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  • 12 Jan '20

Why are toolboxes being changed to build faster, with no changes to destroying the buildings or reduction to repairing? This one seems like a big mistake. A builder could already throw down constructions faster than someone could land a hit on all of them, so they could build a wall directly in front of you and you couldn't do anything about it. Same to repairing, where they can sit and repair their barricades and you need two or more people with wrecker to break them down. Sometimes that isn't even possible. Sitting around hitting wooden walls to occupy a builder and allow someone else to break a wooden wall elsewhere is not engaging or fun gameplay.

But it is strategic and encourages a team to work together. This is good.

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  • 31 Dec '19

I don't usually post in forums, but registered here to leave some feedback about the changes to shields.
I am an avid shield user, my main build includes the kite shield and bastard sword. I'm level 93 and most of that has been done with shield.

I love the game dynamics a few good shields can bring to a frontline or even a TDM, skirmish, or when groups are forming loose alliances in deathmatch.
With the kite shield, I used to be able to get in deep to the fight, hold an area and hold off 2 or 3 enemy for a good 8 to 10 seconds, while praying for teammates or buddy to show up to help before stamina drains. Fighting multiple enemies or controlling an area or guarding/pushing the objective was the niche for the shield, in my opinion.

Since the patch, not being able to hold up my large shields, and the miniscule time it stays up when blocking makes the shield all but useless except in 1v1. The hold option (R) is only good for standing in a static position blocking projectiles, but is not useful for fighting as a group or as a shield wall.

The current patch 15 changes don't seem to make sense. The held block has been split from the block and bound to the same key as throw short sword. This makes no sense. The held block now essentially immobilizes a character and does not allow quick reactions, let alone stabbing over the shields (yes, my buddies and I play Roman, valid legion tactic).
I don't have an answer, but currently, in my opinion, the shields have been broken.
Perhaps allowing the shield block to be held for several seconds, enough to take multiple blows while retreating, or waiting for guy beside to jump in and help.