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Honestly if you're looking for other races outside of the standard European list, we'll need the armor variations of those nationalities first.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I fall to down to other people's level where they have more experience

@Lionheart Chevalier
I am THE shield main.

What are devs going to do to facilitate defensive styled players then? I may be new, but the way I see it, what happened here is an outright removal of a playstyle. While it may not be mine (as I'm more of the rogue type) what's to stop people from begging to take out sneakthiefs next? What's to stop people from removing all the ranged next? Stuff like this screams "slippery slope" that should be avoided at all costs.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
We should just remove shields from the game

Yeah yeah we get it.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Dodging forward was suggested to make Dodge more useful. I don't know whether that was considered by the devs though.

Honestly, if dodge doesn't have iframes it should be affected by acrobat too.

I would love an 8-directional dodge.

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Honestly, all flinch and stop should be brought back for hitting teammates.

Let the LMB warriors get auto kicked every match.

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@Quenquentthebabysitter said:

@LaughingRaven said:
haven't seen a lot of maps where scattering out into 1v1s is more beneficial.

Imagine such map in a 32 vs 32 scenario. All that will make is stacking everyone in a small corridor with no place to fight. For such map to work, you would have to pretty much make 32 small corridors that could host 2v2 or even 3v3 fights.

Actually the best scenario is a very, very open map with lots of roaming free ground. You'll have two groups that main the objective, but enough space for secondary objectives for smaller groups. This also allows more freedom of roles.

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Before I enter regular matches I have a few healthy rounds of 1v1 deathmatch vs a bot as just a sort of warmup. I'm new so it's basically just working on the muscle memory.

There are some bots that are pants-on-head idiotic while there are a few that feint, morph, and don't react to my feints and morphs. One time I actually had to get them to 0 stamina just to knock the weapon out of their hand it was that long.

I'd rather warm up against the latter because of how unforgiving pvp is now but no such option is out there.

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@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
I can’t say dude I don’t use either weapons to kill foes, only as finishers and cleaver in tight corridors on my messer character.

While dagger isn’t as insane as cleaver it’s not crap either, it’s like estoc or rapier you just need to trick your opponent, get an opening and pressure them with the attack speed. Sure you will have a hard time with 1vX but it’s still a decent secondary/finisher.

The problem then sounds also like a map design issue. All the maps really like their wide swing arcs, haven't seen a lot of maps where scattering out into 1v1s is more beneficial.

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Russian armor:

Saracen Armor

Polish Hussar

Persian Bear Paw

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The only way to make night mode useful is to disable the H key, which probably won't happen as blue team really looks like red team when wounded sometimes. That and if you have no cloth on your figure you can't tell what team they're on.

I would really, really like more lenience for folk to be stealthy or sneaky. Just something, anything that is more than just "sit in a bush for a little bit".

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I play a lot of being a stupid dagger-wielding, firebombing hollow and couldn't help but notice how outright not useful dodge is with weapons that outrange yours. Its almost a bad joke, I'd have to burn two or three dodge uses to back out of range of a riposte simply because I have to be able to lean forward at any time and give the enemy a smooch if I use short weapons. It's literally a million times better to become more accustomed to chambering if you have a smaller weapon.

Maybe sidestep dodge is where I'm supposed to focus if I have shorter weapons? Then again, I find it hard to believe sidestep dodge could be more useful when weapon swing arcs are near 300 degrees.

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@esturias said:
The maps rarely allow sneaking around, most of them are too small. You need good map knowledge to be effective.

I've...noticed this sadly.
The only maps that really facilitate this are Xroads and the new Castle map. I especially like the new castle map. Everyone wants to fight at the ice place or the small hamlet though for "an easy win" however. These maps are just meat grinders designed to make the braindead LMB 2-handers salivate more on their keyboards more than usual.

I just really, really hope that some future consideration would be made towards solidifying some of the more uncanny or uncommon class archetypes too.

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@Bluhman said:
Deep Pockets (1) - Increases the ammo of all ranged weapons held by x1.5 (rounded down).
For maps where ammo boxes are scarce (i.e. Feitoria Siege Tower segment), or for builds that specialize in ranged skirmishing harassment to the backlines via throwables. For ranged-devoted builds that always go Huntsman/Ranger for bows, this would introduce an alternative of Huntsman/Deep Pockets that'd cater more to throw-based builds.
x1.5 ammo rounded down's the amount I decided on since this means it wouldn't give extra ammo to some popular fire-and-forget weapon choices such as Firebomb.

Cavalier (1) - Locations where horses spawn are marked on the map when picking spawn location. Locations show up as icons that display time until a new horse spawns.
Helps reduce collision case where you might spot a horse on the spawning map - at the same time as another player. Two players, one horse, one player takes the horse and then the other one has to cross way more distance on foot to reach the battle. People with the Cavalier trait can spawn in in advance to pre-empt people who don't have the perk for priority usage of horses.

Vanguard (2) - No movement speed reduction while shield is raised.
Choice for anti-ranged melee builds that want to rush down harassing archers/marksman without being hit with projectiles. Note that it does not and should not improve turn radius - once in range shield users should use their parries as normal.

Siege Engineer (3) - Can visualize and plot out the trajectory of Large Ballistae and Catapults in advance. When using these devices, they reload 50% faster and deal 50% less damage to allies.
Catapult-focused perk that should help minimize cross-fire mishaps, and improve aiming with the weapons without having to make test shots (similar display to Crossroads mortar).
Note the benefit of a faster reload requires the Siege Engineer to stay on the device, meaning they have more potential to be ambushed.

Morale (4) - When you land a kill, allies nearby your victim regain 12 health.
Essentially grants half the melee-kill heal to nearby allies. Works with both melee and ranged builds, and can help mitigate possible risks of kill-stealing denying an ally a health benefit. High cost as it's a burst of healing that can apply to many targets at once without any action consequences like using a bandage or medkit.

Southpaw (1) - You're left-handed.
Essentially mirrors your model/animations and will alter the physics/hit areas of your attacks accordingly. Potential to throw off people in melee?

I really like deep pockets but for ranged throwers it should just be double ammo. You barely get any throwing ammo to start out with anyway. Only exceptions should be firebombs.

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So I've started to enjoy myself running around and flanking with a light weapon and light armor but lots of gear and perks. Its pretty fun for me to run around behind enemy lines, start a chase on the rooftops, or torment a backline of archers and wounded and engineers.

But my KD is nothing good. Being a soft mobile Target is basically the games hardmode. I generally don't run friendly because of how much flanking I do and 2 handers have absolutely no consideration for teammates.

What are some fun tips for being a sneakthief?

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@esturias said:

@SoRoofless said:
Glad to see that the fun police is out in full force.

That depends on your understanding of "fun".
Again: What about Venetian masks for armored knights? Jester outfits, so that the trolls don't need to run around naked? Or maybe a ruff collar? Would look lovely on plate armor.

All of these are good things.
They could use the "historically accurate" plague doctor mask if they want. But I like my birb beaks.

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@esturias said:

@SoRoofless said:
Plus plague doctor stuff is historically relevant.

For knights and other military units? No, not at all. That "stuff" was used by few special doctors, not knights. And we don't have a medic/doctor class, we just have guys throwing around medkits.
You can twist and turn it as much as you want - it doesn't fit and would just look stupid.

If we get a medic class in the future, with some special equipment bound to it for better recognition, I'd be ok with it. Even if we still have nothing that "explains" it. But as long as every idiot would be allowed to run around with a rather special piece of equipment like that... no. No, thanks.

And having people running around with heavy armor only on the head is? Or using throwing knives against people in plate? Or a slash based kitchen knife three shotting plate wearers? I don't think we can use historical relevance as an argument with this game.

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Actually, another idea.
Why not have it so certain attacks to the head have a chance if knocking someone out?

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@123mop said:

Honestly I think there needs to be more ragdolling.

Oh. Move along folks nothing to see here, he's just trolling.

This game is already Monty Python, we need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

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@Atlas-D said:
So what makes you think you're qualified to have balance opinions and opinons on the state of the game?

Because I'm a fresh set of eyes and appeal to seniority is a logical fallacy.

Good. As intended. Shields used to promote bad gameplay and made the game especially boring, turning it into a stamina drain game. They are also extremely overpowered for new players against other new players. Now they're experimenting with making them have a purpose but not completely defend against all drags, accels, feints, morphs and kicks (you could hold S as you blocked to avoid the kick).

Still, if they are so obnoxious why not just make them cost more points? Make it so if the guard is dropped or beaten it's more punishing. All it does is says, "don't use drags and accels at me" from what a lot of forum posters read. Plus there's also the old adage that, "if you're not doing damage and hard to kill people are going to ignore you in the game". Or is there something else besides just a lack of tactics here?

Plus why not treat things similar to how there's multiple approaches to horsemen? A billhook can pull a rider off, a spear can spook the horse and stop it on a dime. Why not have halberds expose shield users if they're blocking? Why not have another weapon type that is designed to hit around shields? There were many in history...

Light armor is for when you got a big weapon/perks and you can't afford real armor. There are also a few select duel/frontline builds that capitalize on mobility but yes they are the exception. They have however started buffing lighter armors, medium armor now as the same movement penalty as light armor so you're encouraged to use lighter armor in some circumstances/builds.

Couldn't they also make it so other features of movement benefit from light armor? In other games heavy armor also makes a huge racket when moving. Not that the game supports sneaky types but it could assist there.

The maul is a shit 1v1 weapon because you can dodge it by backrunning, ducking and just moving a lot. As for the exe sword, they nerfed it the latest patch. Furthermore, both these weapons have a glaring weakness of being unable to combo, which means when they miss you get a free hit.

Do they get hyper armor or anything? I can't seem to break people out of heavy strikes if I'm using a quicker weapon.

Refer to previous post about armor. However builders are exceptionally useful in frontline/invasion and I don't see why you think they aren't, especially when you have the heavy hand axe (which hammer side can repair buildings). You can block off objectives and protect important locations to deadly effect. When you got a good enough team you can even set up a turret and get some good kills in. You can be a battle medic with the medic bags, which are SUPER USEFUL from my experience, especially when I'm packing heavy armor without bloodlust. Lay them on tthe point and your team can go back to heal whenever they need to.

Whenever I play a builder it feels like the enemy drops everything to gung ho at me only to have the team I'm with wait for me to get smashed before dropping by later. Or with other nonsense horizontal swinging tk'ing bs.

The better you get at the game and better you understand the nuance of this game, the more you will disagree with that above paragraph. When you go beyond the basics and really grasp how the game is played you will not want to play those other playstyles and like us, and you will safeguard the core gameplay against unnecessary outside influences that threaten the gameplay (not against change but resistant).

I found fancy in this game based around it's larger scale medieval stuff. It reminded me of a sort of historical combined arms game (such as squad and the Battlefield series). I want there to be large scale fights with flaming arrows, boulders from trebuchets and warhorses stomping around. When you make everything based around nuance of the core combat you remove the ability to build on the grand scale. You slash classes, disrupt tactics, and make everything samey to where the only deciding factor is how good someone is with a Messer. There should always be a whole list of alternative gameplay styles compared to the core that fit into a team game or else you get a situation like PlanetSide Arena where they DID remove all of the auxillary gameplay and just made it core shooter gameplay over the combined arms style open combat. Wanna know what happened? It just recently shut down and the devs are backpedaling onto the primary game it came from. That is why I am concerned, because there is something going for this game and all I've seen as of late is funneling into the "nothing but core" which creates just this boring, competitive, duels only game.

Furthermore, there are plenty of viable weapons in the meta, just about half of the weapons are viable.

Half is better than a third I guess...

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@Humble Staff said:
I can get behind that. Silence has been the go to answer too everytime the quarterstaff is brought up.
But more than a buff, I would like a rework, because the current identity for the staff is "very long and fast but low damage 1 point weapon". A buff would mean to change some numbers to better accomplish this identity, and honestly, it sucks. We need a rework, the staff shouldn't be a silly meme stick. I shouldn't have to bash someone in plate 4 or 5 times to kill him with a heavy pole while I could grab a fucking kitchen knife and kill him with 3 slashes to his breastplate. Seriously, it's retarded.

Try being someone who used to do martial arts as a hobby and people say "lol it's just wood". My tonfa would like a word with you. Honestly, imho the Quarterstaff should be a 3 point weapon with med damage, high speed and med range. Acting more like a sword on the shorter alt, and more like a spear on the longer alt.

Also I'm perpetually sad I can only hit with one side of the weapon. Seriously, this and with every other pole weapon in the game, let me strike with a "wake up" on the opposite side of the blade it is 300% viable to do such.