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Game should hide level of players.

I recently reached LVL 100 and after that game turned into a real hell.When I play just for fun (with pans, stones, fists, or maybe an archer), players start whining and insulting me."- Where are your frags? You're nub. Your mommy is ♥♥♥♥♥..." This is the FIRST reason.

SECOND reason: when players see other players with high levels, they often sit in spectators to wait in line to enter the team with the same high-level guys. What's even more fun, guys with high levels do same! And in almost any game there is just wild imbalance.

By the way, after second reason,first also begins. Lol.

How solve this problem and not lose old players? Easy, just need hide level in scoreboard (TAB button).

I often talked with old players, and this is main reason why they deleted game forever.

PS: I hope that at least one developer of this game reads this and discusses my proposal with colleagues. Because it becomes impossible to play Mordhau.