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  • 6 Apr

Hello everyone, it’s been fun. I played the game now, and I honestly sick with lack of progress. The lack of updates, and the new horrible map.

I invite you to come play bannerlord with me. Later all, and good luck

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  • 1 Apr

Pointing out a easy win in new map
I am one of the few players who have yet quad into it. Doing this i been getting to top of leader board in phase 2 in matter of 30-40 seconds.

It revolves the use of the mounted crossbow. When players are charging to point 2, and you defend the cart. You can place the crossbow on the inside door, and unload like a machine gun, and it kills everyone

The enemy can’t approach as they get gunned down instant. Me and my friend, set up 2 mounted crossbows and we alone held the fort for ENTIRE Time. We had the team just set as archers and had a few people around us to make sure no one takes of our head.

You can do same as attacking. It’s ashame as I do not see anyone using this trick

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  • 29 Mar

That’s very true, the game is very chaotic. I feel like that’s an easy fix thou. And then implement something like that. To make it not chaotic you need to do 4 things.

1) Make the objectives not focus on being that guy who charges in and if is lucky is successful. Example: bring the barrels to the cart, load the cart, burn the corpses

There objectives require one player to do X and get lucky that there is not 20 people monkey guarding the objective. This is bad game design. There should be progressive check points.

So to fix the storm the keep. Add 10 Land marks. That if players catch will give them those spawn points rather then just 3. This would mean players have more tactical reasons to do objective rather then charge until they capture

2) Give us options to make our on routes, by making parts of the map destructible. Aka let us make cannons or baristas with lets say 4-5 engineers so that we can hit a wall, and make a new tunnel. Now we can flank enemies to the objective and win.

3) Provide gold and exp boosts to those who do objective. When you do objective you get like 30 points o score. When I can kill one person and get more. This must change. The longer I help with objective the more points I should get. Like in BF2 if your squad lives on objective point, they gain more points longer and longer

4) don’t make the objectives facking boring. No I do not want to push a cart moving at 3mm a second. No I don’t want to carry boxes. Give us something better then that

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  • 28 Mar

The idea behind is to create a sense of cohesion.

The archer combo makes a firing squad essentially around the skull. The horses charge is to create a feeling of charging with an entire group through enemies with lances, etc etc.

It is designed to help streamline objective play, as the more you play in a unit the easier it gets. And as such you gain more tools, power and resources to win

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  • 28 Mar

A skull is not an item- its just the person who is leading with tier 3 abilities. So lets say i got a kill streak of 20. I would have a giant red skull floating above my head.

If i had allies build around me, lets say 20M and do the above, it would activate the condition.

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  • 28 Mar

Hello, so taking a break from mordhau to return- the game seems better. At least performance wise then it was.

To make game better, i feel like we need to personalize the game just a bit. Most games of this nature, allow you to alter how you do damage, or provide utility as you get stronger.

How does it work?

When you use a weapon, you gain XP bar. One for each weapons. You 10 points for a head kill, 6 points for a kill, and 1 point for assist or damaging an enemy. The first 10 levels are 100 points.

They unlock rank 1 feats. These feats are free in game, the moment you spawn in they are active.

Bow: Quick draw- Rank 1 [+0.100MS draw] Speed flight rank 1 [+0.10% arrow speed]
All spears/ pointy weapons- Rank 1 BloodLet [+10 bleed for 6 seconds head hit not stab]
Maces/ Clubs- Air tide Rank 1 [allows to throw weapon 1-2M]
Axes/ knifes- assassinate [hits from behind +10% damage]

These feats would upgrade up to rank 5- and would increase by 0.5, 0.8, 0.15, 0.33, 0.66 cumulative

Rank 2- abilities would unlock after maxing out the skill bars of rank 1-5. These would require 1000 points for first 30 levels. This is were things get interesting. To activate these feats you must kill 1 enemy, then they activate for 5 seconds, +X(2) at level modifier. Every 10 levels you would upgrade the trait, to max of 3. You can choose up to 2 traits.

Bow- Poison arrow [ignore armor for all next shots], blunt arrow [knocks enemy down as if they fell of a horse- 1 second]
All spears/ pointy weapons- Stone plate [on block, can charge- at =30% speed run in a straight line] [or Rank 2 BloodLust]
Maces/ Clubs- Templars charge [heal you 10% of damage done by stab] or Air tide Rank 2 [throw up to 8m]
Axes/ knifes- Disarming strike [if enemy blocks 3 times in row- his weapon is knocked out] or assassinate rank 2

Rank three abilities are the strongest. They allow you to crush all enemies. To activate you need to achieve a kill streak of 10. If you die it resets. Your kill streak shall be shown in skull. All players can see- and will try to kill you. Your damage and health will boost by 100(x) kill and armor by 3(x) kill. Who ever kills you takes your power and continues the streak

Bows- Summon Balista or give all archers fire arrows for 30 seconds
Axes: Bloodlust- all allies gain blood lust including all javelins, bows, and throwing axes
Maul / maces / club- Deus Vult [all allies re spawn, and gain + 40% speed boost]
All spears: For the King- brutal charge- charge with 300% super armor and speed, and stab enemies, each stab recharges skill, up to a max usage of 100 stabs, before 10 seconds recharge

Tier 4. These abilities require your entire team to achieve certain conditions to activate. Think "Engineers drop it- Warriors smash it!" from guild wars 2. This requires for your team to have 20+ players standing on a skull. They must then activate unity by chearing emote. Then wait for 20 seconds.

Iron will- all allies heal 100% of their hp, and gain 100% movement speed for 2 min [group on skull + chear]
Dead eye- have 20+ archers on skull- say yes + 5 engineers to build a cannon
cavalry- 20+ allies + 3 horses on skull- 25 horses spawn, with lances.

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  • 19 Dec '19

RX-580 8GB is still the best video card on the market. it runs almost all games at 1440p high 60 fps 75hz. it comes are a super low cost of 250$. If you get the top of the end second market cards.

The RX 5808GB, and ANY motherboard with R7 graphics will destroy cards that are within 80-120$ above it. The GTX 1050 is worse, as it has fewer RAM. A 1070 is older hardware, its a relic.

Watch any hardware channel on youtube. They all advise against going 1080, 1070, 1080 ti. The next best one over the RX- 580, would be Niveedia Geforce 1660

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  • 18 Dec '19

I was acting like the joker from the killing joke. It’s not autism, it’s schizophrenia.

Anyway, I still think it’s balanced. Although wacky

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  • 18 Dec '19

In all seriousness. Just think about how fun it would be. Take a rapier. A targe, and a one handed cross bow. Put on a high pitched voice. And run around like a maniac.

They far away? dot them up to kill them slowly. They get close? start spamming stab. If they try to hit you? just block it with the targe.

run for 1min, let them die from the bleed. Since ya using a malee trigger bloodlust and fully heal. Tea bag them while you poison around 12 ppl in a span of 6 seconds.

Is it not GLORIOUS

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  • 18 Dec '19

Lol crazy and deranged, crazy and deranged.



i WANT TO POISON THEM WITH MY crossbow. I want to send them to the reaper in my PEASANTS outfit screaming 'dodge this you bastard'

ooh. I got that out of my system. I am fine once again

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  • 17 Dec '19

As title suggests here are some weapons I would like to see added.

1) Assassins crossbow- is a small single handed crossbow. It can load 7 poison darts. And fires quickly in a row, from 15M range. Think of the range being that of a throwing knife. It deals 10 damage on impact, and 300 over a min. Prevents bandages, health regan, or bloodlust


This comes with 14 arrows.

2) War sickle. Think grim reaper. Does weak damage, 25 on hit to light heavy armorer. But can hit very fast- fastest weapon in game. Can not stab with, 15% to disarm enemy on chamber.

3) Scorpio- a siege engine. Basically throws a big ass, fire bomb. Has a aoe X8 of fire bomb, lasts 3X longer, and deals 5X damage.

4) Naginata- Similar damage to spear, but less by 10, mostly a slash over poke damage

5) Whip- a long range weapon, has 6 second wind up, but instant kill. Has 20M range. If chamberd rip it from enemies hands.

Not sure how many points to make them, do ya guys have an idea on how to balance them? Or maybe add to list

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  • 15 Dec '19

Thx i found it- i forgot that HP Pavilon thinks we all stupid and made the files invisible. I had to toggle Unmask AppData.

Which was hidden under the weird Shell Core experience port to windows 7.

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  • 15 Dec '19

@Sofia Lannister said:
Open Scalability.ini and add
[[email protected]]

should work

for console

Open Input.ini add this command

check the updated lightsaber


That’s the issue, I can’t find the AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient.

I go into disk C: Users:Cyrus\AppData\Local- Mordhau is not there, so I can’t find the file directory.

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  • 14 Dec '19

I am trying to use a lightsaber mod in game- but this game seems to hide it. Its not in Steam, Common, Mordhau, Mordhau.

Neither is it in Windows C: Users\Cyrus\Local\Mordhau\Config. As written up in guides. Tried asking on discord- but its dead

I tried typing a new folder ~Config, with a normal wordpad- SetScreenReflections=0, setPostProcessing=-4. Did not work. I tried saving it as a .exe. Did not work.

Can some dev tell me why the configs are hidden? Or how i can get them? The console ~ does not have a command either. I checked in binaries for a config.Json.

SOOO- anyone know where it is?

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  • 13 Dec '19

However a GTX 1070 is very bad video card- i mean very bad. It came out prior to the 1080ti. And that video card is obsolete. it struggles with DX12 it is not supported by most newer drivers.

yes it is fast- but it is a antique. If your looking for an Upgrade i would recommend the RX 580- 8GB. its cheaper now then the 4 GB Version, at 150$ USD, or 240 CAD.

It can push 1400P at 60 frames all high no issues. That is what i am getting on March. Since my R7-370 needs to be upgraded

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  • 13 Dec '19

UHM... that question makes no sense @80sMacTonight

I gonna take that you have no knowledge on pcs- which is fine.
NO a I7-ANYTHING do not come with APUs

An I7 is considered god tier hardware, its not supposed to use APUS. Unless its coming from HP with integrated graphics, etc MANUALLY glued to it.

If your linking a GPU with a I7 your gonna be bottle necking yourself to the degree where 40% of your CPU wont be used. But if ya want to check, run GPU-Z

It will tell you exactly if your not sure-

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  • 13 Dec '19

You are incorrect. It is E=MC^2

The Damage of an arrow is known as energy- and its impact is a combo of Mass and speed of light. Your not dealing with volume of an arrow, your equation is for blunt force weapons.

An arrow concentrates its damage over a piercing strike.

And no the damage difference is massive. If you would have actually fired an arrow you would have a clue. A 1mm width of an arrow alone makes the difference. An arrow that is larger deals a lot less damage- the smaller the arrow, and heavier the faster it travels, and the more damage it does.

It is how a javalin is designed.

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  • 13 Dec '19

I agree that arrows should be faster. Not the way you suggesting it though. If ya want to do so, and have it balanced here is a method to doing so.

This is known as E=MC^2. That means that the velocity of your arrow should be based on your characters strength attribute. This should be an RPG mechanic since we have sliders for heros.

A strong large character, should be able to charge his bow longer, and as such fire arrow faster. This would work around the zero value in mordhau. In the middle slider, you won’t get damage /speed bonus. As you move to the right your damage and arrow speed increases so does your range. But it takes a lot longer to arm an arrow.

On the opposite spectrum smaller hero would do less damage but fire off quickly. Furthermore, an arrow would fly faster the closer it was to you, according to same reverse formula

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  • 8 Dec '19

You dont need a god tier pc- just use AMD catalyst or AMD settings. Go into Mordhau- and put the following settings

Anti-Alias- Override Set lvl 2- Multi sampling
Make sure morphological is OFF!
Anistropic override- 2x
change filtering to performance

Turn OFF- surface optamization
Free sync off- Displace scaling off
Anti lag- ON

Turn of clothing simulations, and shadows 0. FOV 115%, Blur 0. Using this i can run at 1600: 800 all medium in front line at 90 fps

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  • 7 Dec '19

There are no exclusive uplay. All steam and Epic games players run through uplay. The values under steam are not giving you the full values.

Only Ubisoft has the accurate numbers. On pc from my own experience we have around 4K active players at peak volume. With around 500 in not prime time.

All we need to know is that Ubisoft claims to be min 15M players in 2018. Can’t tell you more