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  • 7 Nov '19

@Corsario said:
The map burning the first hours/days after release is trully problematic...

You'd think after 7 months 1 out of 10 professionals could churn out a map that was relatively polished and balanced. Nope. 0/10 people can execute a single polished map, after 7 months they launch more unfinished garbage for us to fucking test for them lol. No wonder pop went down again, fooled them once with CR shame on you, fool them again with Failtoria and just fuck you basically.

IMO you need to halt all production on whatever bad content you're making and stop slacking off with hookers and finish the SDK so you can get the nearly lifeless husk of Mordhau into the intensive care unit of the people who actually give a shit, the community, who unlike the devs, have actual programmers and talented game designers amongst us.

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  • 5 Nov '19

I swear the spawn protection and the objective bots in every map are so bad. Fundamentally bad ideas, executed badly.

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  • 1 Nov '19

@Senturion, Duke of Ontheon said:
People who cant build their own pc wouldn't be able to file their own taxes or didnt play with legos as a kid

Yeah hahaha i bet they never even spent years building a small boat in an old milk bottle, or learn how to tie their own shoes.