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So I've fought a handful of people who've worked out how to make a stab attack that is literally un-chamberable. It seems like if you aim your stab wide on purpose and then re-target at the last second, as your stab is finishing, it will hit you (dealing full damage) but is impossible to chamber. Not entirely sure why, but I guess its because you cant look at the tip of their weapon because it's beside you in the wind-up and early release, then suddenly inside/behind you at the end of their release.

It's kinda dumb that chambering becomes useless because then you're left with parrying as your only form of defence, which can be feinted or morphed or whatever. My point being that taking chambering out play really screws with the balance of the game

I suppose you might argue that you could just turn 90 degrees to your opponent and run, trying to dodge away from his stab but in heavy armour that's not likely to work because he will still be able to flick to your lumbering body, and again you are basically just gambling that he won't morph into a slash or feint - which you won't be able to see if you're running away from him.

Is this the kinda thing that might get fixed soon? and until then, anyone else encountered a similar playstyle?

Oh and one last thing: I know its not a "git gud" kinda thing because I've been trying to use chambers a lot, and I've gotten chambering stabs down pretty tidily - a normal stab attack I can chamber with no problems, but I have never chambered one of these weird side-stab things.