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@PC_Principal said:

Exactly. Like in my example. 20 cm (distance) / 500 milliseconds (time) = 20 cm per 500 milliseconds = 40 cm per second.

Anyway. Something else I was wondering about is the release TIME. The advanced tab says 475 and 525 ms for most strikes. I made a video of a Zweihander release and Adobe Premiere says 00:00:00:15 which means 150 ms from start of drawing the tracer to the end. The swings in Premiere and ingame look identical.

If I open the video in Kinovea (thats a sports analisys software) it plays is it BY DEFAULT slower and it has magically 525 ms release but looks slow motion.

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Thanks for your answer.

I'm not a natural scientist but I try to explain what I mean:
Lets say a weapon has a release time of 500 milliseconds and the release tracer is 20 cm long then the travel speed of the tip of the weapon would be 40cm/second. The travel speed of the handle or any other point of the weapon is slower since the tracer is shorter. So this part of the weapon would travel eg 12 cm in 500 ms.
Which ultimately makes drags from short range more potent since a slower weapon means you can fight the swing better but thats not the point.

The point is: Does every weapon's tip have the same travel speed as I calculated it in the above example?

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@PC_Principal said:

Also you should learn asking questions more precisely before complaining about the asnwer and give your thread a better title than "weapon speed".

Yeah, you are right. I edited the title.

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Thats not an anwer to my question. All I want to know is if the biggest release tracer of each weapon has the same speed (not accelerated and not dragged). If you dont know then don't post please.

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You are talking about release time. This is the time the release tracer needs from start to finish. That's why it's in milliseconds.

I am talking about the SPEED of the swing. I suspect it's the same for every weapon but i can't really be sure without any complicated measures. Maybe a dev or someone that knows for sure can answer on this. I want to write a guide and need to know.

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Is the swing speed during release the same for every weapon?

What exactly does the weapon speed bar in the basic weapon stats indicate?