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  • 21 Dec '19

@PC_Principal said:
The last line is "[2019.11.25-21.13.40:288][ 0]LogModuleManager: Loading module Modio"
Another guy just had a similar crash caused probably by a mod. Go to Mordhau/Mordhau/Content/.modio/mods and delete all.

Deleting the mods file didn't fix the issue, but deleting the entire Modio file allows the game to startup.

EDIT: While the game did finally startup, I was unable to play in a server. Could join, but could not spawn in and eventually it DC'd and crashed the game. I'm attempting to verify integrity to get a new modio folder.

EDIT: Verifying fixed the issue and I've finally been able to begin playing again. Unfortunately 2 months of a hard broken game means all my muscle memory is gone and I'm not really having fun anymore.

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  • 15 Dec '19

@dan said:
Have the same issue, log file included:

I checked your log and it seems to be having some sort of trouble loading mods. If you have mods installed, try uninstalling them?
If that's not the case, have you tried verifying your game cache or reinstalling?

I believe the issue included in the original post is related to the "Modio" module, a process which your game seemed to complete.

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  • 6 Dec '19


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One day I was playing Mordhau when all of a sudden the game crashed out. Not too unusual, so I try and restart the game. It begins launching, and the startup graphic begins along with the sound, but it almost immediately cuts out and brings up the crash reporter. Further attempts just lead to the exact same issue. It's been several weeks of attempting every few days to no avail.

I've tried verifying, then reinstalling, then verifying the reinstall, but nothing seems to work for me yet.

I suspect it may have something to do with the audio, since the crash summary always ends at the same point while loading audio. I'll include the summary here.

If anyone has some insight or ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks!