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@Mojique said:

@NoYou said:
Bigger maps with more spread out objectives that don’t funnel everybody into a clusterfuck chokepoint.

Chokepoints are an actual meme. There are so many ways in and out of all places of every map that comes to mind, but just because there is a clear path of least resistance, lemming mentality forces everyone to the front doors rather than looking anywhere else.

Let's take Mountain Peak. Blue's pushed the cart to the archway along the wall. How does Red get out and recap the point? Starting from Red's left, you can:

  • Climb up the ladder, run all the way out, or drop down
  • Run through the hall
  • Hop out of the hall windows
  • Go through the cart gateway
  • Climb the stairs and mantle over the wall almost all along it
  • Climb to the top of the tower and jump onto the archway over the cart gateway
  • Leave by the ammo box
  • Climb up onto the Stable by mantling from either the Ammo Box or the logs or parkouring from the rock on the right spawn
    There's zero reason you should be stuck inside Red base unless Blue is already inside and you're dealing with them. Similarly, for blue to push inward, they can, starting from their left;
  • Jump over the wall onto the stable from the rockside
  • Jump onto the wheels and hop over the wall to the ammo box
  • Enter through the gate right by the ammo box
  • Parkour from the rocky middle-ground between gates onto the wheels and hop onto the wall under the tower
  • Enter through the cart pass
  • Jump onto the roof of the hallway, walk across the arch, jump into the scaffolding of the archer tower, or just jump down from there
  • Enter through the hallway
  • Do sick mountainclimbing

That's plenty of ways to approach one objective, but let's talk about the thickest of the thick, the most dense, hardy, chokeyest chokepoint of them all: Grad Invasion tower-hiding Commander. It's a thick clusterfuck, but it can be whittled down through creative use of equipment and an even spread of invaders.

There are five ways you can enter the tower; the front door (facing red's side of the wall), the back door (facing blue spawn), the ground floor door, the dungeon ladder, and the roof. Many people don't think about the ladder, but to whittle away at the engineer buildings at the top of a ladder or nip at the heels of anyone standing above it is a great argument for onehanded weapons. A lot of people don't know that you can use the game's climbing system to jump from the ramparts to the top of the gazebo and then onto the tower. It's criminal that they don't and you should exploit this at every opportunity in order to beat a lesson into their head, for this I recommend two firebombs and a maul to bust open whatever fortifications and heads were setup there. It's a shame that you can't beat this lesson into the heads of your teammates. The backdoor is the riskiest because usually, that implies running in front of Blue spawn or straight through the courtyard. If you had Cat, you could probably take the roof route and then just check on out the other side.

Chokepoints in this game are a social problem of people not willing to explore the map and take the many alternate routes the map already has. If people coordinated, chokepoints would form an even, wide line of battle, but because people go to where people go because people are there, we can't have nice things and we dig our own grave.

I totally agree about your recommendation to use two firebombs and a maul in order to bust open. My brother also tries to use maul to control the attack. Last time he sent me the link that helped me to identify the fact that maul is better than, for example, warhammer. After reading this article I know that maul is super easy to use. I can leave the link of the article here: It's useful one, actually.

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  • 21 Oct '19

@Pred said:
I would like a corny home decor sign like this:




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@邪悪な領主 said:
Can you guys please make an update that has Asian weapons or armor. For example katanas, naginata, and shurikens. PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE AND ADD THESE THINGS !!!!!

Yay, agree with this!

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  • 21 Oct '19

Where's new map guys?

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@LuxCandidus said:
I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

Me too! Great job! I feel it's more convinient to use