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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Rapier is supposed to win a chamber fight. Chambering it is actually a horrible idea when fighting someone whose actually good with a rapier.

You should chamber once or twice just so they know they can't feint you.. but you shouldn't be counting on them to fall for your chamber morphs... after all, just as it's super predictable for them to stab, it's super predictable for you to chamber their stab and morph from it.

Rapier misses easily, so I would advise side stepping alot and staying just out of range if you can. Then you may have an even stronger stamina advantage as it's already got weak stamina and misses easily. SO try baiting them into attacking early and feint where they're open (and watch for gambles) and seize stamina high ground where ever possible.

Also use riposte horizontal slashes the most, so you're less likely to miss and you can be certain they wont dodge your attack while simultaneously stab gambling. Messer will out spam stab the rapier (should you try chamber warfare) and does tremendous slash damage with awesome drags. Greatsword is also a good option.

Great and detailed advice - thanks. It actually somehow confirms what I suggested above, that dodging (matrix / footwork) is the way to go in this particular case (this is area where I fail mostly).
BTW Do you mean one-handed messer (alt mode)?

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@xXLuxXx said:
Chamber morph feint or chamber feint.

Wouldnt chamber feint (chamber of a stab) just end up with me taking stab in the face? When stabbing (scrolling) people more often than not chamber back automatically.

Chamber morph feint could work with the rapier pros I guess. Thanks

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@λze said:
i find while playing with a maul, that even when i chamber morph they can actually start another stab after the chamber ends and still hit me before my morph hits them.

Yeah, I do get rekt often when morphing or feinting when using weapons like maul, zwei, exec, halberd. Many people just dont wait for anything and scroll into my face. So many times I told myself "if I only didnt morph this stab, it could actually connect", but instead I increased the time for the enemy to react or hit me first.
So far the most effective weapon for morphing in my personal experience is a heavy handaxe - but it must be due to confusing animation.

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Thank you for the advice.
Re kicks I have a problem landing them, because enemy usually "jumps around" and it is all about perfect / lucky timing.
The last good rapier guy didnt allow me to land even one hit, so I guess against players of his caliber I need many more hundreds of hours of practise. He was able to riposte all my chamber morphs and basically parry all my attacks. Morphs (when not coming from stab chambers) and feints take too long and I end up with rapier in my face. Long weapons do have a long range but it is never enough to stop enemies from rushing face-hug stabs. If I start too early I swing in the air (they move out of the range), if I start later I get rapier in my face. Therefore I usually wait and respond when dealing against short and fast weapons. Perhaps I could get away with better dodging / matrix skills but these are hard to master against fast stabbing weapons. Thanks for trying to help.

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Please could you advice how do you beat a rapier player who can riposte all my chamber morphs? I have no problems with regular stab spammers, as they always fall for chamber morph and accel. However, I am not able to defeat a rapier player who counters those. Also, after my chamber morph accel they walk slightly to the side and quickly stab me back simply riposting my accel swing or even chambering it into yet another stab (although the 2nd case hapened to me only once)... with a good footwork, they can get closer super fast during release of their stab when riposting my accel swing.
I just dont know how I can defeat a good rapier player.
PS please spare me "git gud" comments. Thanks.