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@Kantrul said:
Whats the conversion to euros?

Sorry I dont know math

Im a peasant :(

The answer is one Google search away, as is often the case. $30 amounts to €25, but since the game will be Steam only, you are going to pay €30 instead. Why? Because Steam still refuses to implement a proper dollar-to-euro conversion for prices. Instead, if something costs $60 in the USA, they make it cost €60 for Europeans.

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@Jax said:
No Runagate, we'll be releasing early 2019. We ended up talking about it and while there's a chance we get Frontline and more maps in this year, we won't be satisfied with the level of polish and we won't have the extra things we need to implement like cosmetic progression, FL matchmaking etc.

It sucks but it's the best course of action for the game.

Releasing without matchmaking and an in-depth tutorial system would be catastrophic for the sales of the game. With no matchmaking, the newcomers are going to get slaughtered by veterans, and without a tutorial system to explain every mechanic and allow the player to practise on a bot, newcomers are going to be very confused by fights. Both would result in a very sour first impression and cause people to avoid the game based on others' first impressions.

But now is the time to release the devblog. Every day that passes without it hurts the future sales of the game too. People without alpha access think en masse the game is no longer being developed or was a scam. For those people it is very hard to obtain information about the game, so it would be best to release a devblog going over every major addition to the game since the alpha's launch; Not as gruelling and exhaustive as the patch notes, but in-depth enough for them to know what they have missed and the current state of the game.

And for the sake of every single person interested in the game - with alpha access or without - go over what the current plans for development are, update the roadmap, shine a light on the future of the game. What happened to female characters? How many more maps can we expect? How many modes? When are we going to hear more of the soundtrack? Say where the game is heading so that we may know before we reach it.

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  • The game feels so much more fluid now. When attacking it no longer feels like your movement slows down to a crawl, and the increased effectiveness of matrixing is absolutely beautiful. Ducking under swings or sidestepping them is such a great feeling. The severe decrease in tier 3 armour further adds to that great feeling of speed.
  • I love the perks. Flesh Wound is a lot of fun, and I have been using Rat to sneak up on archers and take them out with a stealth playstyle. It is so satisfying. I disagree with having a perk that gives you more stamina per hit, since in most cases you would be forced to take it.
  • There are so many amazing new systems in place: dynamic wounds, dynamic flinch reactions, weapons getting caught on armour. All of them add so much to the game despite being purely cosmetic.
  • The voices are great. Excellent job with them; but I am not a fan of how much the pitch can be raised. It sounds like there are smurfs amidst us on the battlefield. Still, I am really looking forward to hearing the female personalities.
  • Voice commands are 5 per page while emotes are 9 per page. Make it consistent. I know it is likely because there are Frontline-related commands currently missing in the live build, but I thought it worth mentioning anyway.
  • Allow us to choose emotes per character rather than having all of them. There are too many; most go unused; a lot of them are unfitting for certain characters; and it would only add to the customisation of the game by allowing you to curate your character's behaviour in a sense.
  • Now that kicks no longer stun, allow players to kick when holding a ranged or throwing weapon. It feels very unintuitive to be unable to kick because of what you are holding, especially when an enemy is chasing you and you have to switch to a different weapon just to kick open a door.
  • The dynamic crosshair is a great addition, one I had been looking forward to for a long time. I know you have removed some of its functionality so as not to overwhelm the player with information, but it would be perfect if the crosshair turned green whenever you begin an attack and remained that way for the window during which you can feint and morph. It would also be great if it turned red whenever you are in lockout. There is not enough feedback for these states, making them seem kind of arbitrary even though they are not. I strongly advise implementing this suggestion.
  • Expanded Camp is wonderful, and so are the changes to Grad. The maps are beginning to take shape and become more complex, and I am glad as I was worried the maps would remain too linear.
  • I have come to the conclusion no one's character looks good on team modes. In Free For All everyone has some distinct, good-looking design, and then it all gets drowned in a shade of red or blue once the game mode changes, and no one's character looks good anymore. At this point I would prefer everyone having an out-of-place icon hovering above them to convey their team, as long as it meant they get to look the way they actually created their character. Maybe there is a more appealing solution. Maybe everyone could look the same but have a red or blue armband to signify their team. With the UI already indicating if you are staring at an ally or foe, I do not think a lot of clarity would be lost, and those game modes would look so much better.


  • Kicks no longer have a headshot bonus yet kicks to the head trigger the headshot sound, which could be misleading.
  • Make the emote menu a fixed list that, rather than changing based on your weapon or lack thereof, displays unavailable emotes in greyed-out text.
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  • 28 Aug

Now is a good time to bring this thread back.


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  • 17 Aug

I assume there will be a lower bound on how quickly a note can be played after another, to prevent spam. Assuming one note lasts half a second at the least, one could play up to allegretto (~120BPM tempo). This allows for an unexpectedly large amount of lute works to be played.

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  • 11 Aug

@yourcrippledson said:
I literally don't even understand this comment when it starts out by saying "Justified or not". Like if hatred is justified, it's justified, there's nothing else to say.

If you strip the sentence to its simplest form, it becomes "Hateful behaviour simply deteriorates the community". The phrase "justified or not" clarifies your judgement of said behaviour does not change its outcome. You can find it justified all you like; it still promotes coldness and hostility within the community.

@yourcrippledson said:
Or maybe you hate the users because their entire goal is to promote hostile relations, not only within the community, but within all of humanity. What then?

Yes, show them you disagree with their encouragement of hostile relations by harbouring a hostile relation toward them. That will show them. Your heart is in the right place, but your actions need to be more tactful. If you debase yourself to the level of those you dislike, you are only creating more of what you dislike. The report feature is your friend here. And do not think you are doing some great service to humanity by bickering with people who are hateful on the internet, but do not perceive them as a threat either. They are simply young and do not know any better.

@yourcrippledson said:
I would like others to behave in a way that is outright hostile to bigotry and constant blatant racism. If you let it slide because we want to "be nice" and "encourage pure mindless niceness", then I guess retarded Hate Speech laws, that I also hate, actually have their place after all. I'd rather just be allowed to say what I think regarding miscreants, encouraging others to do the same, and have no need for such stupid laws in the first place.

Bigotry and racism are against the rules. It is not your job to reprimand it, but the moderators'. They will deal with it in the manner they deem appropriate. I do want to point out this fixation on racism has derailed the sentiment when it was originally aimed at behaviour characterised by insulting random players and being unwelcoming. @DerFurst outlined the real threat: a clique culture forming that makes players feel like they can be as rude and disruptive toward the rest of the community as they want.

If you want such people to not be part of the community, you will keep hostility to a minimum instead of fuelling it.

Knight 302 1231

Now that you are no longer allowed to bicker over politics, it is time to start doing the opposite and show kindness to one another. Hateful behaviour - justified or not - simply deteriorates the community and makes people less willing to cooperate, and cooperation is absolutely necessary so that we may discuss changes to the game, show sportsmanlike behaviour in-game, and ensure the community is welcoming to newcomers.

The more you sink into the mentality that other users are horrible or stupid, the more cold and hostile relations within the community get. People absolutely need encouragement to be kind because, if unchecked, they will be led by the feelings of anger and frustration typical of a highly-competitive game, and the game will be devoid of any fun, populated only by insufferable people. The best way to give said encouragement is to behave in the manner you would want from others.

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  • 23 Jul

I would choose a moderated environment over one that makes me feel like I am still in high school any day. Such sophomoric behaviour negatively affects the game in two ways:

Firstly, it drives away thousands of potential players who get the impression the community of this online-only game is obnoxious, hostile, and hateful, which hurts sales and the long-term success of the game.

Secondly, it establishes an environment in which the good players are unsportsmanlike, mannerless, egotistical, and completely unwelcoming toward newcomers or anyone they perceive to be less skilled than them. While some might insult others in good fun, insufferable people are bred in such juvenile environments, and they attract genuinely rude people. Chivalry proved exactly this.

Competitive games generate a lot of anger and frustration that manifests as hatred and intolerance between the players. Triternion would be very wise to take precautions and sanitise the community before it has exploded in growth, and ensure players are constantly encouraged to be polite and sportsmanlike.

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  • 15 Jul

Somehow the developers think the Discord is the ideal place for announcements, even though the vast majority of the general channel is pure spam. As for moderation I do sympathise with them; their hands are tied because if they started banning such behaviour then the Mordhau community will be reduced to four people.

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It would work well on a dedicated duel mode, but will break the flow of gameplay otherwise. Either you are attacked while performing the finisher animation and die or you are invulnerable during the animation, forcing enemies to stand there and wait.

Being treated to a satisfying finisher after winning a duel would be a very nice touch, and would further distinguish duel mode from the rest.

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  • 24 Jun


  • I slew a man so hard he became naked.
    This is what he looked like during the fight. I believe this is related to a bug others have reported where distant players appear nude and once they get closer their armour renders. I had the Steam overlay up before spawning, which could be related.
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  • After a teamfight I noticed my arms were stuck in the parry position. I could move around like this without it going away, but as soon as I changed grips it reset. It was visible in third person as well.
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@Stouty said:
This is PC gaming lmao money will always cause a disparity in skill. Might as well restrict players to 60fps to nerf 144hz monitors and stick it to the periphkids. Luckily for you the upgrade to the Steel Series Rival 500 is much more affordable and will provide you with all your bind needs. Become a bully hunter today

The problem is not higher end peripherals causing a disparity in skill. That is unavoidable. The problem is the game itself offering two supposedly equal means of attacking, one of which is vastly superior. This is fully within the game's control. When I brought up people buying a mouse specifically for binds, the point was not that it is giving them an advantage but that the superior input method - the one players will be forced into - is the one that requires a specific kind of mouse just so you can bind all the buttons and have a non-terrible experience inputting your attacks.

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Your only gripe with the 240° system is that it sometimes angles your attack differently than how you wanted. In my experience this happens extremely rarely as of late. I would still hope for it to be improved further until the issue goes away entirely, but this one complaint hardly means the entire system should be ignored or done away with when it is a key feature of the game.

And I do not see how setting six buttons just to be able to perform basic attacks is any more comfortable or sensible than having it all on one button that you angle.

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@Pred said:
240 system is a failed experiment that only looked good on paper, if you want 100% level playing field for everyone controls-wise, then 240 should be removed and not binds, because they are objectively better for this type of game.

How do you propose to make binds equally unreliable, have a random output assinged to your bind once every 10 strikes or what?

There will be a 100% level playing field when only one input method exists rather than two, regardless of which method is removed. You might think binds are better, but I consider them to be static, dull, and mindless.

@Mittsies said:
A lot of your post is basically just whining about something that is barely a problem while also providing literally no solutions. Okay so they've included an input system that is comfortable and enjoyable but perhaps less effective than binds, what's the big deal? There are already plenty of skilled players who use 240 and don't seem to be severely hindered by it.

If only I listed reasons why it is a problem and if only my post had a section outlining why it is a big deal. I thought my proposal was obvious: remove one of the two systems, preferably not the one that was advertised as a pillar of the game. And yes there are skilled players who still use the 240° system, just as there are players who could get first place on a duel server even if they used a shovel, but make no mistake - they certainly are hindered by it.

Knight 302 1231

Over the last few months and during my fights with some of the best players in the game something has become quite apparent to me: Attack binds are vastly superior to the 240° system, and it is creating a sizeable, artificial gap in skill between players.

How are binds superior?

  • Speed. It should be no surprise pressing a button is quicker than pressing a button and moving your mouse in the desired direction. What people might not be aware of is just how unbelievably faster it is. It makes chambering accelerated strikes significantly easier. Furthermore, there are times when you are not looking directly at your opponent when they begin their attack, so you need to move the mouse to see it and also move the mouse to angle your attack, making it impossible to chamber the attack without using binds. There are also certain accelerated attacks that are too fast to be chambered due to mouse movement taking too long, but can easily be chambered with binds. I actually like the physical limitations in speed when it comes to chambering with the 240° system, because it enforces the developers' desire for chambers to be situational rather than a solution for every possible situation. It is a good, natural means of balance.
  • Unpredictability. Not showing your opponent where you will be attacking from by turning in that direction is another advantage that people might not understand the degree of. It also decreases the time your opponent has to react to your attack, because their reaction will start upon your wind-up rather than your movement before the wind-up. It also allows for mind games by allowing you to turn in one direction as though you are about to attack from it, only to attack from a completely different side. This is much more difficult to pull off without binds.
  • Consistency. This benefit for binds is more of a failing of the 240° system. Sometimes your attacks can be angled differently than how you intended, and this alone has made a lot of players switch to using binds. While it has gotten a lot better than it was in the beginning and nowadays I rarely perform attacks I did not intend, I do recognise this as a disadvantage of the 240° system. It is only temporary however, as I have hope it will eventually get fixed.
  • Chamber angles. There are six different attacks that cover every possible strike chamber, making it far more effortless - and brainless - to pull off what should be a demanding maneuver. Chambering overheads with the 240° system is notoriously difficult, but with binds it is trivial.

Why is that bad?
The 240° system was the second feature advertised on Mordhau's Kickstarter, preceded only by free-flowing combat, and so I find it unacceptable for there to be a fully superior method of input that forces players to abandon one of Mordhau's game design pillars. As with any competitive game, the players have no choice but to use the best set-up, even if they dislike it, else they handicap themselves. Binds are also inconvenient to set-up due to the amount of buttons they require, and some players have even purchased a mouse specifically for binds. I do not think special peripherals should be required for playing the game. Moreover, disparities such as the difficulty of chambering overheads with binds versus the 240° system make it impossible to balance chambers in a uniform way; So to recap:

  • Attack angling is one of Mordhau's main features and binds heavily detract from it.
  • Players who dislike binds are forced to learn to use them so as not to be at a disadvantage.
  • Having two very different input methods makes it impossible to balance mechanics such as chambers in a uniform way.

What about using both?
While this is certainly possible, the controls become incredibly convoluted, and the amount of buttons this would require is excessive to say the least. I do not see this as a solution. It is the same as using binds exclusively, with the small exception you might occasionally use the 240° system once or twice because you got bored of using the binds.

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Knight 302 1231

Weapon customisation

  • Picking the federschwert's primary colour is not functioning as intended. The colours might be offset by a few rows.
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I would also rather not see third person in this upcoming first person melee game.

I do not want to see any form of lootboxes or microtransactions unless the game flops to the extent that such practises are the only way of sustaining development on the game.

I do not want there to be a jump kick. Either make fights look like fights or go all out and make fights completely unrealistic but fun and complex. Just make up your minds.

I do not want amazing mechanics such as chambers and clashes to be neglected. They make the game incredibly unique and are amazing to pull off. Clashes, especially, barely occur. It is such a shame.

I do not want to see a meta that revolves not around fast-paced attacking and aggression but on striking once and making it the most confusing strike possible. High level Chivalry was like this, where skill meant obfuscating your attack so much that your opponent had no idea what you were doing, and fights consisted of players hitting once then staring at each other for a while, then hitting once again. From the devblogs I got the impression the developers are envisioning high level combat to be a constant stream of inputs, where both players are being as aggressive as possible, rarely stopping their assault while still reacting to their opponent. High level montages should not consist of the player feinting six times, hitting his opponent once, and then just staring at him for a while.

I do not want the game's tone to be too humorous. It will only lead to people thinking of the game as a Chivalry clone and it will hurt the image to which the game is aspiring as a highly competitive and skill-based title. Mordhau looks very professional and so it would greatly benefit from a more gritty and serious tone with the occasional wisecrack or goofy occurance.

EDIT: I do not want to see absurdly high FOV, in fact I think the current max FOV is too much. It is such a pity to have this beautiful-looking game only to stretch it out as if the player were a fish. You must keep in mind that with the game's competitive focus, all but the most casual players are forced to play at max FOV. Not doing so is a considerable handicap. And then there is the poor impression it leaves on people who look at videos or screenshots and notice the horribly stretched image.

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Welcome to the forums. The answers to most of those questions are very easy to find, but I will go over them anyway.

Will there be fantasy elements?

None that are officially made, but with mod support I expect plenty of fantasy armour and weapons available, just none from the developers themselves.

Will there be other non melee weapons?

Currently there are throwing weapons (rocks, firepots, smokepots, throwing axes, throwing knives, and many one-handed weapons can also be thrown), and very soon there will be bows and crossbows. There will also be siege engines, in fact catapults and ballistae are already in the game, and so are horses.

Does the block always negate damage if properly executed?

Yes, with the exception of a couched attack from a rider.

What other techniques can you perform other than slashing and thrusting?

There are too many mechanics to go over in such a brief post, so here are a few: You can kick, morph a slash into a thrust or vice versa, cancel your attack to either bait a parry or react to an incoming attack, block an attack by mirroring its type and angle at the last second, and switch to your weapon's secondary grip. The mouse also moves your upper body which makes it possible to avoid attacks by turning away from them, ducking, recoiling back, jumping over them, and so on.

What exactly are the properties of each weapon?

Each weapon has a table such as this that details some of its properties.


Other than attire and gender, what else can you customize on character creation?

You can choose your body type, sculpt your face, pick from individual hair and face options, skin tone, and in the future you will be able to choose perks for your character.