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@TombstoneJack said:
nah even when bannerlord comes out mordhau will be fine mordhau is for first person sword fighting and bannerlord is about building a small army each game has their own unique gameplay the only reason people even compare the two is because

game has sword...….same game

the army thing is just the single player part, but there is a multiplayer as well.
there is also a first person view, 3rd person is just the default option (because it offers a better vision).
attack-wise bote games are quite same. different attack angles (but mount and blade has only four), feints, chambers, kicks.

the defense part is a bit different. in mordhaud you try to mess up the timing of your opponent. in mount and blade you try to mess up his parry angle.

personally, i like way of mount and blade a bit better. sure the animations are quite stiff but the combat has a better flow. in mordhau you miss your timing and then you stand there and can do nothing. i understand the reason why but it still does feel awkward.