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  • 27 May '19
 Nut Crusher

There is currently a part of Taiga that is exploitable in Battle royale
2 (2).jpg
When the circle closes there is an area near the fort that someone can escape to, which you aren't supposed to reach
It's this area. There was an invisble wall for me so i couldn't go to it. This guy somehow found a way, and became the winner of the match without ever picking up a weapon by hiding there.

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  • 27 Aug '18
 Nut Crusher

I want some kinda kick perk so i can kick people in and off things Dark Messiah style

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  • 18 May '18
 Nut Crusher

A few days ago i had a weird bug where one guy turned into a naked bald dude whenever i went some distance from him

You can see a naked guy in the distance here

But whenever i went close he got his armor back
I believe it only happened to that guy so maybe he's just cursed or something. Playing on mediumish settings so that could have something to do with it.

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Knight 108 366
  • 9 Sep '17
 Nut Crusher

This better be fake and gay

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  • 29 Aug '17
 Nut Crusher

@Ulkenstride said:
What the fuck.png

Baron's playing Mordhau before us all.png

wait what