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I appreciate that everyone has their view on gameplay and im not going to be one to give you a "get better at the game" advice slip from your ponderings.

  1. The reason that i and many others love Mordhau is because my game-time is limited and i greatly appreciate not having to wait 5 mins for a matchmaking timer or 30 seconds for a respawn timer. I can legitimately spend the majority of my time actually in the action. waiting for 30 seconds its not fun for anyone, so lets not penalise the many for the recklessness of the few. I for one try to get the best KD i can, that is the game for me. Others like to spam death for the sake of an objective. Neither really affect my gaming experience because it doesnt matter who wins in this game, its just about having fun however you can.

  2. The maul exists its time people got over this. Theres nothing forcing you to fight people with a maul, you can block and back off as much as you like. if they got no armour you can 1 shot them as well so.

  3. unfortunately, the game would be extraordinarily easy without feints. If you start doing some duels with a friend and just try to feint each other you will get used to reacting to them.

  4. pretty sure they did this at the beginning with trix

  5. this is probably the most credible of your rants. Objective points really do need to be more rewarding. ive stood on the cart for well over 2 minutes only to get 16 points every 15 seconds or something ridiculous.

and the vote kicking is a big issue for me.

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  • 5 Mar

have winners been announced yet? its been over a week... i assume its coming with the next patch?

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@Duckalot said:
Well it clearly says "Feb 12th-26th", so dont know what you expected.
Good pics tho.

Oh i thought it was to the 28th :(

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NOOOOOoooooo please accept my submissions
Guess i have to post my submissions here.
for battle royale/duel: