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  • 25 Oct '19

I have a ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9ghz and a rx 570, which are both worse than your components, and I can play with a reasonable fps with these:

1600x900 resolution (i do have a 1080p 144hz monitor, but playing at a slightly lower resolution for a significant fps increase is pretty good imo. I hate to lower the res, but it is a better experinece this way.)
All settings are at low apart from textures
Ragdoll count and timer are pretty low
shadow is completely turned off via gameusersettings.ini file
Game is running at true fullscreen

With these setting, I rarely complain about low fps. The only problem is 64 player camp invasion/frontline when pushing the last objective as blue. The average fps in this scenerio is like 50-60 to me.

Hope this helps.

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  • 21 Oct '19

I have been playing this game a lot, trying out all sorts of builds and stuff. Over the course of my playtime, I have come up with these suggestions which I think would be very beneficial for the game. Please let me know what you think.

1-) As it is, some of the short ranged weapons feel very awkward to use. For example, its impossible to hit people in the head if they are running away from you, or just looking up to tilt the head back. These weapons get easily footworked, and they are really underpowered. That's why, I suggest a range buff of 5 cm to following weapons:

Cleaver, Dagger, Short Sword, Arming Sword, Falchion, Maul, Axe (2 point), Wooden Mallet, Blacksmith Hammer (building weapons have hard time hitting repair targets), Warhammer, Mace, Bardiche main mode (mainly because it needs it to be viable), and Battle Axe alt mode

I understand that increasing ranges could be a hard thing to implement, but these weapons desperately need these range buffs IMHO.

2-) Some weapons have weirdly fast stabs, and it leads to people spam stab and not actually use the weapon as it is meant to. I would suggest:

25 to 50 ms of windup increase in stabs to following weapons: 2 point axe, warhammer, mace, waraxe, battleaxe

3-) People on the battlements (small balista, big boy balista, catapult, mortar) should not be kicked out when a teammate hits him/her, this would discourage TKs and fights over who gets the catapult, and encourage "first one to grab it, uses it".

4-) Make parrying unflichable. If there are two guys on right and left side, people should be able to parry at least one of them and should not be forced guess which attack will hit first. This would create a problem though, if you are in a 1v1 and your opponent hits you outside of your parry window, you could get hit again before your recovery time passes.

5-) Nerf bloodlust by increasing its point by 1. Bloodlust is a fun mechanic, and its fairly balanced when used with +6 point weapons. But when people use powerful, low point weapons such as War Axe and Rapier, it creates a problem because they allow the use of heavy armor + additional perks.

6-) Initiate auto-kick when someone does more than 20 percent (or lower) team damage

7-) Add punishment for TD in form of spawn time increase, just like in Chiv (extra 1 second for 10 points of TD would be good imo)

8-) Add draw times for weapons in the detailed stats section.

9-) Remove Huntsman perk, or rework it completely as it really dumbs down the archer gameplay.

10-) Decrease frontline/invasion spawn times a bit, waiting 12 seconds for no other reason than luck is a bit annoying.

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  • 21 Oct '19

I also wonder about this, it would be great if we got it on the detailed stats section.