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  • 29 Sep

Is this patched now?

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  • 27 Aug

@Prince Day said:

Gothic Gauntlets are bugged when using the trim in preview/all team game modes. This does not happen with any other gothic armour piece that I could check nor it happens with any other gauntlets that I could check.

Neutral (gold trim)

Red team

Blue team

In-game red team

In-game blue team

I assume it has something to do with the new attempts to get rid of spy builds. I'm going to suggest not doing this to trims if it's on purpose, because the strongest colours only vary from gold, black, white, or bronze. The rest are shades. I don't think anyone uses them to confuse teams.

Bonus: Neutral but using black trim. It's much darker when on red team. Neutral (black trim)

This is true for the Gothic Pauldrons as well

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  • 2 Nov '19

Hey, so i booted up mordhau and all my custom loadouts are gone. I spent a good while making each, so it would be helpful to know if and how I could get them back.