I ask: Are the developers slacking?

For all I know, they could be working all day without taking a break, but there is zero communication regarding the development process. What is taking so long? Has it been going well for you guys? Have there been a lot of complications? What do you plan on releasing first?

I have this creeping suspicion that without every forum dweller clamouring for updates the same way they were for the alpha's launch, the developers have gotten complacent and are working on the game at a leisurely pace. But that is perilous for you if you want to retain more than just the veterans' interest, and not have people haranguing you that your game is bad and incomplete.

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It is jading how many people agree there is an imbalanced feature in the game yet insist on keeping it so that the game may sell more copies.

And bafflingly selective too. You would never agree to have Asian equipment in the game despite there being actual proof for its demand -- and despite it not affecting gameplay -- yet you would allow a competitive game to be played from two different perspectives. Moreover, you would do it to please a supposed audience I have yet to hear a peep from.

And the reasoning is so fallacious. No one is going to abstain from purchasing a game they are interested in just because it is not played in the perspective they would like.

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It was inevitable I create this thread in the coming months, but I have been beaten to it. I would ask of everyone to consider the importance of the request in the thread's name, even if Sammy is the one making it.

I have been testing third person, and it makes it far easier to read your opponent. Moreover, the amount of corner peeking it allows is ludicrous. It is vastly superior to first person, and still allows you to see through walls.

So I will remind you of what has been established:

  • It is fundamentally impossible to balance two different perspectives.
  • By definition its existence creates an uneven playing field. If you think third person should be disabled in competitive then you agree.
  • You do not need to include it just because Chivalry had it. Literally no one is demanding this feature.
  • You are breaking your word and steering away from your vision of the game as a first-person melee game.
  • You would be wasting development time on the balancing or altering of this feature, time that you could otherwise put into anything else. I think you have already realised it will take far longer to implement every feature than you initially estimated. Avoid feature creep.
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Knight 191 621

On paper you do fall within the target audience -- which I believe is lovers of melee games and medieval games -- but in its current state it is too much like Chivalry; however things have been getting better.

Right now the playerbase consists of Chivalry veterans, and with no matchmaking in place you will be up against players with over a thousand hours in Chivalry which does carry over. And without a training system for practising individual mechanics such as dragging and chambering you will be fighting players far more experienced at it than you.

Those features will be added by the launch of the beta, and I expect there to be a flood of rookie players too, so it would be wise to return then.

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Knight 191 621
  • 30 Oct


  • Emotes requiring a weapon can be performed without one if you press X and then drop your weapon with G.
    Sword salute sans the sword.
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  • 26 Oct


  • The new kick has made it so bots continue to run toward you after being kicked, allowing you to kick them repeatedly until they die
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The kick was fine in build 6. In build 7 it became too weak.

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  • 30 Sep


  • Remove the 'assists' column from the scoreboard on Deathmatch.
  • Add a column that displays everyone's primary weapon?

Not UI

  • Prevent players from respawning after the winner or winning team has been announced.
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  • 29 Sep


  • Flourishing on Contraband while looking at the water makes white lines appear. They are far more noticeable in-game than in screenshots.

Everything looks fine.
Until I flourish and white lines appear in the water.

If you are not looking at the water then they do not appear. I am guessing the flourish animation has an effect to make it more fluid, and the water looks weird through that effect.


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  • 28 Sep

Crushed already said they are running out of keys for new mechanics.

"We want to make the game as believable as possible without sacrificing fun. For example, wearing a helmet will not obstruct your vision, but it will give you more head protection." -FAQ
With that said, visors obstructing your vision would have to be an optional choice, and I doubt anyone would willingly choose to handicap themselves.

Being able to toggle between heavy and medium armour on the fly is definitely something I see the developers avoiding for the sake of consistency and because it could introduce a multitude of bugs.

While this is an idea I do not see making it into the game, I do admire that you took the time to flesh it out and even consider its negatives. It is something I so rarely see.

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Knight 191 621
  • 28 Sep

Weapons / quality of life

  • Save the alternate grip in-between lives, so you do not have to hit 'R' every time you die.
  • Remember the active weapon in-between lives, so you do not have to hit '2' or '3' every time you die.
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  • 28 Sep

Main menu

  • Mashing spacebar during the Triternion logo will cause the featured character to be missing. It seems he instantly flies up and to the left. I have seen others' characters get partially offset, still present but not where they should be.

Weapon models / blood

  • Only the default side of the pickaxe gets bloody. Killing someone with the alternate grip adds blood to the wrong side.

The non-default side lacks blood after several kills with it.

The default side gets bloody as intended, but it also gets bloody when you kill someone with the alternate grip.

Several kills with both sides, only the default has blood.

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  • 28 Sep

People are busy with work and school, I assume.

There are no suitable servers from morning to midday, then in the afternoon when people are coming home there are a few available servers, and toward the evening there are a lot of servers, all crowded. This tells me it is a schedule issue more than a lack of interest.

I am going off GMT+3.

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Knight 191 621
  • 25 Sep

While I am flattered you think I am important enough to be the new topic of the thread, I would rather you did not derail the thread simply because you are so infatuated with me that you cannot help yourself.

You still failed to provide an example of me saying feints should be removed. What you posted was me giving my first impression in the first impressions thread. Yes, feints struck me as cheap and unreadable, and they still do. You claimed I wanted them removed rather than slightly adjusted, and now that you realise you cannot back that up, you are trying to distract from it by taking something else out of context. It will not work.