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I show you better meme
vq blink.jpg

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Mate change your profile pic and make the same post again, more people will agree with you. No one gonna take you seriously with that witcher profile, it screams inexperience and irrelevance.

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This is a picture of Xsharik

discord picture (2).png

xsharik is doing a mordhau tour, with live performances that come from the heart.

Unfortunately his neighbour was recently killed by a hand bear and he is forced to play mordhau on piracy, he cannot buy him.

To drown his sorrows he makes music and DJs in General 2 of Official Mordhau Discord. Playlist include Russian hard bass and static but occasionally he will listen to XXXTentacion to respect his death.

Tickets are free but to join you have to rep this handsome man

discord picture (2).png

All performances are live with usual start at around 1pm GMT

Some Photos of his performances

xsharik pog.jpeg

xsharik DJ.PNG

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Appreciate the response, you are doing your job fine mate. Its just a shame Triternion cant do theirs.

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Thats gotta be the best video I've ever seen mate

And this cole fella you mentioned sounds like a fucking G.

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@Frise said:
what about the south americans

Now lets not get too excited fellas, not everyone is going to get a server this isn't make a wish foundation mate.

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Top 3 most poisonous snakes

2 out of 5 most liveable cities

no testing server

Welcome to Australia

Me and my countrymen were dissapointed to find there was no Australian testing server when stoutys big news dropped. While everyone was exploring and celebrating, we were waiting and pleading to devs and mr arma 3 for our server.

3 days my brothers have been homeless.This is unacceptable.

And before some of you get cheeky and start chatting shit about AU being irrelevant lets look at some facts.

One year ago there was no mordhau, there was only kickstarter and there was the one god emperor.

Well you losers call him god-emperor, we call him neighbour or big bro because he is one of ours. And also btw one of the emperors soulcatcher is AU as well. Hold tight soulcatcher and apoligies for the discord. Anyways this means we are the royal bloodline of mordhau community.

Pre sure melbourne was city with most backers as well. So we've got royal bloodline + big mordhau cities, combo that together we are big $ for mordhau. If kickstarter funding for mordhau was a pie chart, Australia would be the pie and the rest of you would be the ketchup on top.

AU started this show, we can end it.

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and he can play with bots which, realistically, are the only pseudo-people on Earth that won't mind his behavior.

Seymour got some gator skin damn.

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I haven't played since new patch, didn't know there even was new patch-thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out now, shame if you cant reliably jump drags anymore. It was fun while it lasted, godbless.

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@Huggles said:
Slow drags feel out of place, wonky, unintuitive, and can make combat really boring and, well, slow!

You do realise you can just press space bar when you see slow drags...

If you don't want to snore and then parry, you can just jump when you see an incoming drag and counter it. Jumping drags in mordhau seems easier than in chiv given how slow and predictable some weapons are in this game. (Try jumping a drag against a sledgehammer btw it might change ur life.)

Of course your opponent will get used to getting jumped and will start disguising his accels as extreme drags but this could also be used to your advantage depending on how you mind game it (basic fight iq). Jumping drags against fast or normal speed weapons can be suicidal, but against slow weapons like poleaxe, evening star, zwei and halberd which ur post seems directed at... it really is quite easy especially if you have 400 hours wtf learn 2 walk b4 u talk. Jumping drags completely shutsdown ur complaint of extreme drags making combat slow since with a change in playstyle it can make combat even faster. Even if you can no longer jump drags from a certain player since he has caught on, if you've made ur opponent 2 scared to drag you, then you have solved the problem of a slow paced fight.

Regarding slow fights being boring and being the "biggest roadblock", that is a very strong opinion. There are people who enjoy patiently torturing their victims (cough cough leviathan from land of AU). The game offers slow and fast playstyles but many players are using the former which might be the cause of ur issue rather than slow playstyles themselves being unhealthy. I think the problem is that without a proficiency system yet that balances out these extreme weapons and with "skilled" players being afraid of 1hers since they are still cheesy with wonky af counter-play, the game has pushed many players to using a select few weapons which has crippled the diversity of fights.

And the point about new maul being 2 slow and "feeling dumb". Thats the fucking point of sledgehammer. It cant be equipped normally since it is a meme map pickup that is played like meme.

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hahaa 4 edits for one sentence, he probably stutters irl.

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  • 29 Oct '17


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  • 25 Oct '17

@Maci said:

@colessmartshopper said:
Thoughts On The Current State of Mordhau From The AU Comp Scenes Perspective

What AU comp scene?

Just wait for Mordhau Worlds.


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  • 24 Oct '17

I have 160 hours in Mordhau and roughly 1200 hours in chiv for those who care, also am AU competitive player in Kings clan- best clan AU btw and also am good for kings not just the clanless welfare class.


First off I love this game and devs with all my love, play it everday and want it to succeed. This is why I've decided to bash this game as much as possible in this post in the hopes that it would raise awareness. Most of the points I've made will probably have been made already but a second opinion doesn't hurt.

  • 1: Game currently rewards groundsniff and bad posture- not sure if melee game or retirement home simulator. This is not only a very immoral meta but it is also quite depressing to see ppl fight looking at their feet without eye contact. This is likely due to the potency of leg hits + poor animations so ppl be looking down to disguise attack. I heard an animation rework is on the horizon but what about leg hits? It isn't so much an argument of whether leg hits are op but it encourage bad behaviour which goes against my code.
  • 2: Oh no I missed 5 times and forget to attack! Now my Yellow bar has no more yellow. What do I do? Oh wait now I have advantage and can attack first, lucky me!


  • 3: Ok so devs did smth interesting here with mordhau riposte initiative mechanics. So there are 2 people, person A is named Myzery and Trix and CoobN and community members who lack code, person B is named Kings comp player with many hours and many skill and code.

Now lets give person A a faster wep

Scenario 1:

Step1: Person A attack person B.
Step 2: Person B late riposte.
Step 3: Person B die from not enough skill

Scenario 2:

Step1: Person A attack person B.
Step 2: Person B quick riposte.
Step 3: Person A cancel their outplay with a cheeky f2p.

Fight continues. If the same scenario follows, Step 3 can be repeated many times without significant drawbacks. F2p doesn't cost much stam and one can afford to use it numerous times in a fight...And even if they are disarmed... see COMPLAINT 2.

Some ppl say "gamble meta', others say "git gud". I post on forums so more can say.


  • 4: Nerf walls (I suggest making it so walls dont block windups)
  • 5. There are many other issues like kicks and shields that are still problematic but have already been discussed v thoroughly and devs seem to be on the right track. Issues like fixing animations (especially the 1hers), making active parry more consistent+visible and fixing them arm hitboxes have already been said by others and I concur.


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  • 10 Sep '17

Any1 who doesn't hate Giru is a henchman of Giru Giru!

Can you spot the bias??

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  • 10 Sep '17

As a bystander to this whole conflict who isn't associated with the forum dwellers or Giru personally, it's pretty obvious that the attacks on Giru are completely unfounded.

The fact that so many people on these forums have been swayed by such contradictory arguments and false claims really baffles me. Just basic reading skills is all you need, its not even a controversy just mass stupidity. To give some of the haters a bit more credit, most likely its just some combination of jealousy at Giru and frustration at early access for selected folks that has just all piled up on the largest and easiest target in sight.

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  • 10 Sep '17

The unjustified bandwagon hate on GIRU really shows how disillusional some of the folks on this forum are. Knowing that the ringleader was a holocaust denier is still surprising tho.

For based crushed to come out and just shutdown such absurdity.. I'm shaking.

It really will only make things worse but it is very nice to see that devs are not phased.

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I'm here to tell a story about GIRU GIRU.

One day not so long ago, there was tourney in AU. Despite repeated ddos attacks, the tourney managed to draw in a significant number of AU players but there was one critical issue.

There was some difficulties at the caster's desk so we had an unsatisfactory caster to player ratio.

So we called up some retired AU casters... they said they didn't have time. We called up some NA casters..they said they didn't have time. We called up some EU casters..u guessed it..they said they didn't have time. Some casters apparently did have time but needed to be paid to come over and cast for AU. So with our options limited we brainstormed rigorously for hours searching for the caster that had time.

The name GIRU GIRU was mentioned but..was quickly dismissed, surely Mr. Giru Giru would have the least time of them all raising his child Compmod and winning the Overwatch League. But just to be safe.. we called up Mr. Giru Giru.

He had time.

Despite AU being renowned for being garbage and that tourney in particular was practically pub TO, Giru Giru restrained himself and hyped up the tournament complimenting the boys. Not only did he take over the casters desk but he took over the game with his deep knowledge and casting buzzwords like "shanked" and watagod". Giru Giru, you will always have a home in AU.


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can i get a personalised bread roll profile pic pls babe

Only If you are loyal to Bread Roles, you clan hopping slut :)

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@Huggles said:

@colessmartshopper said:

@Huggles said:
This is a very intimidating wall of text, and for that reason, I'm out.

Sorry Barbara, I'd be willing to change my terms though. Would you accept a TLDR for 3 likes on my OP?

Lower it to one and you got yourself a deal.

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