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@WoofWoof said:
Anyone know how to disable projectiles? I am able to disable collisions on most of them but I am looking to completely disable the entire use of them on my horde mode server. I've seen a few servers that have done this but I can't seem to replicate this.

File location: .../mordhau/Content/Mordhau/Blueprints/equipment/.... there you will have the folder of type and you will want to rename the @.uasset file type.
Example: ...Equipment/misc/BR_BearTrap.uasset
I just added an "A" to the front of the file name that way I still had the asset when I wanted to revert it back and all the ones I changed are easier to find.
Example: ...Equipment/misc/ABR_BearTrap.uasset

So you can pick and chose the weapons you want to remove. but for A duelyard here are the ones I removed:

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Ugh, man do we need a Server/Admin section on the forums.....
Are there any instructions about adding custom maps to the servers with the new ServerModAuthToken?

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Sadly Ranked system is really not going to get players back that are leaving in droves. It really only appeals to the dueler boys and the hard core fans. What is missing is content content content. SDK along with a mapping contest to add the top 5 winners to official servers would instantly increase content for free and actually get players playing again. Currently they are getting bored with the same maps, same modes and the same broken issues.

Server hosts are also annoyed by the limited resources, access, control, options and knowledge base for tweaking or personalizing and managing their servers since there is no RCON or admin tools.MordStats.jpg

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@Hiawatha said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
I have a Mordhau stalker who is so filled with autistic rage as he has been stream sniping for 2 days straight. Here is his steam ID:
And his Discord (at the moment) :

Already reported him but sadly things are really slow....

Well that really sucks, but what does that have to do with this thread?

Well that is what he is doing as well. He is watching the stream and as soon as he sees you are going to vote kick him, he gets you vote kicked as he has already got the votekick and player number in his console.

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I have a Mordhau stalker who is so filled with autistic rage as he has been stream sniping for 2 days straight. Here is his steam ID:
And his Discord (at the moment) :

Already reported him but sadly things are really slow....

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@Jax said:
we know it exists, looking into it

Holy smokes he responded!

glad you guys are looking into it.
Great job Jax,
now if you'd only respond to my pm about a topic getting pinned...

@PC_Principal said:
guess how many of those they get lol

JAX is only one guy and the devs are very limited in number. Keep in mind they get hundreds if not thousands of PMs and posts a day. So be patient as you can....

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@PC_Principal said:
I've had similar problems in several games with my xbox controller plugged into USB. Could it be that or another usb device overriding mouse control? Maybe even something as odd as a printer?
Windows (?) will take the xbox controller as default for some games if available. (?)

Yes that is the case with game controllers being used in PC games specially if there is no dedicated controller support in the game. Thus Windows will get confused. In the case of Mordhau, it is not taking exclusive, sole control of the mouse inputs and it is still connected to Windows.

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I was so pissed when I read several of the articles of fake news manipulation of the story about the game as well as the community. Gaming journalism has become pure propaganda and activism. I do support the devs and understand the bind they were/are put in from all the lies and misleading BS that was printed.

I too was hopeful about the possibility of a gender toggle being an option as my main concern is and always has been the female voice work. Typically it is so damn cringe in almost every game minus a very few exceptions where it is outstanding. My best example is Alien: Isolation where the voice work is brilliant and far from over the top like so many games. There is also the idea of immersion and while there are some troll loadouts that are very cheeky, they do break immersion and I find them annoying as all get out. Females would do the same for me as these super silly loadouts do and break immersion. It is personal preference along with some level of historical reference.

It sucks that identity politics has infested the games and genera I prefer without really an option to opt out of the forced identity agenda. I was against adding females from the kickstarter as much as I was against Frontline instead of Team Objective. Again, personal preference. I disagreed with it then and I disagree with it now, regardless of what is going to happen.

That said, without the toggle as an option, I am hoping to be able to just copy male gender voice files, locally as well as player models and rename them as the female files and the cringe will hopefully be eliminated. I could care less about skin tones. I do personally find the idea of forced diversity, completely cringe. Not all games should have to comply to some forced diversity or political agendas and preferred group think. I find it so sad that this is forced upon all game devs in Western society but not in, lets say, Eastern or even middle eastern game developers. You don't see purple haired land whales crying about diversity and body positivity in any Japanese games. I am sure there are some somewhere that are offended about something.

The reality is that you cannot please everyone, all the time and the more you try you end up pissing off everyone. Another fact is that when leftist get their stinking PC SJW panties in an uproar, they make sure it stinks to high heaven. Never apologize because it will never be enough. Never kowtow to the ridiculous demands as they will never stop demanding more and more. They are parasites that eventually eat their own.

I understand what was intended for the game development and why, to sell more games but no one buys a game solely so they can play a race or gender. It will not sell any more units because or at least in any significant numbers. With that, I am done and have no interest in an ongoing retarded debate. These are my opinions as well as my preferences, for what it is worth, I would rather have the devs working on the SDK, RCON, and more maps than anything else and this dust up is sadly more of a distraction to their already impressive and hard work.

let them work.

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@Potominkus said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Are you running more than one monitor or running the game in windows mode? There is an issue where at certain points in the game, the mouse curse will go beyond the gaming window thus effectively ALT+TABing you out of game until you move the cursor back into the gaming area and clicking.

Yes I nave more than one monitor on. But I am in fullscreen.

Yes I have the exact same issues with mouse clicking out of game. I posted in the Bug Report page about it. Not sure if they are aware of the issues and or how to resolve it, but I am sure it is tied to windows.

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@Vieloł said:
Jesus, you all are still going on? LMFAO

But I will defend anyone's right to be as toxic as they want to be because being "toxic" is completely subjective. But that moron simply doesn't get it that there are already in game tools and filters can be bypassed. Total waste of dev time. Hell he is in here bitching more than he is playing in game. Nuff said.

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@esturias said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
BWAHAHA..... REEE sir can I have sum mor?

Well. Thanks for proving my point once again, but was it really necessary to dig up the thread for more of your childish nonsense?

Yawn dude.... You have nothing to offer either in humor or intellectual prowess. Not sure how many times I have to say the same thing over and over and you still do not comprehend. Just because you don't like answers or facts doesn't make them wrong. The fact that you have no idea about the ever increasing censorship in big tech vs the culture war, Cathy Newman, twitch - YouTube - Twitter - and other accounts being banned for wrong think or in the case of twitch, players being banned for using the word Nagga which is a character in a game, but those censorship filters thought different, proves to me your complete ignorance about what is actually happening.

Anything that differs from your programed indoctrination = childness nonsense, racism, bigoty and any number of "isms and ists" proves your lack of real world knowledge and real critical thinking.

I posted solutions that already exist that do indeed work to protect your fragile ego. The more people that use the in game options and ignore the stupidity the faster it goes away as trolls only want the attention. If they do not get it they move on. Prove me wrong....

So instead of getting on your moral panicked high horse of virtue signaling as you try to protect who ever.... get off the forums and just play the damn game and have a good time and stop trying to be the game's hall monitor. No one likes, a whiny bitch and here are pages of you being a whiny bitch..... But you stay stunning and brave my poor little oppressed minion.

I see that your PC SJW server has been empty since I created it.... just saying....

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Man there is a lot of hyperbole, speculation, assumption and ignorance in the last 20+ posts.

Look you have to understand and accept a few key things. One is that it is a very small INDY dev team. They have limited time and resources to begin with. Trust me, I know a few of them and they have been busting their ass non stop for several years and they haven't stopped busting ass since release. Second, they were completely self funded and by a Kickstarter campaign. Thus they were forced to release when they did simply because they were running out of money. I am sure with any game and dev team, they would love more time to polish their game. So in reality all this bitching and complaining is really ill founded. In addition, they did bring something new to a very NICHE game genera which was Battle Royale and Frontline modes. There is no other 1st person melee game that has done either.

While I was one that initially argued for Team Objective maps first, I actually applaud them for what they did bring. It is not too difficult to convert any of the existing maps into a Team Objective map nor to create new ones. Trust me, that once they release the SDK, that will open up a whole new world of content.

Remember we are only in month 2 of release and much is being done behind the scenes and this stupid PC SJW snitch that went to PCGAMER whining about Toxicity instead of content is doing nothing but distracting the devs from development. Also keep in mind that if you played Chivalry from release, it's first 3 years were rocky as hell and the bubble patch about killed the game.

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@hehhh said:
Online still says my ports are closed even though I have setup the port forwarding

Sadly it sounds like your ISP needs to be called again and to confirm the ports are open.

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@esturias said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
LOLS, liar? lols on what exactly?

You wrote: "hate and rage text, insults, PC SJW word salad and Olympic style mental gymnastics in comprehension, logic, and lack of facts, trying to support my failed argument."

There we have a lie, lie, just nonsense and the rest is just delusion. You completely ignore the fact that it took you multiple posts to even get my point (yu still don't get most of it), because you were so buys with your SJW tirades. You ignore the fact that I took apart all your posts so far and pointed out all your lack of comprehension, logic and facts for everyone to see.

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Dude you and Cathy Newman simply got decimated with facts and logic and your default is to say "I know you are but what am I, thus I win!"

No idea who that is or what that is supposed to mean, but... no. You don't have any facts and you just came up with a few logical statements so far. The rest is just complete nonsense. And right now you just come with some childish "but you are always twice as wrong as me and so I win!!1"

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Just admit your failure and stop trying to blame it on others.
I understand the delicate nature of your self esteem so I made you that trophy so you know you are always a winner in my book! You want admin?

Again: Which failure? I argued against your standpoint and took it completely apart, you just got butthurt and started puking nonsense without ANY relevance to the actual subject. You failed. Horribly.
Now hush hush onto your servers and ban some random players

BWAHAHA..... REEE sir can I have sum mor?

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@Poopsik said:
(BUG) A Quarterstaff has improper weapon holding view (a Peasant perk selected)...

A Quarterstaff 3rd person long weapon holding view is different to 1st person weapon holding view - there it has a short weapon holding... And viceversa - when selecting Alt mode we can see a proper short weapon holding in 3rd person view but a wrong long weapon holding in 1st person.
Watch screens:

This is because 1st P animations are not the same as 3p animations even though there is a difference in grips in both views. Best not to play 3rd P if you are wanting to get into the upper competitive levels of play. just saying.

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@smellycathawk said:
I get ranting and lose track of my point, sorry.

It's fine they have work to do still. My main issue is i donno why the devs didn't release in early access, because for a bunch of reasons I think it would have been better for the player base in the long-term.

So my frustration is more due to other players being more likely to quit due to the lack of transparency/content, rather than my own enjoyment being hindered by it... tho of course it is

I dont think transparency is really an issue as they post up reasons for changes in updates. Content is a bigger issue only having 4-5 maps and a few game modes. The biggest issue is that there is a very high learning/skill gap where you have old Chiv players with thousands of hours and even Mord Alpha players with a few thousand hours vs noobs and normies that have never played a 1st P slasher since there are only a handful of games to have ever done it. This is why I made mention of the need for advanced comp players to create training groups for out reach to these new players so they are not getting stomp fatigue.

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@hehhh said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:

@hehhh said:
My server doesn't show in the internet browser and no-one can join.

I can join through LAN
I can join with the open command but not with my public IP.

Ports are forwarded and not being blocked

any ideas?

Go through some posts in this thread. I posted a site where you can test to see if your ports are actually opened or not. Some ISPs will block ports and you may have to do a request to open them.

Online port checkers say the ports are closed, I spoke with my ISP and they have unblocked this for me as by default everything is blocked.

People can now see the server under 'Internet' in the browser but get the error 'Failed to connect to server' ??

I have tried another computer in my network and tried joining through LAN and also get the same error

Ok so i am glad to know that I was right about the ISP and that is resolved. So there was an update a few days ago. Make sure your server files are up to date, then Verify the game cache if you installed the server through steam. if you did it in SteamCMD then add the -validate in the console in addition to the app_update 629800. That should square away any issues with the server game files.

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@esturias said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
I'm a liar, completely deluded, have absolutely no arguments, lack the intellect and education to have a normal discussion and get more triggered than the people I call SJWs and whatnot. Someone should finally invent a term for my kind!

Hey, I can do this, too! And my version even holds some truth while yours is just butthurt blabbering.
And this will totally get us anywhere.

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Here I made a server just for you.....


That's actually a little bit funny. I mean... it doesn't help your case at all and you once again just try to hide the fact that you just can't win a normal discussion with someone who doesn't fall for your immature blabbering, but that's a good one.

LOLS, liar? lols on what exactly? deluded with facts, knowledge and history. Dude you and Cathy Newman simply got decimated with facts and logic and your default is to say "I know you are but what am I, thus I win!"
Just admit your failure and stop trying to blame it on others.
I understand the delicate nature of your self esteem so I made you that trophy so you know you are always a winner in my book! You want admin?

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@esturias said:
More walls of hate and rage text, insults, PC SJW word salad and Olympic style mental gymnastics in comprehension, logic, and lack of facts, trying to support my failed argument. But this wall of text and word salad is important, damn it. Muh social justice and protection of the commune-it-tay!
I am superior and demand you to respect muh author-it-tay because I went line by line.... need more insults....

Here I made a server just for you.....


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@SWSeriousMike said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Damn, nice Cathy Newman.... nothing says I lost an argument by than putting words in another's mouth to fit your agenda.

Guess the whole intentional - unintentional team kill specially with an siege weapon that is far from precise, escaped your logic yet again.....

"I'll just shoot where I want. It's their fault if they run into my catapult shots. Consequences! Nobody is forcing them to stand there! My friendly fire shouldn't be considered in the reputation system. I don't want consequences in my game." That's how you sound, man.

I might even agree with mirror damage for melee team kills, IF the devs have all the bugs fixed, SDK released, Server Admin Tools, RCON implemented, more maps and game modes released, and all the Kickstarter promises filled. This is so low on the priority list it just doens't make sense.

Oh, great. What else do you allow the devs to put in their game? It probably would be best to redirect the Feedback & Suggestions subforum directly to your inbox. That would make it more convenient for you to approve and disapprove of new features.

Btw. the best thing is that you specifically mentioned "melee team kills" just so can you sit on the catapult and harass your own team and it's harder for them stop you.

Are you auditioning to be Cathy Newman's replacement?
You have such a vivid imagination for putting words in peoples mouths. Maybe you should do porn instead.