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Ok after much frustration is setting up a a dedicated server I finally found the Actual Locations of the Game.INI.....

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mordhau Dedicated Server/Mordhau/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini

There you will find several of the custom ini for server configuration.
Pleas update the initial post.....

So now I am getting an HTTP Request Failed <Server:, Request: Authenticate/v1. Error: Unauthorized.
Warning: Heartbeat failed

My server will show up in the LAN but not online...... so not sure what is going on. Ports are all forwarded.

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@Ruby Rhoderick said:
I can't test it as we no longer have access to Frontline, but from what I found, CPU seemed to be the primary constraint. The issue I was having during the stress test was, at best, a usage of ~60% of my GPU during the large battles. Yet, when in spawn, my GPU usage would shoot up to ~90% and I'd get drastically better FPS.

Again, I'd like to test it, but I did overclock my GPU from 4.2Ghz to 4.8Ghz and I'd like to see if that helps with performance. Here are my specs:

i7 - 6700K

In-Game Settings: Medium-ish (turned everything CPU dependent to low)
Average FPS: 60 - 70 in Battles, 120+ without players in view

What I found out GPU wise is that for peak performance in Chivalry, I had to overclock the GPU. For Mordhau, I found that it doesn't like the GPU being over clocked (using EVGA PrecisionX) and the GPU driver would crash, but it does love the default Boost clock of 1392mhz and Memory clock of 3505mhz/. I also use an aggressive fan profile I am getting 120+ Fps and rarely drops below 90 during heavy fighting.
Here are my in game settings, everything is on Ultra minus a few things. VSync, Motion blur, Ambient Occlusion, Lens Flares are all off

In the Nvidia control panel I have the following
Ambient Occlusion = Off
Ansiotropic Filtering = Application controlled
Anti aliasing - FXAA =ON
Anti aliasing - Gamma correction = ON
Anti aliasing - Mode = Enhance the application setting
Anti aliasing - Setting = 8x
Anti aliasing - Transparency = 8x (supersample)
Cuda-GPUs = All
DSR - Factors = OFF
DSR - Smoothness = Off
Maximum pre-rendered frames = Use the 3D application setting or 1
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) = Off this is important!*
OpenGL rendering GPU = Auto- select
Power management mode = Preferred Maximum performance
this is important!*
Preferred refresh rate = Highest available
Shader Cache = On
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization = ON
Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias = Clamp
Texture Filtering - Quality = Performance
Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization = On
Threaded optimization = Auto
Triple Buffering = Off
Vertical sync = Off
Vritual Reality pre-rendered frames = 1


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"crushed — Art

We have no plans to remove third person or change it in any drastic way, there are good reasons to have it in a melee game so any changes at most will be minor tweaks/nerfs. Maybe in the future we will have an option for server owners to lock their server to a certain perspective, but it's not something that can be confirmed right now."

Have we learned nothing from the transition from AOC (1st Person) to Chivalry (3rd Person)? How are we still having this debate when clearly adding 3rd person is all about maximizing game sales and not balance and a supposed skill based game as was originally intended? There are NO good reasons to have it in a melee game with the exception for mounted siege weapons and cavalry because the 1p is so janky, specially on the catapult, aka why I argued to not by mounted to it in the first place. Cavalry 1p is not all that bad with the exceptions of the rider being able to turn 180 and cannot see where you are going and run into the only rock or banner for 50 meters only to stop the horse dead in his tracks, but that is another discussion I have beating that dead horse.

I really hate this tired argument. In a "competitive" game 3P is clearly an advantage against a 1P player. In Chiv, even when in a comp situation players would do anything they could to gain the visual advantage AKA retarded FOVs that made the game look like total shit. So you nerf the FOV for obvious reasons as you should have, so that everyone was on a max level playing field but you fail to do the same with 3P? What a joke. Seriously.

To say that there is no discernible difference between 1p and 3p against each other is again a complete lie. The previous video of "Mordive or Chivdhau" clearly exposes this. Again that is like saying that 150+ fov in Chiv has no advantage to the max default of 120FOV. Come on now, we all know the tryhard advantages for those that got used to those eye cancer fovs against those that didnt use them. While the game mechanics are numerically the same, this is not true with distance from character and mouse movement with the same sensitivity between 1p and 3p. In other words not only is there a visual advantage but also a mouse movement advantage do to this distance in addition to the advantages of situational awareness that 1p does not have. Situational awareness is a skill.

Then you state that server owners do not even have the choice to lock the view? Again, nothing learned from AOC.

So how are you gonna do match making without taking into consideration 1p vs 3p? Awe screw it right?
Your only valid options are, if you are planning to keep 3p melee in, is to allow and host 1p only servers and mixed ex mode servers.

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@Stumpy said:
I got like 40 fps at around 45 players at lowest graphics.

I got an
Amd fx-8350 4ghz 8 core
Gtx 980 4gb
16gb ram
Game installed on ssd
2560x1440 asus rog swift 27" screen

Any ideas what hardware i should change in order to achieve 100+ fps?

How are your builds and what fps do you have?

I have a similar rig but with an intel processor and a GTX980 and have no problems at ultra settings while streaming.
My CPU is a 4770k over clocked to 4.6. I also use EVGA Precision X (Steam Version) that runs my GTX980 at 1392MHZ It think default is around 1200MHZ. The funny thing is I can OC the 980 to as high at 1506mhz fairly stable when playing CHIV and get solid 120 FPS in most maps. But Mordhau doesnt like the OC so the 1392mhz seems to be the best. Sometimes I get 200+ fps and typically a solid 100-120 fps in heavy battle.

Thus get an aftermarket air cooler and try to get your CPU to 4.6 and download EVGA Precision X and test out finding a slight stable over clock as your mileage may vary. Also do this at your own risk if you do not know what you are doing, read up and watch videos to help you.

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A few things I noticed about Frontline and some possible issues.

  1. cap points being linear - one of the issues is that there is no real flanking to recapture more distant locations because they are "locked" Might be interesting to see if they were all unlocked for capping to force a team to protect all captured points. This might help when the teams are not balanced and one side is getting purely stomped.

  2. Balance issues and Balistas - I am one that do not see the balistas rate of fire an issue nor do I seen them as a problem with the one shot. Keep in mind that they do not do splash damage like they do in Chiv and only if you are very lucky can kill more than one person per shot. Also keep in mind that archers and smoke pots are quite effective against the balista. I think people are just pissed when they are fighting and get one shot by one. How is that any different than Chiv? It isnt.

My issues with the balista is that the Blue side can shoot into 2 capture points while Red side can only shoot into 1 effectively because there are buildings and obstacles. What could fix both of these issues is to widen Red's angle to include roughly the same amount of access to hitting The River cap point AND to increase the upper range to be able for both balistas can take out each other or at least kill the enemy on the opposite balista. Both of these would balance out the issues with them.

  1. Horses - Ok everyone thinks they are a bit OP and the flinching of teammate when bumped into. I tend to somewhat agree but here is my take on them. One is that they are a bit too fast. I believe that this is being addressed. But my main issue is the number of stupid objects that the horse can run into that stops it dead in its tracks, like rocks and specially banners, which of course would be knocked over in reality. There is already enough crap on the battle field as it is, some of these stupid things should be removed or have no effect. Second, I think the rider needs a turn cap, not the horse but the rider. Being able to turn 180 on the horse is plain silly. It ends up getting players lost in which direction they are riding, thus they run into their teammates or the only banner or rock for 50+ yards. It also has issues when the horse does hit something and gets stuck, so if you are trying to fight on a stuck horse, you end up not being able to do anything because you are in a constant state of flinch.

  2. Catapults - I have already addressed my issues with the catapult design and mechanics being wonky at best in previous posts. But my biggest issue is the effects the terrain has on the trajectory of the ammo. So if the cat is on a left or right incline the projectiles get launched many times going the opposite direction that the cat is leaning too taking out teammates or horrible missed shots. Yes that maybe a learning curve issue but I have also gotten the catapult stuck as well. This is why I preferred stationary cats with aim-able sites for better range and control. Also being mounted to the cats is always an issue when but again these are my preferences.

  3. This may already have been noted but one of the fallen siege towers by the river cap point, once knocked down does not always remain visible at times.

That is about it for now.

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@JasonBourne said:
Added another video

I tried to watch this frame by frame and it appears that you missed by a hair. In addition as your overhead was in attack phase you had several screen tears that shows the difference in distance from what would have been a hit into an actual miss. You might want to try turning on Vsync or Gsync if you have it to see if you see a difference. That may also kill your FPS. Since you didnt have stat_fps enabled in your console, there is no way to tell what your frame rate was and since there was clearly a few screen tears. This is typical of a system that might not be able to produce smooth frames and frame rates so you might want to turn down some of the graphic settings.

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I have been looking for the actual INI and location for the keybinds and It appears to be quite different from UDK4 than UDK3
Here is the location and name of the file:

User Appdata:
C:\Users(USER NAME)\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\input.ini

The input.ini uses ActionMappings opposed to the Bindings in Chivalry

Chivalry Example:

The keybind is first and the command is second. In this case the "comma" key is bound to 3 commands and executed in order "GBA_SprintAttack|GBA_Fire|GBA_ArrowCam" Notice the GBA_Fire. Thus in Chiv, if the walking speed is met it will do the sprint attack, if not it will do the Fire attack and finally it will show the ArrowCam if it was an arrow or a throwing axe.

Mordhau example:

There are two keybinds per action. One is for mouse/keyboard as seen in your in game menu and the other is clearly of a gamepad or a secondary binding if you duplicate your binds.
So as you can see above the action is to FIRE and the keybind (at the end of the string) is LeftMouseButton

As you can see this is sort of backwards to Chiv's keybind structure. So I have yet to test multi ActionMapping to the same keybind or the best way to do this so that the right action happens first. I am also not sure if it is dependant upon where the ActionMapping is listed in order.

Finally I have yet to see how a manual keybind is produced if you use the SetBind in the console.

Please feel free to add to this information

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I think the first video your weapon hits the wall to your right which might explain the effect.

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@tørfisk said:
women are stupid and i dont respect them...........

that's right.. i just have sex them....
Combat Granny does not approve.

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But sadly this has devolved, as usual, into a retarded PCSJW shit storm that had legit concerns at the beginning, into personal attacks and that is simply boring and sadly got sucked into it.

You want to be a woman in armor, go for it, princess. I and many others, don't have to like it or enjoy it. Hopefully they will add a voice slider at a minimum and/or keep the designs to a bare minimum. To many of us, it just seems like a huge waste of time, energy and effort for little to no benefit other than transgender knight roleplay.

And I am done.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:

@Huggles said:
Just let him discredit himself with his rambling tbh

Well you called it buddy, that last one was pretty cringe.
lols, what is so discrediting or cringy exactly? Must be that damn patriarchy and misogamy....
I dont think anything is more cringy than you defending extreme outliers as historical reasons to include them - because

"What about men wanting to play as a female character? You're so shortsighted it's amazing."
You are right, Transgender Knights UNITE!

" Perhaps the fact that women are under-represented in shooters is a reason many women don't play them? I don't know, neither do you. This is also the same as the historical argument. They are a minority, but they are here. So they should be included."

yeah dude..... because your shit posts of anecdotes and assumptions = facts UM yeah, I actually posted sources that back up my claims, quite dramatically that women do not prefer FPS or a wide variety of reasons non of them have to do with female player models if you actually read the source. But hey you did pull up some bullshit WIKI.... that is impressive.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Please stop putting words in my mouth and defending a few hundred women in battle = SEE THEY WERE THERE, then need to be in the game, is beyond retarded.

Nice strawman fella, nobody said they NEED to be in the game. Just that it's historically justifiable.

That is like .0001% population in all battles in history were wamenz... SMDH
Adding them adds nothing to the game but distraction and will not increase sales.

You don't know that bud.

But hey live out your transgender fantasies, and I will be happy to dismember your female corps and skull fuck you.

triggered af tbh
NO, sorry they are not historically justified, they are feminist propaganda justified. TBH You go girl!
Yes, we do know that women throughout time were not warriors, let alone knights. You have a handful of examples and they are not even all that good example since most happen to be the queen or a leader for some reason. You still disregard the millions of men soldiers, warriors and knights throughout time and through thousands of wars. But the point still stands, there will be very few women playing this game due to genera and type of game and I see no good reason for adding female combat player models.

Let me be perfectly clear on this since so many of you think I fear, hate, or whatever BS you are spewing about strong female leads or characters in games, SORRY but I do not think that way at all. There are many great games like Silent Hill, Alien Isolation, Tomb Raider, Portal, Hellblade just to name a few off the top of my head. They are all great because they fit in with the genera and game types and periods they exist in. Normally, I truly dont give a shit with just a few exceptions like simulators, historical based games that are set in WW1 or 2, and medieval based games as well. Fantasy games with magic and shit, again, dont give a shit and I dont play them.

All I am suggesting is how, if done poorly, it will break immersion of period sword play with transgender knights and shitty screeching harpies. However, how cool would it be to have to defend damsels in distress and like the old Counter Strike game mode were you have to escort bots to safety? Thus actually having a reason for battle. This is where traditional gender roles and game lore comes into place and additionally helps with the immersion. HINT: It's ok to be CIS gender and use traditional gender roles as it is still the majority!

Is it the worst thing in Mordhau? No, that will inevitably be archer balance or lack there of once loadout metas are discovered. BUT, and specially, if the voice acting is done anything like Mirage or any number of games with screeching harpies, will kill the game.

You also realize, I go to the extreme to make the point and to keep you PC SJW all triggered and freaking out. It appears to be successful.

Debate 101:
"But, why does a medieval fighting game need women?
It's like a fish needing legs"
But there are Mud Skippers thus fish needs legs...

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Well it is clear that the PC SJW cucks are in full swing here. Clearly there are huge differences even in the word "Fantasy"
What are the types of fantasy?
Literature for children: a short introduction.
Types of Fantasy.
2) Animal Fantasy.
3) Toy Fantasy.
4) Magical Fantasy.
5) Enchanted Journeys and Alternative Worlds.
6) Heroic or Quest Fantasy (High Fantasy)
7) Supernatural and Mystery Fantasy.
8) Science Fiction.
9) Sexual fantasy of cuckold soyboy feminist gamers wanting to be wamenz. Congrats you win again!

You stay golden, pony boy because you are stunning and brave!

Please stop putting words in my mouth and defending a few hundred women in battle = SEE THEY WERE THERE, then need to be in the game, is beyond retarded. That is like .0001% population in all battles in history were wamenz... SMDH
Adding them adds nothing to the game but distraction and will not increase sales. But hey live out your transgender fantasies, and I will be happy to dismember your female corps and skull fuck you.

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My biggest concern is the female voices in the game. It will simply be screeching harpies and very bad jokes because women are simply not funny nor are they scary in battle. If you played Mirage, then you know how cringy and annoying the female voices were. Yes if breaks the immersion. Worse off if there is going to be no sizeable difference in armor, player height then why even do it? But meh customizations..... is not really an argument. Neither is the idea of "it will sell more copies" as there is zero proof.

Points of Debate:
Historical - There are maybe 100 examples of women in battle compared to the millions of men that have fought and died. Women in battle during medieval times both before and after is very very rare. So King of the Douche Nugget's wiki link is irrelevant and statistical outliers (along with all his retarded posts). Women of those time periods were not warriors. if anything they were the reasons why men fought for and to protect.

Audio - This can break the game.... Screeching woman's battle cries and taunts are worse than listening to a teen going through puberty and his sack hasn't dropped yet, specially if they are not done well. Be honest, when a woman is yelling at you, mom, sister, girlfriend, what do you do? Tune it out if at all possible or you bend the knee to get them to shut up. Who wants that in a game?

Design - So if the female armor and characters are not going to be any different, then why do it? So you dont want to make them hot and sexy because that is "sexist". Lets make them ugly so they look like men so as not to be misogynistic. Cannot make woman bots to rescued or slaughtered in village massacres because you cannot present the wamenz as defenseless or helpless because they are all stunning and brave. Isnt there better things the devs could be working on considering a redesign of virtually all clothing options?

Realism - Yes we all know the game is not a simulator nor is it all that realistic. But that is not a valid argument for adding women in combat. But the majority of things that tie the game together is the genera of European, medieval melee combat and all that includes. The game is not fantasy, there are not elves, no magic, nor dragons or wizards. Throwing women in as combat is like adding Sherman tank into the game. It simply doesnt fit.

Sales - Chivalry: sold just fine, Deadliest Warrior: sold just find, Mirage: added woman and flopped. Ok that was funny but not a real cause and effect. But if you played all 3.... just saying... There is no proof that more copies will be sold for transgender knights and wahmenz rights.

Game Industry - The industry was created by and mostly played by men, males for decades. While the stats try and claim that women make up 48% of all gamers, this is not true of "Tactical Shooter and Sports Game Players Are Least Likely To Be Female" where the female population is around 7%. "Match 3 and Family/Farm Sim Gamers Are Most Likely To Be Female." 69% Source: This shows that women are not even going to be playing this game in any serious numbers what so ever. So why again are we catering to them (7%)?

But games and media in general are escapism. To escape for the bullshit of the real world. Many players love the idea of becoming a knight, a fighter pilot, and many more historical based characters and the more realism the better. As women invaded the industry more PC SJW bullshit infected the industry. There are shit tons of games where they have gender fluid playable characters that fit in their genera and time periods. I would say the majority of games are exactly that. There are actually very good games where the lead character is female as well. But, It is rare now a days that game devs stick to gender norms for the historical based games. Battlefield 5, got woke and is going broke with forced diversity. There has also been a massive increase of leftist political bullshit being shoved down the throats of gamers for the last 10 years as if that is a good thing. So to see a dev group buck the trends is in many players opinions, favored.

Sociological/political - Some was touched on above. But there is political influences at work through indoctrination and agendas when most all players just want to escape from that BS. I am not saying the devs are being political, I just do not see a good reason to do it. Instead, this thread has shown how smug and indoctrinated some are and how divisive it can be even when valid points are made to not include women in combat roles while at the same time insulting those who differ from the group think and assuming they do not want any females in any games ever.

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@Rattsknecht said:
You must be very fun at family dinner

I am even more fun in the bedroom..... Would you like to come over and play? I will protect your precious delicate sense of entitlement. Mouth hugs?

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NO, i am really done.... it is not my game, I paid for my voice more so than in any game ever, I have said my peace and will continue to believe that it will be immersion breaking and annoying at a bare minimum, if we are lucky. Hopefully they will be smart and have a voice over volume slider to turn that garbage off and not suffer the lamentations of the wahmenz. and then make some slow hot steamy Mordhau porn.

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@Seseau said:
People like the guy with the Homer Simpson avatar scare me.

Does precious need a hug and a safe space? I have some warm soy milk for you.....

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:

Safe spaces, Trigger warnings, micro aggressions, multi genders, CIS White Male, white privilege, New math, common core, earth day

SJW culture running rampant in some places = ban women from mordhau


I am guessing you not understand the concept of statistical outliers an anomalies.

Cherry picking my quote to fit your narrative and putting words in my mouth, proves my point and does you no favors.

I, like many believe it will be distracting and breaking immersion specially if the voice work is anywhere near as cringy as Mirage. This is coming from someone who has been playing video games since the 1970s, alpha and bets tested AOC-Mordhau as well as watched how the industry went from fully packaged releases to incomplete releases and free games with micro-transactions which I think the majority, agree and dislike that business model and how the industry has evolved specially coming on the heals of Gamer-gate and Bully Hunters.

These are legit complaints and concerns, regardless if you disagree. Just trying to Make Mordhau Great Again (to begin with)