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Now with server location selection impossible, it is often the case that even on evenings I land on server that I have avg ping 90-110. Before I could at least join empty Warsaw server and wait. Average pings on Warsaw servers - 60-80, so more like it.

Pls either bring back manual server selection or implement better dynamic server selection. E.g. during a game a popup "Do you want to switch to server with a better ping? (Warning: you might have to wait for more players to join).

Its really sad that such long time after release the game is almost unplayable.

EDIT: Ok now I see how you can still select manually a server. Just tagged Europe all. So have to base on pings, which can be misleading (one time ping check on server list). Dudes do sth about optimal server selection.

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  • 26 Mar

I dont see maul nor cleaver nerf. But good shields were buffed.

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  • 10 Mar

I hope you working on that, because as I said for a Polish player, only Warsaw is now playable server. It used to be better before, used to have like 70-90 ping on Frankfurt. Now spikes up to 110 or more.

Before ppl who like to post, not reading properly the topic content. I'm not talking about the ping due to internet connection, I'm talking about the ping difference between let's say when there are 2/64 on the server and 64/64. This ping difference is about 20-30 on average as of my observations. And again totally no talking about spikes due to e.g. my ISP - because when playing on Warsaw server I can more less assume that my ISP is stable, so when seeing ping difference on e.g. Frankfurt, its not that much affected by my ISP. If the number of the players affects the ping, it is obviously matter of software or data center hardware apart from internet connection. So pls fix the hell those ping spikes due to number of players on the server!!!