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  • 3 Jun '20

none of these "fixes" work now..

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  • 8 May '20

Yeah.. im having same issue. none of the above mentioned "fix" my issue o.O

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  • 27 Mar '20

i got to say, that i really dislike this new update.. My whole style of fighting has been completely nerfed. x.X
to make way for even more stuff such as Maul Drags/Accels/Kicking didnt need to get a buff! (if you ask me.)
Why is Chambering Nerfed? i spend SO MUCH TIME learning how to do it proper!
Yes make way for The high levels to have their style of fighting buffed! ( keeping distance, stabbing/kicking/Dragging with weapons that are already broken in the first place!..)
Playerbase is shrinking, and will continue to especially NOW !

o.O !!!

Just my two cents!

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