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  • 9 Dec '19

I agree! I posted recently here:
"Engineer Scoring: Engineers should Score Points When Enemies Damage Their Constuctions, & Assists when Allies kill using their Mounted Crossbows"

At the very least you should get points for doing your job well.

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  • 21 Nov '19

@esturias said:

@Goof said:
But why though

Should be obvious: If you care about some strategical play and block the enemies' path with your constructions or otherwise help your team with building things, you get absolutely nothing for it, while the padder swinging his lamerweapon reaps all rewards.
The problem is, however, that a random idiot placing random walls shouldn't get points for that. It's hard to implement without opening the doors for abuse...

What this person said.

I don't see how it could be abused though? The idiot placing random walls wouldn't get points if allies destroyed those walls, only if enemies did, in which case they're surely placing those walls in strategically useful places.

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  • 10 Nov '19

Thanks for the reply :) How is it exploitable and how could this be remedied?

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Hi Devs and Mordhauers,

Engineers should get points when an enemy destroys their buildings.

This would incentivise tactical play, rewarding engineers for putting blockades in the right places. It wouldn't be easily exploitable either, as players couldn't farm their own team hitting their constructions.

Similarly, Engineers should get Assists for teammates' kills made with Mounted Crossbows they built.

As an Engineer it's hard to score any points, but you're often doing a valuable job for the team. This would help fix that, and reward you for your hard work shoring up your team's defences or building useful things.

Please let me know what you think and vote up to help raise this idea to the front! I created an account just to post :)