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About to bump this old post, since I've deemed it not only acceptable, but necessary to weigh-in with my opinion.

This may be a game with a first-person (and third-person) POV, however, it's not a traditional FPS game.

This game has no reasonable place for black-powder firearms, despite the historical era in which it is based. There's already enough balancing issues, not to mention there's already enough ways to use projectiles, such as: ballistas, cannons, catapults, bows, crossbows, thrown weapons (javelins, axes, knives, rocks), small blades, horse dung, etc.

My recommendation? If you truly desire firearms as much as this post leads me to believe, then go play Chivalry, Mount & Blade, Verdun, Day of Infamy, Rising Storm 2, Insurgency, or any of the other games further saturating that already over-saturated market, and if it boils down to wanting to use firearms within the engine used for Mordhau, then go develop a traditional FPS for yourself with the engine.

Seriously, who in the right mind would suggest this for a game such as Mordhau? I'm not trying to be an ass here, but are you trolling? You're trolling, right? You must be trolling!