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Mercenary 112 315
  • 4 Aug '19

@Corsario said:
Quick sketch


I have a sketch of its relative:


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  • 21 May '19

@DELETED said:
... I deleted the game and no longer want to return to it, just spent the money in vain ...

"Rest in peace, Robert!" ©

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  • 9 May '19

By the way, it's a bit disappointing to have Mercenary title during alpha-beta testing and now everyone can get it. Don't get me wrong, selling the Supporter Pack is definitely good for everyone, players and devs. But I think it would be just fair to have something distinguishable for the Mercenary testers.

It reminds me the Knight/Sellsword/Conscript-Mercenary/Militia/Recruit titles discussion, which arose after Kickstarter had ended, but the Knite/Sellsword/Conscript game keys were still available to buy in Mordhau Shop.

Anyway, you devs have done a great job, and I'm happy I was among alpha-beta testers. Thanks!

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  • 9 May '19

Hopefully, it will ever be implemented by mod-makers.
It was discussed in this thread Endless War (Faction Wars) Mode

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  • 8 May '19

Please no. It's good as it is.

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  • 4 May '19

In My purchases under My items.

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  • 2 May '19

Medalion is in the Shoulders section:


Mercenary Banner can be reached through the Player Menu:


The soundtrack can be reached through the game properties on Steam (RMC) in Browse local files:


And if I'm not mistaken, it appears after spending some gold in in-game store.

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  • 1 May '19

Too bad it can't be used along with other shoulder pieces.
As to another Supporter Pack part - Soundtrack,
I really hoped it would be .wav or at least .flac quality.

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  • 1 May '19

Iron Company founder
Zhu Bajie


9"x12" paper

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  • 22 Apr '19

GULAG Chronicles
A concept art for the "Peace" Project game development:


12"x18" 80 lb paper
HB-2B Goldfaber Faber-Castell pencils
Ps Snow brushes

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  • 3 Apr '19

Sketches for the "Peace" Project game development, which is dead by now.


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  • 30 Mar '19

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

@Xekratos said:
... that looks like Charcoal pictures...

Actually, I use charcoal quite often mostly to increase contrast, whereas graphite gives me much more control over semitones.
For instance, this is an illustration for Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky where both medium were used:

"Kirill," I shouted. "Are you going to the Borscht tonight?"
"It's not the 'Borscht," it's pronounced "Borshch". "How many times do I have to tell you."
"Skip it. It's spelled B-O-R-S-C-H-T. Don't bug us with your customs. Are you going or not?..."


9"x12" 50 lb. paper,
H, HB, B, 5B, 6B graphite pencils,
HB, 2B, 6B charcoal pencils

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  • 28 Mar '19

Thank you!

Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. drawing (a photo as a reference was used):
Pripyat River - Ship Graveyard
9"x12" paper, pencil


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  • 27 Mar '19

An old work of mine inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.
The Zone
A4, pencil


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Mercenary 112 315
Mercenary 112 315
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  • 31 Dec '18

Hi everyone,

I have a question. I'd like to keep my online activities private and secure as well as to prevent ISP throttling.
One of the solutions (not sure if it's the best) that I found out through google was VPN.
I'm interested in following features:

  • an easy-to-use app (since I am not a tech-savvy)
  • fast
  • P2P permitted
  • no logs policy
  • good server speeds
  • affordable
  • port forwarding
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection
  • military-grade OpenVPN encryption
  • a killswitch
  • games friendly

Considering these the most recommended are NordVPN, PrivateVPN, VPNArea, Private Internet Access, IPVanish.

Since I'm new in this, I need an advice. What would you recommend?

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  • 23 Dec '18

@Mittsies said:
they'd have to pay me to install the epic games launcher

Epic Games, Inc.
620 Crossroads Blvd.
Cary, NC USA
Tel +1 919 854 0070

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  • 21 Dec '18

Subnautica giveaway from Epic Games.
In order to get it you have to have an EG account or create one, and add it to your library.
Giveaway ends on 12/27/18.