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As i mentioned earlier in the post everything can be improved, changed and balanced to fit better in the game. I don't have any final solutions to anything here because its just ideas i came up with. Nothing would really break anything if balanced correctly into the game or just simply not added. Most things are just more options overall in the game, and Mordhau really needs more options, because right now its very dull. Everything boils down to the same stuff eventually. But i will give you some explanations behind the ideas since you wanted to know.

Placeable torches: Torches are not neccesary, just a fun addition to get more consistent teamplay that could improve some of the maps if balanced correctly.

Spike Barricades: By simply building the existing one in a different direction will not work. A spike barricade with more angle options can create alot more strategy when placing them. The ones we have right now are very limited and its not possible to build in certain ways as you need to move around facing the direction the spikes is going to point out. Being able to rotate the spikes would solve the problem by 50%.

Archer walls: They are not complex and special stuff. Just a normal easy placeable wall that they can stand on and it helps ranged players to get into better locations to pick of enemies where they can't reach them. Don't over exaggerate, building a whole castle would clearly just be stupid in Mordhau.

Reinforcements: They strong vs one player. When 10 of them come up they are pretty useless. For a smaller game they are good, not a bigger one unless you have several people hammer it. Then a player with wrecker perk and axe comes up and they are just completly useless again.

Fire Trails: Could be an interesting addition to the gameplay. Firebombs only cover small chokepoints unless you use a firebomb build with 3 pots. But then you are useless after you throw them. A burning fire trail would cover a bigger, slimmer area while also the player would be able to carry a weapon and not be useless. The current fire situtation in the game is very dull and could use some improvements, and thats where the engineers come in.

Mini Catapult: Just for fun, could be added and balanced properly or not at all. Litteraly just for funs.

Mounted Crossbow: It means being able to move the existing one around as i explained in the post.

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Most stuff makes sense, you just don't like it and thats totally fine.

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Don't worry dude! I just posted it because i find engineering at the moment kinda dull. Would love to see a improved engineer gameplay because its an important role in Mordhau I think that some spots have ammo issues, but its only on specific maps. The only drawback would be that you have to run a fair bit of distance to refill! Being able to put up different ammo boxes at the spots would do wonders. So as far as im concerned there is no real problems with ammo or the objective burning. The torch crates was more of a "get your teammate to join in objectives easier" kinda thing. It could be improved and more fun and rewarding to play overall in my opinion

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Here is 12 ideas i had for construction in Mordhau and a complete rework for the engineer class itself. Everything on this list is just ideas that may or may not work in Mordhau. Keep in mind that many ideas and reworks work better together rather than solo. All of the specialist ideas are taken from what was used in real battlefields except a few that may or may not show up in history and are more fun things to play around with. Everything can be balanced and reworked further to fit better in the game.

1. Placeable torches for objectives that does smaller amount of damage towards them (if a tent needs 4 torches to be burnt down, a placeable crate torch may need 8 or more to burn the tent to the ground).

2. A different spike barricade that works in other angles (for example spikes on the sides instead of infront).

3. A different wall that works better in elevated areas that has more of a archery purpose that you also can stand on and shoot downwards.

4. A kind of roof building that would work better against catapults and ballistas and anything ranged from above (only buildable on walls of existing structures like peasant houses, elevated areas, castles etc).

5. More ammo crates that only refill half of your ammo or more.

6. Anti ranged crate that consists of smaller flat wooden shields that players can pick up and use instead of a weapon (similiar to pavise shields. Upon using your weapon, the shield will be dropped like a horse lance).

7. Reinforcements to existing engineer buildpoints.

8. Smaller spike pits that can be hidden with leaves or sticks.

9. Burning trails that ignite from a torch built from the 1st suggestion (will block of a smaller area, but for a short time).

10. Ladders and smaller bridges for crossing terrain and smaller elevated areas.

11. A mini moveable catapult.

12. Reworked mounted crossbow that you can move around instead of having to break it to move it.

And some rework on the engineer class itself:

1. Choose engineer perk to play as an engineer (all players will still be able to construct on the engineer points in frontline with a hammer lying on the ground even those without the engineer perk. This will ensure a team without engineer can still make use of the build points).

2. Specialization focus that forces players to choose what kind of engineer they want to be to prevent people to build everything (fire, ammo, defense, offense, trapping and anti ranged specializations).

3. Cheap or expensive perks depening on what kind of specialization they choose (a fire specialist could have cheaper perks to compare to a offense and defense specialist. This specialist perk would also counter the engineer class itself).

4. All players with a toolbox should still be able to build the 3 standard structures if they have the engineer perk.

5. Make placement for structures more important and give players more rewards from repairing and destroying.

6. Only one specialization perk per loadout for balance.

To create the optimal engineer, you need to choose 2 perks and each specialization perk gives 4 structures.

Here are the perks:

1. Engineer standard perk: Gives the player the ability to use a toolbox.

2. Fire specialist: Gives the player the ability to create torch crates, hidden fire trails, firebombs, burning fireballs that roll down a hill or stairs and buckets of hot oil to drop on your enemies that climb.

3. Trap specialist: Gives the player the ability to create spike pits, beartrap crates, horse leg snappers that would work similiar to beartraps but way more powerful and throwable/placeable nets/nettraps that immobilizes a player, but can be countered by a good slash attack.

4. Defense specialist: Reinforcements on already existing engineer build points, stronger and different walls, stronger spike barricades with different angles and uses and a moveable mounted crossbow.

5. Offense specialist: Ladders, bridges for harsh terrain, anti ranged crate with smaller wooden shields (similiar to pavises), moveable mini catapult that does like 20-50% of the bigger catapults damage,

6. Ammo specialist: Temporary ammo crate that refills a quarter of your ranged ammo, big ammo crate that refills half of your ranged ammo that has to be destroyed in order to remove it, trapper and supply crate that refills any placeable supply and a bolt crate that when placed next to a mounted crossbow, it will generate ammo 30-50% faster.

By adding career perks, the players will have to think more about how to play as an engineer and will also decrease builder spam from the same boring structures. I also think that merging the smith perk with engineer perk would make it way more fun to play with and alot more useful to have real engineers with careers. All engineers can now cooperate better as most of these specialist perks will be stronger the more specialists you have in your team that play together which means teamplay among engineers will be easier and more consistent. This could be changed and/or improved in any way!

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@PC_Principal said:
read here

I suggested autokick on the 5th unforgiven teamkill. We should be able to forgive if we can clearly see someone killed us by accident.

I like many of the ideas could be really fun! I don't care what the devs do at this point as long as they fix this teamkilling issue soon enought because i might aswell soon be quitting Mordhau since i can't enjoy teamgames anymore.

Hope something gets added soon GG

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@CoCa said:
Up to a point with severe team killing, i agree people should be banned from server or games for 15mn, 30mn, 2h, 5h, 12h, 24h, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 months.

It's the case in CS Go and thanks to that people are not making fun as team killing others.

In Mordhau there is no limits and some toxic player have a joy at Team killing everybody.

In Chivalry at least you could vote kick a player with too much friendly fire pourcentage.

At least we need to see how much team damage people do and have a better way to kick them via scoreboard right click option.

If autokick won't be a thing this is the closest best you can get. And it would not hurt at all to be added to the game.

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@Unlikely said:
If it were up to me, never. Occasional accidental team damage is a normal part of the game.

A system needs to be there. It would be a faulty system if it would trigger after a few accidental teamkills. What im suggesting is more of a (hit to increase or decrease teamdamage percentage) system. I will first explain what i mean by this before i continue: You join a game and hit a player in your team, you get 100% teamdamage mark because you have now done 0% damage to enemy and 100% damage to team. Then you hit an enemy and now you will recieve a 50% teamdamage mark because you have done 50% damage to team and 50% damage to enemy. After the game goes on this will balance out into a more accurate representation of how much teamdamage you have actually done.

Anyways if this autokick would happen with this system, you must be too reckless the entire game.

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When? and if not, why?

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Recently i got a problem with my screen that makes me have to play on a lower resolution than normal. I noticed its really hard to customize emblems, weapons heads and shoulder pieces! The screenshots are taken with a full zoom in and full zoom out. My idea to solve this would be to add a "drag around" feature for the armory.

Example on lower resolutions

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@takemura said:

@DailyMilkman said:
Get more gametime with archery! Remember a game like this you won't master in 5k hours. Archery becomes extremly dangerous when you start doing consistent headshots and learn to aim properly against moving opponents!

Take riders on horses for example, many claim that its to hard to hit them because the projectile speed is to slow. But the truth is you just have to calculate where the rider will be when the shot lands. Aim higher, more to left/right etc.. It will take a good amount of time to just learn the basics of everything in this game. The bow or crossbow is not an ballista but could use a small buff on the projectile speed and mechanics. For example: Getting hit with a weapon while holding a bow makes you drop it should be removed, The cancel time on arrows should be reduced etc etc

Shut the fuck up you are not gonna give classes to someone that primarly played Hanzo in Overwatch with 80% winrate with him.

Why would anyone play overwatch anyways lmao

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Get more gametime with archery! Remember a game like this you won't master in 5k hours. Archery becomes extremly dangerous when you start doing consistent headshots and learn to aim properly against moving opponents!

Take riders on horses for example, many claim that its to hard to hit them because the projectile speed is to slow. But the truth is you just have to calculate where the rider will be when the shot lands. Aim higher, more to left/right etc.. It will take a good amount of time to just learn the basics of everything in this game. The bow or crossbow is not an ballista but could use a small buff on the projectile speed and mechanics. For example: Getting hit with a weapon while holding a bow makes you drop it should be removed, The cancel time on arrows should be reduced etc etc

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The biggest reason why its so hard to capture points and hold is that people don't know how to play the objectives and treat frontline as team deathmatch.

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Drummel, my man!

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Command for the map?

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Bug 1: Change banner button does nothing for me atm. Click it and nothing happens.
Bug 2: Armory steals gold. When i buy a item for 500 gold, i do not recieve it and loose the gold. This make me have to buy the item again making me loose 1000 gold for an item that cost 500.
Bug 3: Pyromaniac achievement does not work for me atm.

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They need to fix all these things asap

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Should have more filter options and having official servers show up in top. Also being able to sort the servers by most/least players, low/high ping etc. CMW's server browser is a good example!

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Should be named "Luff Bongsword" tbh

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You are probably right about that its mod material at this point. But i disagree alot about it overhauling the system. The biggest change in my post before is the 2 extra directions of parry which is not neccesary, but could give the game some more freedom and increase skill ceiling in my opinion. Holding a block on a weapon will not be as powerful as holding one with a shield. Because of the stamina and the block window being smaller (and even smaller than that against ranged) just to get that out the way. in short terms this is not something radically different. On paper it might appear so but in the field it is not.

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Im back with more knowledge after reading about the mechanics. Everything that is not mentioned from my above post will be kept as they are in the game and has no changes if not the devs decide to change it.

  1. Holding a block:
    Blocks all attacks that hit their model while actively held up. Make block window smaller than parry window. Blocking attacks comsumes more stamina than a regular parry, no stamina regen during and for a second or two outside of combat to punish turtling. Blocking an attack without stamina causes you to drop the weapon. Holding a block will passively block projectiles if they hit a even smaller window modeled after the weapon itself. Run speed decreased during this phase.

  2. Adding 2 or 4 more directions to parry and holding a block:
    Currently we have two options; Lower parries and higher parries. Adding more directions to like 6 might be too much as Huggles say it might be even worse for team engagements. However, adding 4 directions might solve this! The existing two we already have (lower and higher) will stay the same but the two others could be added for more precise left and right parrying. These would work specifically well against long delayed drags. Delays that hits the feets or lower legs would still be parried by a low parry. A teamfight, would look pretty much the same as they do now except that you have to be more aware of people coming up on your side. There might has to be some fine tuning, but thats nothing the devs couldn't handle i believe.

  3. The nerf on accels and delays: Just simply make delayed less delayable but still pretty much delayable and also prevent accelerating attacks to be instant but yet fast enough to give the player and advantage if other said player don't react in time. Maybe even make smoother animations to make delays and accels look better.

  4. Going around blocks and parries: This will have to be more about the phases of the swings itself and alot about footwork. Its hard for me to say what to be done here other than that i want more ways to punish people for positioning themselves badly.

  5. Buffing Chambers: Huggles said; "chambers are an absolute joke to perform and it makes no sense for them to be a better stamina option when they are legit auto-reads." In my opinion i find it harder to chamber than parry. Just because of the fact that delays and accels are in the game. So i don't think its an so called "autoread". Since we also can feint chambers and all that i think this was a good addition to the game to make it more fast paced. About the stamina i think chambers should reward you with a little less stamina drain compared to the parry, but just litteraly a little less.

  6. Making shields breakable: This is just a fun thought i had, could give heavier weapons like maul more uses in teamfights and also add more immersion. Take x amount of hits by a heavy blunt weapon and the shield breaks. Blocking with a broken shields gives you chip damage and running out of stamina while blocking will let shield drop as normal. Maybe letting a toolbox boy hammer the shield to fix it again to give toolboxes and hammers more uses. Perks like wrecker and smith would find a wider variety of uses in teamfights.

All this could be experimented with and possibly even merge with other things! As i said before, if these are implemented in a smart and creative way, we could have tons of fun with it. And it won't look anything like Mount & Blade or Kingdomcome. The games are just too different in all ways for that to happen.

But what do i know im just a noob with 100 hours kek