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'10dmg won't hurt.Trust me.' said my teammates.
Then I lose 100 health because I have 10 teammates :(

Some people never care about their teammates.They just want their KDAs.

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80 is acceptable at the official server so far,and the private server always performs better.
Mordhau is a good game however the devs made too little progress in servers&bugs.

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I think it's not about the game,and you said you've played 344 hours.Thus there might be a hardware problem.Try cleaning your RAM card,and make sure it has been installed correctly.

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Did you mention 'Duke of York'?
I don't know if it's a coincedence,but I've seen that bug happened to my friend on my server.I was testing a mod with him and he met the same situation just like you.He couldn't use weapons,but could move or jump.
I've played 1000+ hours and it never happens before.

This mod is called 'SquakAdmin',and as well as 'Duke of York',both belong to the creator Squackety.
Maybe you can contact him for some help on discord.

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@隊友都垃圾很可憐 said:
中文是我專長 英文不是
請問如何在自己的伺服器上 限制 武器呢
Sorry, my English is not good. I am an Asian player.
Chinese is my specialty, English is not
I am communicating with you from google translation
How can I limit weapons on my server?
Can I only delete game information?

You can't editing .uasset files in current version unless you unpak those .paks.

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Just like ParryThisMod did a good job about configs.This mod allows players spawning with 1411 in certain maps,and admins can change settings by editing game.ini file like:

We abosolutely need that.

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  • 31 Dec '19

@ScrubbaDubDub said:
It all started when I was getting on a community map, I had to download something so I waited, then my computer froze. I force turned off my computer and turned it back on. Next thing I know, the game runs for 5 seconds and crashes. So I try validating my files, uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my computer, something changes! It won't even run at all! I really, really need help, Mordhau is one of my favorite games right now.

My Steam is ScrubbaDubDub.

I also have windows 10 if that helps.
Try deleting the whole .modio folder manually.

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  • 27 Dec '19

Try removing the whole '.modio' folder ( backup first ),then rejoin this mod server.

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  • 6 Dec '19

We need Capitain Steve