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@Voxula said:
If your stuck with "Preparing to download mods" or "Installing mods" This is how you fix it.

Uninstall all mods in "manage mods", delete the Modio folder. ( Steamapps/common/Mordhau/Mordhau/Content/modio)
Then follow up with this one, "Clear download cache

Make sure you set "Always allow background downlods" in Steam.
Library > right click on Mordhau > Properties > Updates > Background downloads, set it to: "Always allow background downloads".


This worked!!!

Everyone listen to this person ^^^^^

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  • 25 Jun

I can no longer play modded content, stuck at the “Downloading Mods” screen. Which sucks because mods are what keep me interested in this game! Like... how cool is Mines of Moriah V2? Used to be able to play that. Plus the new Star Wars content (that I can’t play).

After some trouble-shooting I’ve tried both reinstalling the game and uninstalling all mods (several times) via the in-game settings option.

I was comfortably playing mods fine (granted, with high ping but I’ve never gotten above 69 on this game despite 300 Mbps Ethernet connection) until about a month or two ago.

How can I fix this?9D3090B1-348E-4591-AE1A-7F65230B9334.png