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Playing only off meta weapons such as arming sword and targe, I assure you that this game is going to die. Targe gives nothing to acutally help but a little time to save yourself when you run out of stam so just use a shield, but then shields are heavily debuffed with extra stam dmg with axes, which by the way are faster than daggers and hurt way more since everyone is a super dpi spin master and master gangbanging, teabagging, but gets destroyed the instant that there's only one person fighting them. This game needs heavy, HEAVY balancing in the weapons, maps, and constant flinch from people who stab from behind with spears, but get absolutely destroyed when they aren't hiding. Also love that daggers are "slower" than mauls since "reasons"???? Actually also love that heavy weapons can feint and morph even though they are legit impossible to actually do any actual weapon moving other than swinging. Mount and Blade Warband was much better at balancing weapons and dmg per movement instead of the random 180 thrust, which by the way WHY THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE 180 THRUST, that deals 1000000 dmg since players only use super meta weapons and still have light weapon properties "for some reason". Weapons need nerf and others need buff, no more super spin metas. BRING BACK BALANCE TO MORDHAU