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  • 20 Apr

Every day this shit happens... I play i get 500-900 gold and so XP but sometimes i dont get it. I wait to the next map select a team then quit to the menu and my money and xp from the last match is missing...

I lost about 10k now just cause this shit :D I lost 810 just on this game what i just played.
Sorry for my english pls fix this...

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  • 16 Apr

Buy a mouse with at least 2-3 side buttons

Like - trust gxt 130

Download this: X Mouse Button Control

Bind the specific key combination on your side button like


Then select the side button and add this "c,c,4" (If im right :D)

Then if you click with that the mouse automaticly execute the "C,C,4" combination and you are good to go
Or if you want to do an movement add this "X,X,5" and this will be executed when you push the mouse button.

If you have regular mouse and dont want to buy try to bind on you "wheel push down" that is not in any use (Regular mordhau keybind) So you can use that too.

Have fun :)

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  • 16 Apr

So i have to pay and run a server just cause Mordhau think why not every server is on 48 players for now?

Im the only one who dissagree with this?

If i see 30 servers on the list why all 48?
Why not 20 is 48 players 8 is on 64 players and 2 is on 96 players

Is it so hard?
Whats the logic about haveing all servers on the same player count??
Why cant a player decide how he/she want to play?

"Oh im lagging in 64 players , oh its shit , oh too many players.." OK go play 48
Some people likes 64 player modes
Some people dont have a lagg problem on 64

Just add same its not that hard...

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  • 16 Apr

Go play minecraft :D

Jesus why people spend money on things what they dont know about????
I cant imagine why someone buy a game without reaserch...

Mordhau is works like this.
It always does. We like it.

But bring back the 64 players we dont like that feature! :D

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  • 14 Apr

I have lag issue sinc they made the playercount 48...i had 70fps on any map with 64 players now im laging and dropping down to 15fps...

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  • 13 Apr

No thank you for that!
Why we cant have some 64 player servers??? In this game we only have 2 options? 48 or ONE 96??? PLS Come on... Somebody love 64 better than this 2.

Why the hell we cant play in 64 at least some servers? Like 5-10 servers

Nooo Mordhau reduced every single server to 48 why not nobody cares if you dont like it...

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  • 12 Apr

Totaly agrre Sam13lfc! 48 players feels so empty and 96 is just too mutch 64 was the perfect number the sound of the game. But WHY THE EARTH they cut all of it? can we have at least 3-4 maybe 5 of the 64 player? I mean if somebody likes the 48 or the 96 then go but if somebody just cant stand both...

Pls Mordhau bring back the 64 we bought the game for that...