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  • 30 Nov '19

@PC_Principal said:
one hand weapons can be just as good as 2 handed weapons, in close quarter fights I'd take a cleaver over any 2 hand.

infact i talk about Easy mode from 2h weapons... more lengt, more fast, more powerfull.

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  • 30 Nov '19

Hi! i whant give my feedback of this game and sorry for my english.
No flame, no git gud comment please.

I love the graphics, very accurated and dettailed, any battlefield is relly well done and immersive.
The game is funny and you can enjoy your character creation with so many armor and weapons.
NON toxic comunity, and this is very important, some salty player as usual but is ok. (some time im salty to ;P)
Sadly Gameplay is a sort of "wtf is this?"
Some mechanics are really really stupid like "the blind swing":
dress light armor (for run fast), take any 2h (2h for lenght and speed) with combo (zweihander is the best for this, because huge damage, high speed and length), run around enemy and move the mouse to the right and left, creating perfect 360degrees rounds, without any real sense and you kill a lot of people before you die, without any difficulty, because you are fast on swing and fast in movement.
Feint until enemy fail:
You can just spam feint until the opponent fail, you have so much stamina and you can spam feint "for all day long". If your enemy have shield, this mechanic is more easy, just feint attack into kick, but feint kick into attack again and refeint it into kick, you kill shielded player 100%
Lunge like swing:
Use lunge and move your weapon right or left, you can kill with all parts of the blade, mechanic calculate "the blade" not the type of attack O_o
Power of the attack:
when you just click, it is immediately a mortal blow. You can oneshot at start of animation or at last part of animation, so you can kill when you rise your hand for land a swing, during a swing and when you turn back for end your swing. I killed an enemy last game, when my animation end. (i hope i explained it)
Really i want understand, how can kick kill an full armored guy. (ok is not reality based but is gameplay based, but is still ridicolous)

The part I don't understand why... It seems, more your weapon is long and heavy, more you are fast and powerfull than other
weapon. If you wear 2h and start an attack concurrently aganist 1h, you win 100% by speed o_O.

Melee weapon by difficulty:
Rapier: Ultra easy mode weapon created for retard i think, spam lunge and you win any players.
Long 2h weapons (spear, pike etc etc) = Very easy mode, fast and very long weapons more than any other weapons, just back off and use lunge. Parry hit box very large.
normal 2h weapons = Easy mode, more long, more powerfull and more fast than any other 1h weapon. Parry hit box very large.
1h weapon without shield = normal mode, because, you are more slow, less powerfull than any other 2h weapons and have a short range to attack but whitout shield, your parry hit box is very large.
1h weapon and shield = hard mode, because you are more slow, less powerfull than any 2h weapons, with short range and the shield is an handicap on this game (yes prevent any tipe of morph and feint but read), you can use the shield for parry or block only in perfect direction of the attack, if you attack a bit lateral you land hit without problem, the Hit box of shield is really poor, also, one kick can stun you, allowing the opponent an free kill. Kicks are SOOOOO hard to predict and counter.
One kick on shield = die 100% no chance to survive.

this is why 95% of the players use 2h weapons on this game...

I don't talk about ranged weapon because are perfect, hard to use, high damage but easy to kill if them dont swap weapon in time.

tier 1 light weight, can be oneshotted by all weapons.
tier 2 medium weight, can be oneshotted by 2h weapons and some 1h.
tier 3 heavy weight, can be oneshotted by 2h weapons and some 1h.
if you use any 2h weapon, armor dont have any difference, you can oneshot a full t3 armored player like a light armored player.
One lunge of spear for example, can oneshot a full t3 armored player.

I understand is not easy to program a balanced fight mechanic with all this different weapons, so i'll keep play this game because is funny and I believe in developers. One day they will balance the game.

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  • 27 Nov '19

I understand this is all for gameplay balancing, but, the point is the same 2h are superior and game force to use it, this mean no balance at all. 64 players on map, 50 are 2h users 10 are bow\ranged\support users and 4 are 1h\1hshield users.
They need to find another way for make ALL build and ALL weapons with sense and balance.
1h must be more fast and less powerfull, 2h must be more slow but more powerfull.
For now 1h have less speed, less range and damage than 2h, this mean unbalancig.
Nerf stun duration or give to shield a proper counter.
I agree with some attack aganist shield like Kick stun, but the shield need a real counter from it, because one kick landed = death 100%.
Some time i have to deal with feintspammer player, i deal with situation like:
attack feinted in kick feinted in morfed and feinted attack in kick after kick again, an feinted attack without ANY serious stamina penalty, is ridicolous for me to see this tipe of "dance" in a fight.
Some time i kill even this dance, some time not, but is very ridicolous to see this dance during a fight, in my opinion is a poor mechanic, Spaming is a poor mechanic.
Any type of Spam without penalty, in a game, is a fail and kill strategy.
Just my opinion.

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  • 26 Nov '19

First sorry for my bad english
on this topic i just want say what of this game is a nonsense for me and is just for me, i dont want create flame topic.

1) 2h weapons, here, are over the top in any mechanics and i dont understand why.

2) 2h speed is more (or equal) than 1h speed, if you start at the same time an attack aganist 2h with 1h, 2h allways hit first by speed not for dimention. this have no sense because 2h weapons are more longs, more heavy and more powerfull, and CANT be even more fast than 1h. Nonsense at all.

3) without shield you can parry for 360 degrees, shield parry is only frontal (today i tried to backstab 2h owner but he parry me without problem from beind XD)
when i use shield i being hit from all side, for parry with the shield i have to stay in perfect direction of attack. For me this is a nonsense.

4) kick can stun if you parry with the shield and you can only avoid it with another kick, ok, but when you have 2\3 enemy in front of you, and it append like allways, you have no chance if you have shield because one enemy kick you, other enemy hit you.. if you try to parry you being stunned so you have no defence at, i cant cut the leg with sword? or break it with a shield bash?...
possible the only way for a shield owner for defence himself from a kick is a kick? without chance for defend himself from other attacks? the shield have to be a difensive advantage not a handicap.

5) kick can kill you even when you have FULL PLATE ARMOR.... this no need other words.

6) power of attack, any weapon can oneshot you even when hit you with last part of animation, when speed and power cant have anymore deadlypower... (nonsense at all)

7) 1h mace is the best useless weapon of this game, is more slow than ALL weapon and dont do so much damage... why keep it?
infact NOONE use it.

i use all weapon in this game because the game have potential and is fun, but the question is... why i have to use 1h when the supremacy of 2h is looooooooooooong way better? what sense have 1h in this game? what sense have shield?
this game FORCE me to use just one tipe of weapons... 2Hs.

sorry again for my english