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This post is made to address two problems I often see in servers.

First, ping will gradually increase as the player count increases. On an empty server I get 24-28 ping while on a full server of 48 players I get 36-40 ping. This is an average difference of 12 ping between a full and empty server. I understand the server would be under a heavier load with more players, but why does this slow down the transfer of information?

Second, ping ingame will commonly "spike", often increasing to 72-80 from the normal 36-40. These spikes are very frequent when they do start occurring, often happening 3-4 time a minute. This "ping spiking" is so common for me that it is happens more frequently than the ping behaving normally. This is extraordinarily frustrating becasue it is impossible to develop proper timing when the ping keeps changing and thus necessitating a change in block and chamber timing.

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@thecamguy I would support the inclusion of a perk to prevent ragdolling from bear traps. Having it be a 2 cost perk would also help round-out builds that cannot use all their perk points.

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Hello, my name is Boboknight11. I have been playing Mordhau for several months and have accumulated over 500 hours in the game, most of which is in frontline. Throughout my 500 hours I have notice many small annoyances and inconveniences that might have easy remedies which would greatly improve the overall experience if fixed. Below is a list I have compiled of these minor changes and a few larger suggestions that could also better the game.

General Improvements:

-Add a "brawl" gamemode. this would be the same as frontline/invasion but the following things would be disallowed or removed: Horses, all dedicated ranged weapons (bows, javalins, throwing axes, etc.), all forms of seige weapons (catapults, ballsitas, and mortors), and ballistas from the tool box.

There is a great variety of items and weapons that can kill players without them being able defend themselves or even know they are being attack. Some of the most infamous examples are being killed by a catapult while in a teamfight (the catapult player killing both enemy and friendly) and siege ballistas being backcapped by the enemy and then used to spawn kill. A "brawl" gamemode would allow for players to experience and practice the core of the game, melee fighting, without random things killing them.

-Give ALL the starter loadouts friendly.

The players who use these loadouts are likely unable to properly control their swings and should be giving the friendly perk to reduce their team damage and also prevent them from getting teamkilled (which is a frustrating experience for a new player).

-Allow Heros/Nobles to cleave through teammates.

The area around Heros is one of the most congested places on the battlefield. Speaking from experience, It can be very difficult trying to kill the one man who sneaked though your team's frontline and is attacking you while 5 of your teammates are all tripping over eachother and body blocking everyone's attacks including yours. Allowing Heros to cleave through teammates would make playing them much more enjoyable and less frustrating while also preventing the Hero's team from accidentally getting their Heros killed.

-Don't give mounted players the speed damage bonus when hitting teammates.

Horses often have a difficult time aiming their attacks on horses and the damage bonus from speed is frequently enough to oneshot a teammate even through the 50% damage reduction to teammates that exists in frontline. The removal or reduction of the speed damage bonus with respect to teammates would help prevent these accidental teamkills.

-Make unblocked couched hits on teammates deal only 30 damage and have blocked couched hits from teammates deal no damage, and cost no stamina.

Same general reasoning as above. This would punish the player less for their teammate's bad aim and poor control.

-Make the first few frames of a swing, that would normally be able to hit an enemy in a "backswing", pass through teammates.

It is very difficult to comprehend what's happening in frontline. Strangely, teammates are often far more difficult to predict. They can run into the backswing of your weapon causing your swing to stop almost instantly after release becasue your teammate, who was offscreen, absorbed your swing. The player often has no idea their teammate is behind them and capable of absorbing the attack, but they are punished anyway.

-Smooth out the collisioning on the floor of frontline/invasion maps to prevent "this small rock is milimeters too high for me to step over." and getting stuck which requires kicking walls, crouching out, or seppuku to escape.

There are numerous examples of strange bumps and collision boxes that either prevent players from walking over small objects or can trap the player inside trees (Taiga is infamous for this). I would ask the maps be looked over to remove unnecessary objects on the floor that can prevent the player from walking over small object and to modify the collision boxes that have been trapping players since day 1.

-Make swinging through an enemy and hitting a teammate do a glancing blow.

I don't feel like this situation is really anyone's fault. You can't really blame the player who swung and successfully hit the enemy and you can't blame the player who was trying to help with the fight but was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Most players will take a hit on the enemy regardless if it will result in hitting a teammate on the follow through. I cannot fault them for this becasue is most cases it is the correct move for both them and their team. This also makes logical sense becasue if you've already gotten your hit you wouldn't be putting the full force of your body into your swing anymore.

-Make bear traps stay after death (honestly do not know why this is not already the case)

Bear trap are already limited to 4 per player. Why do they need to despawn after death? Engineers keep their buildings after death which can be equally as lethal in the case of a flaming ballista or well placed spikes. It can also be very difficult and dangerous to reach some of the best bear trap spots, especially when on attack. Dying after spending your entire life trying to place good traps is very disheartening.

Fun Suggestions:

-Add the ability to throw bear traps on R, they would have extremely limited range, like the maul, and would do damage based on armor level and hit location. (imaging throwing a bear trap at someone's naked head and watching it get snapped off)

Just to make the bear trap more interesting and a more dynamic weapon. Also, it would be hilarious.

-Make medic bags flinch but also allow them to be blocked. They still deal zero damage.

Just as a small defensive measure for players who run medic bag only builds. Also, good for some harmless trolling.

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