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@alonesilverwolf said:
Love the logic in this community:

Random player: When are the female characters coming out?

A-hole: Waman will rhin muh immurhsun in muh hishtahrico-ly accurate gaem!!

Random player: You mean like people beating eachother with lutes and pans, breaking their backs to get a swing, hopping around like rabbits, and running around in their underwear on the battlefield?

A-hole: getting sweaty Now, now wait jusht a mihnuht, that. That is gaem not tuhking itshelf shurioushly, and has nuthung tuh do wuth muh immurshun or hishtahric-ahl accurushuh! REEEEE

But have you taken into consideration that women aren't real?

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Why is this such a big debate? Both are coming and all they're doing is adding customization to an already highly customizable game. Eastern pack is supposed to be coming too I think, although that may be a ways off.
The game is straight up fictional and wasn't meant to be realistic anyway, more they simply wanted a refined melee combat system and authentic looking cosmetics. Theres plenty of historically inaccurate pieces of clothing in game too just so we can make our favourite Hollywood replicas.
This game isn't telling the historical events of the Hundred Years War. Its a competitive first person slasher with tasteful cosmetics and a healthy dose of Monty Python.
This clearly isn't about "realism" but more you getting your panties in a twist about shit that literally effects nothing.

B'yeah I can't wait for these to release proper so I can make some D&D characters.

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Could you please:

  • State exactly what you think is wrong with archery. Not something broad like "archery sucks and you cant get kills" but the specific problems you think it has, from TTK to flight speed, all that.
  • Tell us what you would do to fix it and how you think it would affect the game in addition to why you think that would be a better state for the game to be in rather than what its in now.

Right now you're just making fun of people and complaining. If you just do that, it's all you'll get in return. If you're constructive about it then people might actually listen and you may even get a patch with your recommendations in it. They've buffed both bows and shields due to suggestions before, you bet they'll do it again.

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@Runagate said:
Luckily you can go play Chivalry 2 a year or so from now (only available on the epic game store) as it will surely have much better combat

You see those fluid attack and parry anims fam? How they don't blend whatsoever? Sexy.

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I think this would be a great addition to Frontline maps. Think it might help structure maps too.

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Yo why you gotta make my heart hurt with that TB tho

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dragons make my pp hard

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@alonesilverwolf said:
This game is becoming worse and worse every fucking day. I can't go into a single goddamn duel server without seeing the same goddamn animation abuse that Chivalry had. Most of us STOPPED PLAYING CHIVALRY BECAUSE OF THIS SAME BALLERINA BULLSHIT!

What the fuck devs? You said this would NOT be a thing in this game? You SAID this game would be like Chiv, but fixed. No animation abuse, no animation exploiting bullshit, no ballerina spin to fucking win CRAP.

You can't ROH, 360 slashes induce glancing blows which do such small percentages of your weapons damage that it's useless (I think it also has hitstop too), all weapons have turn caps appropriate to the weapons...
Maybe if you specified WHAT you were unhappy with instead of generalizing as "ballerina bullshit" people might actually be able to help you, since anything that could be associated with the old days of Chivalry: Ballerina Warfare are literally non-existent here.

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In all seriousness, more tabard clothing would be nice, maybe shorter capes that were less cloth physics heavy but otherwise idk man.

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@smug said:
It's a modified 5CP mode from TF2

Thank you for being one of the few people that realises this. People keep comparing it to Conquest but the only thing it has in common really is the ticket system.

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I can agree with the game needing an objective mode with skirmish rulesets. Maybe like a "kill the leader" or maybe CTF? I dunno, something that'd fit thematically with the game while also being as simple as "complete X or kill the entire enemy team". Just have Skirmish with an objective.
Alternatively we could make 6v6 FL a thing.

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What is with all of these threads?

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@DylanS_98 said:

@Knight of Rosen said:

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Yeah, my description here leaves a lot to be desired, mainly because I typed up the thing while half asleep. Still, with the very clear social features implemented, I think it a tragedy that there isn't any game mode that builds on that, especially since there were previous BRs that were all encompassing. I think proximity voice chat is a must to fully realise the social aspects and properly coordinate with your group. On the idea of the Inquisitor, I think that's a neat idea for another map, maybe more like Grad. Instead of the environmental stuff, you're on the run and these chunky Inquisitor boys follow you around like Mr X from Res Evil 2, except they have really high health instead of being unkillable and the longer the game goes the more inquisitors spawn. Honestly, anything that isn't "Battlefield map restrictions close in on the map randomly" because man that is really boring and I hate how immersion breaking it is.

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oki i go to sleep nao bai

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I quite like the variety and uniqueness of this game. I love the blend of Capture Point, Conquest and Team Objective offered by Frontline. I love how Horde is pretty much the best of the co-op wave based survival game modes out there right now. Despite this, Mordhau and it's implementation of Battle Royale has left a bad taste in my mouth.
The game mode has been sped up compared to its contemporaries, with games seemingly talking a third of the time most BRs do, however the core problem stands: The framework for the game mode follows an unimaginative trend and makes the whole game suffer because of it.
I have envisioned a complete overhaul, based on games at the genesis of this idea and expanding out that path, games such as SOS, The Division Survival, The Culling etc. Back when the genre wasn't so defined and constrained by this idea of throwing people from the sky down on a map with an ever closing circle with only one winner or predetermined groups claiming victory. What I envision is a mode that fully explores the social and survival aspects of this mode, creating something much more engaging than what is currently staple on the market today. This is my idea for "Escape".

The Game

  • You wake up in a random part of the map, one of many "prison colonies", where they dump most of their prisoners.
  • You must try to escape this area by finding a map, constructing an escape vehicle and successfully launching said vehicle.
  • You may party up with random people you find out in the world by using a gesture and having them reciprocate and even escape with your party, although if you want multiple people to escape the vehicle will take longer and the whole escape will take longer too. If you want to escape by yourself however the journey will be much shorter and your vehicle will be much speedier to construct, although doing this will make it impossible for anyone else to escape. Large escape vehicles will have an upper limit of 4, meaning only 4 people can win in one game.
  • There are old prisoners in this land who have gone mad with mad cows disease. These are AI enemies that will attack you should they notice you, furthermore if they kill you then your character gets converted into a mad prisoner. These guys will be in high concentration in points of interest, such as where the physical map spawns or materials for your vehicle. They may also give you the disease by coughing on you, in which case you may need a rare fruit/mushroom/concoction to help cure you else you'll be converted.
  • In each map there is an environmental hazard always taxing you. For example, on a frigid map the world would constantly be sapping heat from your body or a tropical island adventure may be overheating you and in fact dehydrating you. In the first case it would be number 1 priority to seek warmth ie. flame and garments, in the latter you would be seeking shelter from the sun and clean freshwater. Failure to upkeep these needs will result in death. This will be your 'closing circle' substitute.
  • There is light crafting in this mode. Discover resources out in the world to craft better gear in designated smithy stations or deconstruct certain items to use the components in something more to your tastes. For example, you want a halberd. Take an ingot of steel, a fair amount of wood and place each component in their corresponding zones to create your shaft and head, then place them in the assembly station to put them together. Alternatively, deconstruct a longsword and a quarterstaff for their raw components to create your desired weapon. This system would also extend to the core of the game mode, being required to create your escape vehicle and maybe even copy over the map from one sheet of paper to another. Resources would be limited enough to where it is physically impossible for everyone to escape, thus people would fight over the components necessary required for escape.

But Why?

Simply put, this is much more engaging both to watch and to play.
The main problem with the current BR is it is glorified Last Man Standing, albeit the map is huge instead of tiny and the timer is now an enclosing death circle, which in the end creates a tiny map anyway. What this ends up creating is a stale game mode to watch that encourages camping up until absolutely necessary with no room for any interaction that doesn't involve combat.
The joy of SOS (before it devolved into trend following) was seeing this game of trust unfold before you. People didn't always immediately smack up a bitch if they saw one. They would probe and see if they were friendly, they might have even pretended to be friendly just to lead their victim to their untimely demise at the hands of whatever those monster things were. Every game felt different to watch. Combat prowess was no longer the one and only skill to hone. Charisma could carry your whole game, if you were charming enough. There was so much variety in the way encounters with other players went down.
Also when it comes to the environmental hazard replacing the circle: I highly suggest these over the closing circle because that bloody thing is such a cheap way of creating tension. It is no motivation to get you to interact with the world or to fight others as there's next to no motivation to do so. When you have to fight for resources that keep you from dying though? Whole 'nother story. Not only does this encourage hunting others so you may have a resource that keeps you alive for that much longer, it also can put strains on large groups, creating in fighting and testing people's trust. Without it you may be tempted to always just find the biggest group you can and steamroll through everyone you find for an easy escape. With this system, the larger the group, the more resources you consume to stay in the game. At some point it'll get them questioning who's worth staying for the escape and who is simply a waste of resources. This is interesting, meaningful interaction that's fun to engage with and to watch.
I know Mordhau is capable of breaking the BR mold. I just want to see it fulfill that potential. I hate to see it squandered with something that feels like such an afterthought.

The Reality

I'm aware that this would require a huge amount of resources to be poured into it just to get something out the door. I'm aware the devs have better things to worry about. I'm aware that Battle Royale is one of the smaller thirds of this spectacular game. I'm aware that what I have drummed up is still half baked and could be massively improved.
Despite all of this, I'd really appreciate if even a little of what I have put out there is put into consideration.
The familiarity of the current implementation of BR may draw in more players and be much easier to deal with seeing as you can literally just drop the game mode into existing maps with next to no stress on development, however this iteration is stale and really boring, which sucks to say since the rest of the game is the complete opposite.


I wanna thank everyone that read my incoherent 3am ramblings on a game mode I barely play. I know this isn't much but I just wanted to get my 2 cents out there, even if it is drowned in complaints about bows not being as good as zweihanders or rapiers and shields creating the next oppressive dictatorship over every server imaginable.
Thank y'all from a smol birb.

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@Zherot said:
I have been noticing that in this game there is a clear bias towards 2 handed weapons users, everything seems to revolve around 2 handed being at the top which is stupid because you made other options in the game like bows or 1 handed weapons and shields and for what?

You nerfed shields today even when good players told you that the only thing that needed a buff was the kick,...

You also nerfed stab even when good players told you that it was easy enough to counter it with chambers....

There is archery too, which is terribly implemented on purpose, you can parry arrows, slow proyectile speed, no stun on hit, chase mechanic that shits on Archers and again benefits 2 handed users... Damage reduced through armor, high cost in bows being unable to equip anything, archery is just a shit show...

All of the above can be traced back to 2 handed users... All of it is for the sale of 2 handed to be the best loadout.

Look, your game is good, is amazing and it is fun but to be honest i highly dislike this situation and in no way i was informed that you were meant to be playing 2 handed only and that other loadouts were just for the memes or just secondary non optimal loadouts, i thought the game was about OPTIONS and variety.

If things gonna keep like this i would like yo así for a refund, i respect that you can make the game as imbalanced towards 1 loadout as you want, but this is not what i paid for.

They've done what they have with archery and shields because in the games that inspired this one they made combat unfun. Bows could not be defended against unless you had a shield, had high damage and flew fast, and on top of that good luck catching them because they'll just kite you and fill you with arrows. Shields have been notorious for making the pace of combat turn into a crawl, and while they were fixed to fit within Mordhau's quick pace, the blocking area they previously had made the only viable way of countering them to either jump overhead or try to stam them out, which doesn't work if they're wielding something fast like the rapier. You can still play with these effectively, very effectively in fact, just don't expect either of these to carry you like in other games of the genre.
And on your point about bows being expensive, only the longbow is (with good reason), the other two let you take them, a billhook and have T2 head and chest. Even trade the billhook for a bastard sword and the T2 chest or head for a T3.

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@Whisper said:
I left for ages

pls nvr leav again ty <3

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  • 2 Nov '18

I'm all for this. Maybe this is how people brand new get their gold early game so by the time they've done all the situations they'll have enough gold and experience with weapons that they can buy their favourites and have some neat looking gear while they're at it. Maybe even theme the rewards after the mission ie. That vassal ambush situation could reward gold highlights or the barfight some brawler looking peasant clothing?

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  • 20 Apr '18

@Jax ily bb, ty for being a part of dis gaem