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Please god devs keep the experimental hitstops. The amount of times I have died trying to parry and the enemy hit their ally is countless. It even makes it more punishing to gang up on one person because if you hit your ally you have a chance of hitting multiple friendlies.

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This game sucks ass. Please god nerf my executioner sword into the ground further that would be great. I'm convinced these fuckwit devs have yet to even use this weapon because if they did they would realize that the enemy can parry twice if you feint them. imagine getting a beautiful chamber off and follow up with a perfect feint and another attack. Now imagine your enemy throwing a parry up at your feint. He has left himself wide open for a swing right? Nope not at all actually because retards decided the exec wasn't slow enough so they increased the windup and turncap to give your opponent enough time to parry a second time totally negating any use of the chamber, feint, or morph.

P.S. Fuck you