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  • 4 Dec '19

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
War axe 2htk any Torso with such blinding speed is unnecessary. At least in chivalry dub axe required really good footwork to be a devastating 1vX weapon... and even then, you had to land specifically overheads for that 2htk T3 torso.

Mordhau War axe allows you to keep button mashing for free kills in team fights. No skill required and no punishment for constant team damage.

Also why does everything with really good slash damage but meh stab damage has to have a really fast stab to make their, already powerful morphs, even more dangerous? Can't a shitty stab simply be a shitty stab?

The worst part is, if you add the perk for stamina on kill, you just can swing forever

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  • 3 Dec '19

Hi all

I have noticed after coming back after a long hiatus, that the smaller weapons seem more useless in engagements, it seems you just need a war axe / zweihander or however its spelt just wo in 99.99% of engagements requiring no skill, I use to use light weapons and armor to outflank and challenge enemies with these big weapons, but now it seems i swing slower than they do.

I personally feel like 2 handed weapons should take longer to swing & reswing before just throwing a volley at someone with a light weapon, as a dagger should be more formiddable if they actually get close.

I know people will likely disagree just because of the meta, i am use to this type of treatment from every other game where there is a meta and the suggestion just gets overlooked, but honestly, i feel like there is no reason to use other weapons as you are outclassed by 2 handed weapons such as zweihander and the war axe