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Oh man....reduced global release changes :(

The shield nerfs couldn't come quicker though!

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The issue has been fixed by validating the steam files.

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After playing many hours I reached level 91 last night and had accumulated 160k gold. (Picture a day or two old)


However I noticed after a Frontline game I had played, I was De-leveled down to 77, and lost ~70k gold.


Soon after I had relaunched the game multiple times to no avail...The lost levels and gold seem to be permanently stuck.
This bug isn't the same as the previously known bug which cosmetically changes your levels when inside a match, which it reverts back to your real level.

Any help will be appreciated.

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@Jax said:
Mm to clarify, maps may or may not make it with the ranked update, it depends on where the maps are at progress wise and when everything else is ready.

I can see it being 50/50 whether or not it comes in one big update or two smaller ones, but if the latter happens the maps definitely won't have as long of a wait as it's been since the last patch to now.

Essentially, we don't want to hold back an update if it's possible, as there's no real reason to keep ranked from coming if it's ready and the maps aren't, but the maps are very close to being done, so we'll see what happens.

EDIT: Not everything is coming that was in the update, SDK is a long term goal that isn't going to be ready for a while.

I appreciate this update on the incoming patch, but this small bit (And other info in the future) shouldn't be buried in a thread on the forums, It should be on the Steam discussion board.

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It looks a bit weird, yes, but I think it serves a good purpose. In the thick of battle, players aren't going to be focusing on parrying arrows, and it doesn't really happen a lot regardless.

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in the game, with a flick of my wrist, i can turn my character 180 or 360 in like .1 a second.

in reality it's more like .5 a second

can't find a video example but in this clip the squats are too fast. funny but not realistic
again turning your body, on the spot, 180 or 360 or 50million degrees is so fast it's blurry and I think immersion would be improved if there was a max speed you could move your body this way.

the only time in combat i think that it's a bad, and ive done this before, you hear somoene come up behind you and swing, so you can almost instantly turn around and parry, then turn back around and carry on forwards all seemingly within a split second

Mordhau isn't meant to portray Historical European Martial arts. Nor is it a Medieval Mil-sim game, It's supposed to be fun, and skillful, without being fully realistic. If you want a game like this, play KCD.

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~1050 Hours from Alpha, and 300 or so from release so far

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MK 11 Sub zero

MK 11 Scorpion

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That's not broken whatsoever. He's simply performing a right underhand thrust while looking up to mask the Distance and the look of his attack to hit you. I do these occasionally with 2h swords like the Estoc, which is suited for it perfectly.

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Wtf is that thing!

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Dabbing on them haters

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I also like that specific arm/shoulder combo, because it showcases my bling and immense wealth, Cuz I got ~12k gold atm hehe.

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@Jax said:
@ArmedSpartan sick but imo go footsoldier arms

You definitely could, I just prefer the gothic arms because of the color options like the gold trim, which matches nisely with the gold trim of the Rounded Pauldrons.

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@Monsteri said:

@ArmedSpartan said:
New and drastically improved French knights.

Gonna yoink this

plz dont!

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What I was thinking, was that the aventail should only be for specific use with the Hounskull, it's variants, The Viking helmet, The Spangel Helm, and The Norman casque...maybe some more as well, if it historically was used with it.

Besides those specific helmets, the regular Mail hood should be used if people so choose.

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Within the game, The aventail is depicted the same as the Mail hood (But under the helmet)


My gripe with its look is that it's not connected to the rim of the helmet, especially when combined with the Hounskull, Visor up, and No visor Within many examples, and descriptions, an Aventail is a mail covering which is connected to the skull of the helmet, or to the leather trim.


Hopefully it's depicted correctly in the future.

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New and drastically improved French knights.

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@Stouty said:
Using both is the optimal loadout, binds for overheads and directional for everything else

This is the exact way I play. and it works perfectly fine imo.

Just removing 240 is counterintuitive, because not every single person coming to play Mordhau has played, or had experience with Chivalry Like me.

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-Archery buff

-less emphasis on Drags, and more to Chambering

-Reduced points cost for weapons to allow correct RP

-240 main priority

-Keep 3rd person

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Fuck no.

3rd person has many uses for many things, whether that being seeing more of the battlefield on a catapult, or having more situational awareness when carrying a bomb to a siege tower.

It also lets us admire our crafted mercenaries.