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Hey if anyone is interested in having custom graphics with clickable links on your server's MOTD. Let me know. I have reasonable design fees and can even host the html file if you need it. PM me on Discord. Here is an example for what I did for our server.

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Just wanted to thank the devs for finally adding a MOTD with clickable links! Thank YOU!!
This is now on our server!
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Added Maps/modes for Castello and MountainPeak from Patch #17

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I have been getting an error on my dedicated server since updating to patch 17 and both hot fixes. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix it?

LogGameMode: Error: CanServerTravel: FURL :7778/Game/Mordhau/Maps/ThePit/FFA_ThePit?Name=Player?listen blocked, contains : or \

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@o0Julia0o said:
Can you host a Server with bots in it? So 3 players can paly versus some bots?

I believe you have put "addbots 3" into the command line, if not try the Game.ini as well

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@Sempiro said:

Have created the server and people can connect, but I have some issues:

  1. DefaultGame.ini nowhere to be found, hence I cannot change the default map.
  2. After starting the server, no matter what config I use it starts from Pit and I need to change the map manually through the console.

Any workaround? How to change default map?

Thanks in advance

So you do not want DefaultGame.ini that is the wrong file and the wrong location. Depending on where you installed the game you are looking for C:......Mordhau/saved/config/WindowsServer and then Game.ini

You can change the default map in the game.ini as well as the maplist into the type of server you want to run. This maybe different if you rented a server. Some server host have it where you can change the default starting map in the command line.

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@RifleInfantry said:
Thanks! Any idea what these do in specific?

This forces texture streaming from the CPU to the GPU and in return frees up the CPU for other gaming processing. Thus if you have a beefy GPU but a not so beefy CPU, it can help remove the stuttering because the GPU doesn't have to wait on the CPU for data.

This changes the number of Textures to stream, 1 texture per one frame. Once again controlling the rate at which the textures are streamed to the game.

@StrykerMontgomery said:
How did you know to try this and what else can I try? I totally have to hit this up next time i play. Does the xomand save? Also how i open console?

I am on the official Discord, an Alpha player, and know several of the devs. So if you input them via the console to not add the "=" and 1 turns it on 0 turns it off. I the case of the second command that is any number, I believe "0" is default. Additionally if you use the console you have to put it in each time you run the game. If you add it to the Engine.ini then copy and paste it exactly where and how I posted it above.

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Having extreme stutters in Frontline/invasion mode? Try using these 2 commands in the console. (Default value is 0)
r.Streaming.AmortizeCPUToGPUCopy 1
r.Streaming.MaxNumTexturesToStreamPerFrame 1

It can also be put in your Engine.ini as


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@jordanray99 said:
Hello all,

Let's start by saying that I absolutely love Mordhau! And the dev team is doing a fine job!

I've started this topic as I would really love to create some custom mods (Whether it's adding Babu Friks 'Ahahahhhhhh' into the game as a sound or creating John Snow's 'Longclaw' from GOT as a weapon skin.) but the issue is that I have no idea how to do this. With the .PAK update and using Unreal Engine 4 I'm totally unfamiliar with how any of this would now work. There's little to no documentation on how to mod on Mordhau (That I can find anyway). I'm fine with modeling within Blender but getting that into a .pak file I'm clueless. I find people who have already created a mod have some sort of .uexp/.uasset files and I have no idea how to import/create these files.

If you guys have any documentation or can lend me some tips on this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Kind regards,


Many of your questions are answered in the Mordhau Mapping and modding discord.

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Not to mention that the Catapult shot well placed can also take out a defensive ballistas on Grad as well as Fetoria. That is map balance. Without that offensive option, the defensive ballistas can attack with little to no risk.

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Missing those Chiv perks along with server browser, end of round info, Message of the Day for server owners....and on and on.

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The catapult did not need any changes as it should be considered a secondary objective. It already has solid counters from the ballistas, archers, fire pots, smoke pots, and of course just break it with weapons. It is also the only thing that can prevents the commander/builder camping and waiting out the clock. If a team fails to deal with a catapult then that is the fault of that team. Dumbing down a game by nerfing tactics is never a good thing.

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@Cyrus said:
Here is the link to Ubisofts game play values across console and PC

--> In June 2018 — more than a year after the game came out — For Honor was nominated for best ongoing game at the E3 Game Critics Awards.

It now has more than 15 million registered players, according to Ubisoft.

Sorry but game owners VS actual players. For Honor average daily players are equal to Mordhau. Thanks for playing....

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As some may know the effort to make the game run smoother, the devs placed a lot of the default config files along with the majority of files in .PAK files. So your dedicated server will default to a 60 tick rate server. If you were running a 90 or 120 tick rate server before the patch here is the way to do it. In the .....Mordhau/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/UDKEngine.ini Place the following lines:




Lan tick rate is really irrelevant. and you are welcome.

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@隊友都垃圾很可憐 said:
Can you tell me how to make the respawn time of all modes consistent?

You can do by editing the following player option in the UDKGame.ini

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@隊友都垃圾很可憐 said:
Can you tell me how to make the respawn time of all modes consistent?

Here is the settings for changing respawn times in the server Game.ini


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Updated Maplist: 11/19/19 (sorry for delay)
Added: Feitoria maps and game modes
Added: All 64 player version game modes
Added: Test maps included with last patch
Added: Tutorial map

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@WoofWoof said:
Well, unfortunately I can't seem to get it working quite right. Whenever I rename or remove a file like you've suggested, the game throws errors that say it can't find dependencies to or from the files I've modified. I've asked another person how to do this but they were extremely vague. Told me I just have to rename and or delete files. To be honest I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by all of this, I don't know what else to do.

Make sure you rename the files with the .uasset file type of the weapon you want to disable. Dont disable a folder but the individual file. Now if you are looking at the server log, It will throw errors in the log but the server should run fine. Try one or two weapons at a time, run the server and test, then all more weapons and test. There maybe an unknown issue with the recent patches possibly effecting it but for me I see the occasional errors in red in the server logs but the server runs fine and the weapons are disabled.

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@WoofWoof said:
Anyone know how to disable projectiles? I am able to disable collisions on most of them but I am looking to completely disable the entire use of them on my horde mode server. I've seen a few servers that have done this but I can't seem to replicate this.

File location: .../mordhau/Content/Mordhau/Blueprints/equipment/.... there you will have the folder of type and you will want to rename the @.uasset file type.
Example: ...Equipment/misc/BR_BearTrap.uasset
I just added an "A" to the front of the file name that way I still had the asset when I wanted to revert it back and all the ones I changed are easier to find.
Example: ...Equipment/misc/ABR_BearTrap.uasset

So you can pick and chose the weapons you want to remove. but for A duelyard here are the ones I removed: