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Hi developers of Mordhau, I've got idea for the new weapon - Arquebus. It will kill weakly defended warriors with one shot, and when heavily equipped it will inflict 30 damage to the torso 20 to the legs and 50 to the head, but if you hit the heavy defense at close range, then the bullet will kill the enemy with one shot, the shot will fly badly so you will need to shoot at close range and not move, and you will need a stand, it will be cost the same as an bow. Reloading will take a very long time, since the weapon weighs a lot (with a stand), so reloading will be done only when the shooter is standing still, and if he moves, then the gunpowder will fall out of the barrel and you will have to do it all over again, and if the shooter get blowed, the weapon will fall out hands. During aiming, there will be the same mechanics as a stationary crossbow, the sight does not move, but the view is limited, in order to look into an inaccessible part, you will need to stand in the place where you can see the place for shooting. аркебуза.png