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  • 14 Apr

Asking for an archer cap would be the same as asking for a Bloodlust cap or a cap on the amount of Pole weapons.
Which no one wants to budge on when the finger is pointed at you.

After witnessing lots of archers i can promise you like 1/5 archers are actually good and can land shots. the rest just get smacked by cav or by veteran players.

Its hard enough to fire arrows at someone for them to either turn to the left or right. Or look up or down not including serpentine and parries.

In realty, if you die by an archer, its because you didnt parry any of their attacks or have proper foot work.
If you die by a melee person, its probably because you didnt parry or have proper footwork.

1 good player with bloodlust can deal more damage than 10 archers on a team guaranteed.

Ive witnessed on many occasions 3/3/3 cleaver + bloodlust or with Heavy handaxe solo entire groups of people.

Having distance based arrow damage would make archers completely useless. A recurve bow barely deals damage as it is and most people cannot even hit someone 10-15ft feet infront of them. Good luck trying to land 4-5 shots in between their regen times lol.

The argument archers have is the power creep of Melee vs Ranged.
Archers dont have the game breaking mechanics that a melee character can have. An archer has to land 3-5 arrows on a target at a distance while melee's can 1 shot bonk eachother and regen to max health in seconds.

If they TRULY wanted to balanced ranged vs melee. Id make arrows deal a little less damage BUT arrows cause flinch on all shots. Cannot tell you how many times a point blank arrow to the head is my own death sentence when it should be the enemies. If their attack was flinched, it would've given an archer time to switch weapons as the guy is swinging.

Hell lets talk about JAVS and their massive damage in reality it would do zero damage to plate. A jav deals 50 damage and an archer deals around half the damage but with more force behind it.

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  • 14 Apr

I currently main dodge on litterally all my builds. The downside to dodge is if theyre doing a overhead swing. you'll need to burn 2-3 dodges to get out of the way.

I feel like the dodge distance is nowhere near as far was it was in Chivalry(Diff game i know).

Most of the time ill try to do side dodges when up close in someones face but it works excellently if you have a spear or long weapon. wait for them to swing then dodge back as you're thrusting. For the spear its useful because the spear has such a terrible recovery time that inbetween stab misses, you need that backwards dodge spam to get out of reach of their attacks.

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  • 14 Apr

In honesty if they chose to keep Bloodlust it should just reactive Health regen on kill. Roughly to the same affect of the +60% hp regen from tenacious. It would allow players to still pile onto them and exchange blows. If they manage a kill then it just heals him over time. So if hes at low hp and makes a kill, someone can still sweep in and finish him off then a complete health reset.

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  • 14 Apr

Lets be real here.
Archers,Engineers and bad players cannot push points.

Lets hit the nail on the coffin here.

Archers typically sit back supporting their team by preventing the enemy pushing forward or giving assist damage in 1vsX or 1vs1.

Engineers usually reinforce objectives to prevent attackers from getting in as easily.

Bad players who cannot feint,morph or parry are litterally lambs to the slaughter and can be seen just as useless. If you have a good player who spends 20+ hrs in duels every week pushing forward. You can send as many grunts as you want but Bloodlust is just going to make good players even better.

I can honestly say atleast 50% of players in a lobby are fodder material and get easily wasted.

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  • 14 Apr

Sadly doesnt mate. Ive headshot many of riders within 10ft but still get smacked by a lance.

Ive had situations where the rider completely missed me and rode off but then i died moments later lol.
Hell, there was a time i did a held shield and blocked the blow even had the thunk sound against the shield but still died.

I feel like since horses are moving to quickly the hitbox of their crouched weapon and the hitbox of the horse and rider become to unstable. But i would absolutely love if arrows caused melee attacks to flinch.

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  • 10 Apr

With archery i REALLY feel like an arrow should cause flinch. When a horseman rides at you with a lance, an arrow to the head doesnt uncrouch the lance when it should. Or when a player is running at you, spamming feint until they finally release their swing. Meanwhile, point blank arrows wont interrupt their attacks.

Out of all the mechanics in the game, i think ranged weapons were left in the dark when it comes to mechanics.

Honestly thrown or ranged weapons should flinch players AND/OR remove max speed sprint from them or halt their sprint in general.

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  • 9 Apr

Lets step it up a notch and why isn't anyone talking about large two-handers able to do max damage at pointblank range. You can pin someone up against a wall but still take full damage from a halberd,zweihander,spear or any other large weapon that has no room to move.

Should make weapon range work both ways. Larger reach weapons are nonviable in severe close quarters compared to a more, short ranged weapon. Similar to the fact that large weapons get stuck by hitting sides of walls in narrow hallways.

There has been some weird occasions where i used a dagger on a spear user and his spear stopped when trying to stab at close quarters but any other weapon is like "Fuck that, lemme baseball swing for 80 damage with 2 inches of movement" Either two handers should be penalized for close range and not able to be swung or their should be another feature of damage reduction at point blank in your face range.

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  • 18 Feb

@^--^ Maximus ^--^ said:

This will all change in the next patch though, as the point system is overhauled.

what do you mean overhauled? How would it be changed? I thought that would be only for the new skirm mode with economy

Yeah I heard they were rearranging or changing the brackets weapons belong in to better balance out playstyles.

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  • 18 Feb

@ButcherGER said:

  1. My best cancer build for Invasion/Frontline is

Spear, 0 2 0 Armour, Dodge.

Thanks to the T2 torso armour buff (faster) the build is even a tiny bit faster than the 1 1 0 build I had before. Though you have to count on random headshots taking you out.

  1. Other than that I have a nice billhook build. 2 2 0, dodge, tenacious, second wind.

I definitely love the spear dodge build. it fluffs so many peoples feathers that they have no idea what to do against it most of the time. You know, ive been killed by the billhook numerous of times but never actually made a build with it. I actually just might takes yours for a spin brotha. I thank you for the idea :D

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  • 18 Feb

First thing first this is to give any new player a basic run down or examples of builds you currently use. Make sure to include the pros and cons of your build. The pros and cons can be things like what is your build directly good at defeating or what is a build that always beats you down?

I currently have 4 characters that I revolve around every game.

First is my Skirmisher shield build.


1/2/0 Armor

Arming sword

This build allows me to be quick on my feet and get up close to beat down 2 handed drag players. I can quickly go from being on the offensive to having the ability to retreat if need be with dodge and cat perks. The buckler helps soak up a lot of the stamina drains to allow me to combo morphs and feints at point blank range.

The classes I struggle the most against with this build is by far the Waraxe and executioner. When i'm point blank the super fast accels from either can throw off my blocks. Due to having no armor, a lucky headshot will bring me down.

Next is my archer


2/3/0 Armor

Recurve Bow
Short sword

This build allows me to stick to the backlines majority of the game taking pug shots and softening up the melee for friendlies. If an enemy decides to sneak around, quickly shifting to my shield with fast ripostes from the short sword will make them have a fatal error in engaging me. The class has enough armor to stand toe to toe in melee but can be beaten down if surrounded. The shield helps keep the enemies busy until either they're killed from a riposte or help arrives.

The class I struggle the most with on this is oddly enough the Heavy handaxe. Cannot tell you how many times that umbrella weapon has floated around my shield for head shots.

Third build is my favorite, the spear build.




With this build Its an amazing support build. If you can hover behind teammates charging up your thrusts then dodge to the side of them to release it. Also since most players just spam LMB when theyre in a 1 vs X scenario, it can save your ass and still land a blow from dodging out and thrusting.

Any class that is fast or if you fall for a feint can bring you to your knees on a 1vs1 due to no armor. If you practice with alt use, you can handle your own pretty well. Most players don't expect you to do stabs into overhead hits. literally 8/10 times these always work and its about a 3-4 hit kill.

Last class is me playing the "Meta" or my own taste of it

The Messer

I use it 1 handed instead of 2.



Pasive shield

The pavise shield will allow you to turn away from your opponent and begin your swing due to the shield blocking your enemies entire view. This helps greatly when you're swinging away into morphs. Considering the big damage from the Messer, you can land several hits before your enemy picks up on what you're doing. By then, you'll finish the fight with a feint.

The class i've had the hardest issue fighting with this is actually the maul. But this is literally just due to them fighting the same exact way and trying to race your swings into each other

Anyways please share builds that work well for you. This might help a novice pick out a used car that suites them than buying a brand new one they cannot afford.

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  • 8 Feb

The clashing of weapons is what makes the role of a support archer rather difficult due to players getting tossed all about. 1 second you launch an arrow at an enemy and next 2nd its your team mate complaining in chat that you accidentally killed him.

I honestly wouldn't mind if they dramatically reduced arrow damage but made the arrows unable to be parried except blocked by a shield. Even the finest swordsman couldn't stop an arrow all the time. The overall parry feature of the game can be ridiculous.

Most of the game you spend just tagging enemies and racking up assists and still sit at the bottom of the scoreboard. Unless you play a direct anti archer roll or tag out wounded enemies be prepared to sit on the bottom of the score board

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  • 6 Feb

Nice! you're one of the exceptional few who can. Obviously its player skill based but you cannot refine a weapon for the top 1% of players

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  • 6 Feb

Ive honestly been the victim to the Maul on countless times. Ive played Mordhau since it launched and its the only weapon I have an issue with. Currently atm, the only folk who I see wield the weapon is anyone over lvl 100. Ive seen a few level 200's run around with it as well.

A quick feint and overhead wins the fight all the time. Ive watched a maul user do 1vsX on many of occasions just due to bloodlust.

Some would say the Maul is a high risk, high reward weapon due to lack of armor. But considering any "oops" that you may have in fighting one, you're dead. There is no second chance with going up against a maul unlike any other weapon in the game

I believe the maul would feel more reasonable to everyone if it couldn't 1 shot a specific armor type. This would give you the chance to survive and actually fight it. Fighting a maul can be as frustrating as playing against a sniper in a video game who is currently sitting in 1 spot with his sights on your spawn time. Giving you no chance to react.

Even if you're backing up in light armor of if you use dodge, you'll still be pegged by them.

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  • 6 Feb

Id agree with the statement of archers filling a more support role instead of a direct damage dealing role.The main argument I have for a buff in projectile speed is to fulfill that support role greater. The recurve was supposed to have a faster projectile speed that the longbow(which it didwhen the game launched). Its trade off was fire speed and velocity for damage. The long bow has received 2 buffs to its projectile speed so currently it outweighs the recurve in performance atm.

Id consider myself a decent archer, one a little above average but there is some maps where you have to get dangerously close to the melee action to even get off a shot.

I had a match earlier with a recurve where I was 14/6/36 I received both the achievements of 30+ assists and 10 headshots in 1 match but to pull this off, I had to be within 25-30 ft of enemies at times just to land that many shots accurately.

When you see two people clashing, the amount of knock back even off parrying, throws off your arrow causing you to hit a friendly instead of an enemy. If you don't know what I mean, watch two players fight each other from a distance and watch how far they knock each other back from just parrying.

If anything, I would be happy if they reverted the old parry mechanic. This allowed archers to shoot at a players feet, through their parries unless them crouched or aimed their weapons down.

When a shield user would come at you, you were able to tag his feet and now you cant even if the shield isn't being used to block atm.

The introduction of the Brazier was a nice feature to the toolbox. I believe it gives your arrows +5 damage as burn damage. Definitely helps your melee teammates due to once you're hit by this, your screen is slightly obscured. Id love an introduction of other arrow types. Even if it forced you to use 1 perk point

If anyone does play archer here, id love to get a group together.


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  • 4 Feb

The problem with the recurve is the weapon does less damage if its not at full drawn shot which makes its rapid fire mechanic a little useless. It currently take more then 5 shots to put down a t3 if not fired at full drawn.

Landing 4-5 consecutive shots can prove to be challenging when pitted against actual good melee players.

The Koreans absolutely loved the recurve or composite bow. It was an absolute killing machine that could handle the same poundage as an English longbow but in a much smaller form. It was known as the primary weapon of their armies.

The damage overall I can tolerate 4-5 on T3 but considering that they buffed parry where it covers them from head to toe makes archery difficult. Before, you could tag players in their lower legs because they couldn't parry the shots from that low. It was great at taking down shield users due to their legs being exposed.

Id say the ability to parry an arrow should be an advanced skill and not everyone should beable to do it. Which means increasing the projectile speed of arrows.

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  • 4 Feb

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, my stupid self forgot to proof read so bare with me.

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  • 4 Feb

I believe by the end of the 1500-1600's the main thing that made archery and crossbows obsolete is that even with armor piercing armors they couldn't penetrate the armor. By then armor crafting was so advanced and thick that even spears had difficulty going through it. The only way to kill someone in full plate by this year was if you could afford a rifle or stabbing him in the open spots in the armor(eyes, arm pits, behind the legs)

I definitely feel like huntsman should be reworked. I kinda like the idea that it knocks the bow out of their hands. While 3 shots from a longbow sounds like its unfair. There is many ways to country a bow. Either sudden movements to the side, timed parries, swinging your weapon, shields.

cannot tell you how many times ive had a knight come directly at me and still manage to parry my arrows. Id even bait them and fire after they parry and they just side step or do some weird movement mechanic with their mouse looking in a different direction causing the arrow to miss.

In honest opinion T3 armor overall is in a bad spot. the armor difference from T1 to T2 is a massive improvement. T2 to T3 is barely anything. Many of the melee weapons people already use 2 hit kill bodies even in T3. I feel like T3 needs a buff overall in damage reduction. But there is a balance.

Id make T3 armor more restrictive on movement but be able to take a lot more hits. Its shameful that swords can 2 shot a plate user when plate completely makes swords useless lol.

Chase mechanic shouldn't exist for anyone wielding T3 armor. Cannot tell you how many times a fully armored knight came after me when I was in T1 or less. Also decrease the parry hit box. Before, you could shoot someone in the foot or leg as an archer. Now they made it so parries block everything from head to toe.

That was our winning situation against shield users, pegging them in the legs but now you cant.

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  • 1 Feb

How about the Spectrum or Ranseur Spear. They were designed with side blades on the spear meant to trap enemy weapons against their bodies and allowing you to still stab a person during a chamber regardless if they swing again.220px-Ranseurs.jpg

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  • 1 Feb

First off I thank everyone for coming here. A little background, Im an Archer main. Meaning I have one of the hardest jobs on the field. To put damage down range to assist team mates in taking down targets. This leads to archers having x2 or x3 the amount of assists than of their kills.

Next, I feel Archers overall are in a very weird spot due to the choice of their weapons. Currently we have access too.

6(7 Huntsman) point Recurve bow-7,700 projectile speed
25 Heavy
26 Medium
40 light

7(8 Huntsman) point Crossbow 8,350 projectile speed
40 heavy
42 Medium
50 Light

11(12 Huntsman) point Longbow 8,100 projectile speed
34 Heavy
36 Medium
50 Light

Here Is what the problem with an archer was.

The Recurve and Crossbow are in line with the average weapons point cost on the field. Least the most common 5-8 point melee weapons players build around.

The big issue is the Longbow. The longbow feels more like another form of the Peasant perk than an actual weapon cost.
If you own a longbow build, you're losing 12 points out of 16 alone on a weapon due to huntsman. You either choose a dagger and a few rags as armor or run around armor less with a slightly better melee weapon/perk.

Logically, the Crossbow is the strongest and easiest weapon to use. its so easy a peasant could use it. The amount of risk/reward of using a longbow is next to nothing. You have to land 3 consecutive hits on a player to make a kill. Not counting if they're skilled and just parry your arrow. If you're firing at a skilled player, you will literally waste 11-12 gear points just to be a free kill.

Now most players will be like "Well stop aiming at players coming at you and aim for players unaware" Due to arrow speeds, it can be rather difficult to land an arrow on a moving player especially if they're fighting another. Forcing you to play much closer than comfort asks for

Now there is some players out there who can out perform anyone with any weapon. These players can land headshots on non aware targets etc.

For the very low damage increase of the longbow, it should cost 8 points and not 11. 11 Seems way to much for such a small bump in damage considering it shouldn't even be considered in the same tier as a halberd or zweihander.

Then, they recently boosted the projectile speed of the crossbow and longbow. In reality, the recurve was by far a faster bow(shooting speed, fps and distance) Its a shame that the recurve is literally laughable and is just considered a place holder for a "cheap bow".

Also being able to shoot a half drawn arrow shouldn't be a thing just because the damage is nerfed heavily. I've put over 5 arrows into a lvl 3 armor player with a recurve before as he just walked away due to the nerfed damage of a half draw arrow on an already weak bow.

Arrow damage should do the same regardless of half drawn. Just like all melee weapons do the same damage whether they're dragged or being hit with a zweihander at point blank range.

melee has a kinda unfair advantage in that regard.

overall I feel like the arrow projectile speed needs to be brought down or switched with the recurve. or a longbow should do a lot more damage due to its point cost.

Currently its almost better off using two javelins and a melee weapon than ever wielding a longbow.