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Contraband fps makes dueling unplayable

Edit: i did some testing i think it has something to do with the middle of the map, maybe the floor. in a local match with only myself i lose 15-20 fps stationary looking at the floor in the middle compared to outer edge. if im looking straight, not at the water, and stationary i lose 10 fps in the middle. if im running and doing fast mouse movement i go down about 10 to 15 in both. So when im in the middle fighting in the middle im having 30-40 fps changes.
In addition to these fps swings, my base fps in contraband is on average 35 lower than my base on pit. and if i dont look at the sky while moving around i go up 20 more and hit my cap. It doesn't sound very bad on paper, but everyone duels in the middle. so when the map changes from pit to contraband im getting 50 fps lower, getting huge swings
I get the same or higher fps (than in contraband on local) in max players frontline on every map.

Edit 2: if i spectate free roam, i get max fps flying everywhere, if i go under the middle of the map it is still max but if i go into the playable area and look down it drops from 140ish to high 70s low 80s, if i look in the right spots in the right angles i can get it to go up to 90 in the middle but no higher.....just ...what? im so confused

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I want to do community duel servers but Contraband is unplayable for me. even tho this map is terrible for dueling imo (uneven floor, literally all one color so movement looks terrible especially when streaming, tons of water that drags down fps) it the only map people play for duels. I get 140 fps on pit 120 on tourney and 70 on contraband. with constant +- 10 to 20 fps swings, it never stops moving even when staring at the wall. this breaks any sync tech that i attempt to use as well. Now that contraband is in ranked i cant play ranked either.

Edit: did some testing and the fps stays constant when im on the outer ring looing at a wall but not in the middle.

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im kind of an idiot, so take this with a bucket of salt. but why would you tell people to put their frame cap 2 above their refresh rate? graphical issues happen on both sides of your refresh rate. +1 over your frame rate is an extra ms render delay, stutter, judder, and tearing. you would have to get up to 500fps to get down to 1ms delay. everyone who did this without any sync was adding a few refresh cycles to their lag. (ive never used this but i believe.... ) Fast sync makes use of higher fps than refresh rate, but requires you to stay above your refresh rate at all times and anyone having trouble running this isnt going to have the power to never drop 2 frames. the only way to not have issues would be to run the game at half your refresh, at your refresh or double or more your refresh, anything else (i think even double + has issues) is going to cause graphical issues. if your not syncing your frame times, or worried about throttling then you shouldn't be capping. some people who think v-sync caps your frames try to avoid input lag by capping instead of v-sync but unless your capping at half, just under (fractional frames not 1 or more under) or double your frames it doesn't really matter and will cause more problems if your not using any sync technology. capping alone is only superior to turning on v-sync and praying. you can get less input lag and no tearing or judder from capping below your refresh and using vsync as well. vsync only gives input lag when its trying to catch up. its like burger time and v syncs the only one working, eventually shit piles up and u get queued frames waiting to be shoved down the display throat. and in that same way v sync wont cap your frames it'll keep them all in a VW buss in the back yard until he can find someway to offload them. by capping with in game limiter or rtss under the refresh by a fraction of a frame your allowing v sync to focus on the grills while your dealing with the new customers. v sync isnt allowed to go out to the register to get distracted by his friends in the lobby anymore and now your makin lees famous recipe with less complaints on the wait and no broken plates. too bad i didnt see this when it was fresh, i might have been able to help ppl instead of rambling on about chicken to an empty parking lot. I love you op for trying to help people enjoy video games just remember google is your friend before you make an advice post.

also, pro tip potatoes chip moderrino only needs one command, r.mipmapbias = 10 or anything more really. if your laggin with everyone lookin like playdoh mud monsters then most of the other ini stuff is a watse of time. unless your dealing with a specific problem.

pss just in case someone actually reads this and gets hungry for tear free chicken, lees is actually an analogy for "low lag vsync" and im guessing if your in this thread you have a potatoes chip computer as well, If you cant hit your fps cap with that, there is scanline sync. pretty amazing and can be enabled at half your 60hz 30fps butter, i mean we all played xbox. it wont be too bad.

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I was killed twice by this person, i wont post name unless devs want. they were talking to me in chat, and i told them to stop harassing me or i would seek vengeance. i dropped my wep to pick up a carrot and they threw it across the map, I hit the guy with the carrot then the mortar with it. he said something in chat i didnt catch, and my dude fell over and i was banned with out a vote w/ reason "griefing" my tried to votekick him after. and said they were unable to ever start a kick against him. i get banned daily from trolls like this doing things like running into my spikes on purpose. and this time it seems like the guy had power somehow. i know a response or action is unlikely. but i can provide his name. and would appreciate it.