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@Void said:

@Havoc said:

Also relies on you having >50 ping...

Here is a nice marketing point.

"If you don't have >50 ping you don't stand a chance of becoming good at this game."

I hope it's not true cause we are talking about a big portion of the playerbase.

Are you saying 50ms is low? 50ms was considered borderline bad in 2002-2003 when I got started on online games (CS specifically) on my 256/256kbps connection. If there are enough servers spread around the regions that don't suffer from FPS (server-side) drops everyone can get 30ms easily. No one should ever be balancing a reaction time and skill based game around people who are still using dial-up??

Sadly it's how things are and just becasue 0.5% of people can't have a stable low ping connection (to a server like 300 km away) doesn't mean the game should be 10-20% slower for everyone.

I haven't even played Mordhau that much but being a Chiv player for many years I can easily see how much more readable the animations are. You have to be quick and the meta is more complex than just parry/not-parry, but no-one here is physically that much faster that they have would have an advantage, it's just a question of practice.

If you want i-frames and telegraphed animations with big anime power-up windups for attacks/counters you either have to play something else or practice more to get used to the pace.

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Stamina play should have a bigger impact within the future as currently it does not due to Stam and hp on kills and the disarm working the way it does.

If you have a 3v3 with extremely skilled players you cannot deny that chambering will make a massive difference - stamina does matter and high level play will require you to chamber

The only buff I can think to chambers is that they drain your opponent stamina in some way, rather than buffing their offensive power.


feints are weak currently because the anims are very easy to read, this will - as far as i am aware - change with the animation update and they will become more intimidating, which i imagine would include chamber feints

The only person that I've encountered to actually try counter chamber feints is Coutsalivis.