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I have an Idea that I believe would increase the skill of the game and discouraging random cluster fights. Like in the battlefield series, there should be a menu before you choose your character, in which you can choose a small group of 2-5 players. In the spawn menu you would clearly be able to see your group members, and be able to mark points on the map to show your groups objective whether that be attack the objective, defend an area, etc. In game you would clearly be able to see group member name tags through walls, so that you can find your way to them, being together grants you a small amount of points over time, attacking people together would also grant you more points than being solo, and being near your groups objective would also grant you points over time and raise group attack points slightly. Overall I think this minor change would discourage random cluster fights and encourage players to move together with a purpose, making the game more strategic and less random. What do you guys think of this idea? feedback?


Should this idea be implemented?