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colision glitch with unarmed and full speed characters. Theyer hands have more reach than normal. Unarmerd characters should have take more dmg from any weapons. Realistic swordplay you say. You have failed in tern of realism. But its normal for slow developed idiots like you using ue4 , with have increthable networking problems. Thius game is worst money spending shit i've ever made. PLayer base speak well about your product shit.

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  • 28 Dec '19

This is not parry preventing block animation. This is lack of developers to morph animation sequences . Dont believe of this bullshits. They cannot morph parry to random animation and they lie that they lock every animation after parry. This is not input lag guys. I tested it. The true is that Triternion are nothink more than money grabbers.

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  • 25 Dec '19

Full heavy forward speed penalty doesn't work with dagger stab.
Rapier parry properties are unrealistic. Parryin slash type attacks. If you not press parry with Large Swords they lose sometime theyer collision boxes (enemy slashes trought phisical model of sword without collide)
Player models lose collision when stab with short spear or other stabbing weapon.
Player model collision meshes sometimes does not react oh hits (this prevent hit detection).
Controls sometime does not trigger animations , respectivly events (this is not hardware problem , tested with several configurations (mostly see on morphing upper to stab using mouse wheels))
Random delays (in most cases even untriggering events bounded to lower strikes).

Guys are you sure you know what you do? This is mostly development issues wich you didnt fix. I should not break my 200 EUR mouse couse someone from you studio doesnt do his job.