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Hey I noticed this is A FUCKING YEAR OLD. Maybe you can fix it now? Hmmmm? THANKS.

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  • 26 Nov '19

@stormhawk said:
Hello all!

Mordhau's most recent update (11/25/2019: 12:00 PM) seems to have broken Lutebot, specifically in that there is no longer a DefaultInput.ini file in Mordhau's files. That being said, there is a fix!

Credit to: Humanista, from the comments of said update, I just applied the fix to allow Lutebot to play from PageDown (he had the console set to F1).

There is a new file called Input.ini in Users > [Name] > AppData > Local > Mordhau > Saved > Config > WindowsClient

In that file, scroll to the bottom, and add these two lines of text:


And voila! Done and done! Set up Lutebot as normal, just do not set the DefaultInput.ini file (not that you could anyway, since it no longer exists).

I have tested it, and it seems to work fine, but I am not entirely sure if this modification could cause you to be banned. I don't think so, since Lutebot originally did something similar, but I'm not 100% sure!


Thank you.